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CA$ 182,780
pledged of CA$ 450,000pledged of CA$ 450,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, February 20 2016 4:50 AM UTC +00:00
CA$ 182,780
pledged of CA$ 450,000pledged of CA$ 450,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, February 20 2016 4:50 AM UTC +00:00


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    1. Missing avatar

      WintermuteX on

      First of all: it's up to me to make my decisions.
      Second: I could have an opinion, might take you by a surprise.
      Third: using your brain to solve the "puzzle" is up to you.

      Have a nice day.

    2. TheronInc on

      I am also not a big fan of Fig, so Early Access on Steam would have been a more agreeable solution for me, personally. Anyway, good luck with the new campaign.

    3. Interdimensional Games Inc 3-time creator on

      Revisor and everyone else who has reservations about Fig: Keep in mind, that with our upcoming campaign, ALL money pledged to our project for traditional rewards goes to our budget. Fig does not take any cut at all. So, really, you wouldn't be giving Fig any money if you chose to back us there. Also, much of the information out there regarding Fig out there is quite wrong - the people there are smart, helpful and eager to help us realize our goals. They are pioneering a new way to fund videogames and we think it's all really quite exciting.

    4. Missing avatar

      Revisor on

      Hey guys, interesting decision.

      I think people behind Fig are unethical and Fig itself is not transparent. Personally I won't pledge there, but I still wish you a lot of luck and I'll buy the next Consortium as soon as it is available.

    5. Mykll Valiant

      02/24, sorry.....

    6. Mykll Valiant

      @Amarand Agai, it may or may not be a 30 day run. I am unable to find the exact number of days. And on Fig's site? Take the Jay and Silent Bob game. They commented about their amazing first day on 04/24. And page says "You will only be charged if this campaign reaches its goal on Mar 31, 2016 8pm". So more than 30 days. Potentially be beginning of May?

    7. Amarand Agasi on

      Quick question, guys: I'm moving the Kickstarter funds in my budget spreadsheet over to the future Fig project. Just to confirm: the Fig project is scheduled to start 3/22, and with a 30 day run, we won't be charged until late April. Does that sound about right?

    8. ET3D on

      Not all that hot about signing up to another platform, but becoming a Super-Duper-Bucker will be worth it.

      I do hope that you get the money you need that way.

    9. Mykll Valiant

      Yeah never heard of Fig, but I guess when it looks like there was only ever 4 things on it, and only 1 currently pending, there ya go. So really the main differences are:

      1. Fig is for games, really targeted audience.
      2. Back a project for standard tier level rewards and such.
      3. Invest for NO rewards, but maybe earn some money depending on how well the game sells.


    10. dontnormally on

      Let me be the first to say: called it!

      Fig's a great idea. :)

    11. Junaid Hussain

      guys even if you have doubts about fig, in terms of meeting the funding goal, its another opportunity to spread the word about the game, and by keeping your pledges you will either fund the game, or not have your money taken because it failed, either way its win win

    12. Missing avatar

      Artyom Alexeyenk0 on

      And I'm just a random Joe, sure, but IMO community forum is a waste of time.
      Another KS game, Distance, had one and it was semi-dead in a few months
      You guys already have a forum on steam community, and reddit. Issue is: there's barely any activity there

    13. Missing avatar

      Artyom Alexeyenk0 on

      Hope there will be something playable to generate the hype for fig campaign
      Like superhot guys did it, and Trine developers doing it now with their game (with AMA on mainstream subreddit)
      This game reaaally needs hype with the asked amount

    14. Missing avatar


      I'm familiar with Fig because of Psychonauts 2.
      Q. How does Fig makes any $?

    15. Helena on

      Well, best of luck, but I have to say that I share internisus' concerns. It sounds like you're just re-running the KS campaign on a different funding platform - one that's much newer and less well-known than Kickstarter. Don't get me wrong, I'll still support it, but I can't help wondering whether you're likely to get any more money that way.

    16. Gwenael Talhouet (Belmont1)

      Cool, I like fig, I backed their first project there :D You can count an additional super backer !

