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Idle Thumbs was a podcast that ran for two years. People liked it, and we liked doing it. We want to bring it back, better than before.
Idle Thumbs was a podcast that ran for two years. People liked it, and we liked doing it. We want to bring it back, better than before.
2,602 backers pledged $136,924 to help bring this project to life.

Thirty Flights of Loving Trailer

Months ago when we were brainstorming ideas for Kickstarter rewards, we floated the idea of contacting the one-man indie dev team Brendon Chung (aka Blendo Games) and asking him to follow up on his acclaimed video game short story Gravity Bone. The idea was deemed a shot so long it could circumscribe the globe, but we pitched it anyway. And he said yes. 

We've been Blown Away by what Brendon has created, so we cut together this trailer to show it off to the world. Enjoy the debut trailer for Thirty Flights of Loving:

Idle Thumbs Kickstarter backers will be the first people in the world to play the game, and they'll also have access to an exclusive Goldblum mode unavailable in future versions. An opportunity like that is worth its weight in...Goldblum.

And by getting the game through the Kickstarter, you're still directly supporting Blendo Games. Your conscience remains intact!

On top of that, Chris was lucky enough to have the opportunity to compose the game's original score, an excerpt of which can be previewed below or downloaded here:

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    1. Missing avatar

      Clifton Jewett on


    2. Idle Thumbs Creator on

      We'll announce some dates in the not so distant future. But if you see the rewards delivery to the right, it says May 2012, and we promise it won't be late!

    3. Missing avatar

      Huxley on

      When does this game go gold game gold?

    4. Missing avatar

      Marc Bollinger on

      Oops all Goldblum...

    5. Urthman on

      Just wanted to say that preview of the soundtrack sounds like Chris trying to explain how cool Gravity Bone is (and/or Thirty Flights of Loving).

      "How cool is Thirty Flights of Loving? It's this cool:" [AMAZING MUSIC STARTS PLAYING]

    6. Thom Wetzel on

      I loved Gravity Bone and I'm really looking forward to this! :)

    7. Geof Aberhart on

      All I want to know is when the Jeff game goes gold.

    8. John Race on

      I was so excited I felt an urge to Google Jeff Goldblum noises. Thank you Internet.…

    9. Missing avatar

      Lisa Waters on

      Reminds me of the TF2 theme.

    10. Maxwell Oliver O'Bern on

      And now I have to up my pledge.

      (Goldpledge Jeffgame)

    11. Missing avatar

      ptrappe on

      God, I hope there's a Remo-de in there where you choose to go to the moon but all difficulty settings except "Hard" are crossed out.

    12. Eric Leslie on

      Loving that music, a lot. Bravo.

    13. Missing avatar

      afroofdoom on

      Excellent 50s/60s cheesy spy flick vibe from this, I could definitely see this playing in TF2 or NOLF.

      Never played Gravity Bone, so I should go check that out.

    14. Ravenlight on

      Gold Goldgameloveflightsblum Gold

    15. Missing avatar

      LobsterMobster on

      Goldblum Mode reminds me of Matt Damoncraft:…

    16. Greg Stearns on

      I can't wait for this to Jeff Go Gold Game

    17. Missing avatar

      Brad Dalton on

      Brendo GoldgameGold

    18. Missing avatar

      Patrick Paquin on

      Goldblend Blendjeff

    19. Missing avatar

      KevinCogneto on

      Blendblum Goldbone

    20. Missing avatar

      Ross Dexter on

      Blumgame Goldmode