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$9,667 pledged of $200,000 goal
$9,667 pledged of $200,000 goal

Back to the trenches for us!

Hello everyone,

Just over two weeks ago, we announced the existence of CONSORTIUM to the world, while simultaneously starting this Kickstarter campaign. The news of our existence is spreading, and we are starting to show up in forums and blogs around the world. And while this is great, it's taking FAR more time than our Kickstarter countdown will allow for. We are simply getting far too little traffic to the page.

As a result, we are heading back to the trenches and are stopping this campaign, with plans to return in the New Year (possibly February)!

Believe it or not, we consider this campaign a success for us, on many levels. We've started the process of showing the world our project, and have begun to find the gamers that CONSORTIUM is designed for. It simply doesn't matter to us that we didn't reach our goal, we are just happy that a few hundred people are now excited about the possibilities that our game holds!

We are the first to admit, CONSORTIUM is an extremely tough project to pitch, as it's not easily comparable to any other game. It contains some elements from many different games, but on the whole is truly unique. That being said, we are working on some new approaches for a leaner and meaner pitch video that takes into account all the feedback we've gotten. We will leave the first pitch video on K.S...despite it not communicating everything, it's a great first glimpse at CONSORTIUM in progress and is a highly accurate look into our company and how we work.

For interest's sake, here are the top 2 lessons we've learned with this campaign:

  • #1: We should have announced CONSORTIUM at least a month before starting the Kickstarter campaign. Given we are a new company announcing a new I.P, this was absolutely necessary to allow knowledge of CONSORTIUM's existence to spread.
  • #2: December is not a great month for Kickstarter campaigns. People are busy visiting family, partying and spending money buying gifts, etc. We believe that this is the biggest reason it's taking as long as it is right now to spread awareness of CONSORTIUM. It's one of the busiest times of the year...

So, off we go, back to the trenches!

-iDGi and the CONSORTIUM team.  

P.S Go HERE for future CONSORTIUM updates. Be sure to visit us on Dec 22nd, 2012 for a larger look at the game.


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    1. Interdimensional Games Inc 3-time creator on December 18, 2012

      Some additional ways to keep track of progress: (in-game) (out of game)