    17. Dablue

      @Dawn: can you be more elaborate on your statement? Curious to read your motivations

    18. Dawn_

      Ah. Well, no thanks, i don't like fig, how it is structured and i don't intend to encourage their work. So, i guess it is a goodbye and good luck in your endeavor for me.

    19. Christoph Zürcher on

      I'm honestly positively surprised by this news. I'll gladly back again on Fig and might even put a small investment into it.

    20. Jito463 - WoOS, LofUT on

      This is the first I've heard of Fig, but I'm willing to see this through. I'll definitely be there.

    21. Fitheach on

      @internisus also allows small investors to put money in so if you are a fan of Consortium and wealthy but can't convince yourself to just throw money away then fig gives you a way to possibly get your money back or possibly even profit depending on how well the game sells. Psychonauts 2 made about half its money from that sort of fundraising with Outer Wilds getting $75K of their $126K.

      And just to reiterate what the blue box below says it still has a threshold that they need to hit or they get no money.

    22. internisus on

      Okay; I hadn't considered that being a more focused platform could help to funnel increased interest. I hope you're right!

    23. Amarand Agasi on

      The nice thing about, @internisus is that it's a video-game-centric crowdfunding platform. It feels like, rather than Kickstarter, which has a ton of diverse projects, focuses only on video games. So maybe this will give a better audience? Not everyone on Kickstarter is interested in video games, but everyone going to has an interest in seeing great Indie games succeed.... Right? If everyone stays in from Kickstarter, this gives this project a "second act" (continuing with the "intermission" analogy mentioned earlier) rather than simply saying it failed. Personally, I think it's a great idea!

    24. internisus on

      I don't understand. How will Fig help you to get the game made? Changing crowdfunding platforms alone won't increase the amount of interest and pledged money your campaign will receive. Even if you retain every one of your Kickstarter backers (unlikely), yes, you will actually receive their money without a threshold that you need to cross, but it's still less than half the bare minimum that you need to make the game. (And that minimum of $450,000 CAD is a very low budget for making a video game, anyway!)

      So is there more to this plan? Some of us thought that you might have found a publisher to partner with for financial assistance. If not, how is a repeat of the crowdfunding campaign that just failed going to get anything done?

    25. Interdimensional Games Inc 3-time creator on

      Amarand: Yes, you will all have a chance to change your pledge however you'd like, but still maintain your Super Backer status. Andrew: It works precisely like Kickstarter - collects at the end, and only if the goal is reached. Timeframe for the campaign is still being worked out but again will be comparable to a typical Kickstarter campaign.

    26. Missing avatar

      Denis Ipatov on

      That's great, but I do hope you have a plan of attracting more customers.
      Send some demo builds to popular YouTubers maybe, that usually helps.

      Anyway, can't wait for the game!

    27. Andrew Dickinson

      Awesome news. A couple of questions! Does Fig take money as soon as you pledge, or does it collect at the end? How long will the campaign run for?

    28. Amarand Agasi on

      Awesome! Will it be possible at the time of the Fig start, to upgrade to a higher-level? I think I'm at Executive right now. Maybe more perks/upgrades?

    29. Interdimensional Games Inc 3-time creator on

      FlamingFirewire: Yes, exactly.

    30. FlamingFirewire on

      So if we were at the 25$CAD tier, it should be about $20USD in the fig campaign?

    31. Junaid Hussain

      you know what i'll make sure i back this again, just send me that email!

    32. Interdimensional Games Inc 3-time creator on

      We edited this: no, pledges will remain the same value. Sorry for the confusion!

    33. Missing avatar

      Kris Thompson on

      I'm with Chad, that seems a bit off. Are the Fig pledges being _upped_ to $20 USD?

    34. Missing avatar

      Chad Davis on

      So I'd be happy to move my pledge, but first I need to ask if you could please clarify (read: fix) your conversion rates.

      For instance, I pledged at the $20 tier, which is about $15 US dollars. This is what Kickstarter shows and I just verified it to make sure. This email claims that that's the other way around. Was that just a mistake?