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A new breed of role playing game that obliterates the fourth wall! (WINDOWS)
Pure first-person sci-fi role playing that obliterates the fourth wall!
Pure first-person sci-fi role playing that obliterates the fourth wall!
3,142 backers pledged $70,435 to help bring this project to life.

60% funded!! First stretch goal revealed - Extreme Zenlil Simulation

Hello everyone!

We are now 60% funded!!!   We are all super pumped and excited about getting closer and closer to our core goal.    THANK-YOU, EVERYONE FOR YOUR AWESOME PLEDGES AND SUPPORT!

We are also proud to reveal our first stretch encompasses some features we really want to be able to get into the game before we're finished.  

It's set at $70K, and we're calling it "Extreme Zenlil Simulation":

Basically, this means we take an extra month to further polish and refine the game, and get the following features in:

  • Unscripted decompression events.  This means that with explosives, the exterior doors inside Zenlil can be blasted open, triggering dangerous decompression of the immediate area, causing internal airlock doors to slam shut.   People could potentially get pushed out before the atmospheric shielding engages...
  • Enhanced environment destructibility.  This means that anything that looks "fragile", like computer screens can be severely damaged by gun fire, explosions, etc.  Pawns would immediately be assigned to repair them...
  • Enhanced turbulance simulation.  We have turbulance in the game right now, but we want to add more detail and variety.  Imagine everyone on-board reacting to turbulence (getting jostled, losing footing, etc).  Imagine huge turbulence events causing objects to fly around the cabin....etc

Much more info on the game coming soon!



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    1. Interdimensional Games Inc 3-time creator on

      @Douglas: Thanks for the comment, and let me try to explain to maybe ease your concerns a little bit. We thought honesty on this front was the only way to go. We are a VERY small team and to reinstate features that we had to cut for time / money restraints originally, quite simply means the game will take a little longer to finish. The July release date is for the CORE game: exactly as we have planned and already scheduled to pull off in time – and the $50k goal will make this possible! If we do not receive our core goal then the reality is that CONSORTIUM will be significantly delayed for an unknown amount of time as many key team members will be forced to stop working on it full-time. That being said not ALL our stretch goals will push back the release date – we just really love this one and reeeally want to see it made!

      This particular stretch goal will take not only time to create but also play test. But once it’s in the game you’ll see why waiting a single month extra is well worth it. We could have said nothing and just arbitrarily changed the release date AFTER the campaign finished OR made the core release date six months later, or even a year, to anticipate any potential stretch goals... but we simply felt that would be horribly bad practice and honesty is always best.

      Most other gaming campaigns on KS are for games that you’ll get “in a year’s time” – and that is a HUGE guesstimate 99% of the time. How can you say your game will be ready in a year if you haven’t even started principle production yet?! And then when such campaigns start adding on Stretch Goals which only add huge amounts of content to the game, they don’t even bother mentioning that said goals could potentially push them back past that original release date. They choose to just stay quiet about that, let the campaign run its course, get your money, and THEN they can arbitrarily decide when their release date will actually be whenever they want... and their backers can do nothing to stop it.

      I truly hope you can see why this is in NO way “penalizing” our supporters, and is-in-fact letting you in on the reality behind production times/cost.

    2. Missing avatar


      About stretch goals... My preference would be that no stretch goal should delay the game as originally promised. You can go ahead and add the features in your stretch goal after the original release on the original release date (or as early as possible), but please don't delay your release just because more people pre-ordered the game (er, supported your kickstarter).

      I just don't think it's reasonable to penalize your customers (er, supporters) in that manner.

      Fortunately, Kickstarter lets supporters change their support level - or back out entirely - at any time prior to the closing bell.

    3. Pete Goodfellow on

      Sounds very cool indeed. I think this'll tempt me to increase my pledge. Good stuff!

    4. GaijinGuyJim on

      Very cool stretch goal guys! I hope we make and surpass it for even more features!

    5. Missing avatar

      Revisor on

      Thank you for the answers and please don't take my previous comment as ungrateful/aggressive. I am very much looking forward to the game.

      If you consider the decompression and turbulences as priority features for enhancing the immersion, I'm all for it.

    6. Interdimensional Games Inc 3-time creator on

      Hey guys, Steve here (lead writer on the team). I just wanted to add a quick note to what Greg just posted. I know a lot of you are wondering this and so know that the decompression event WILL include the possibility of losing crew members (main characters). The script has always allowed for the ‘possibility’ of having this happen (it was an originally planned feature a long time ago) and I personally can’t wait for the chance to bring it back for real. The “story-tree” is already dense enough but this would only add a whole new layer to things.

      So I guess what I’m really trying to say is that this stretch goal WILL be adding to the story/writing/characters!

    7. Interdimensional Games Inc 3-time creator on

      @Stephen: We have indeed taken that into account. :-)
      @Revisor and WinterBlaze: Yes, WinterBlaze is absolutely correct, there are a bunch of character, story and mission related stuff that we would restore if we trigger a big boost and head for further stretch goals. Fear not, though, Revisor - the entire CONSORTIUM experience, as it is, largely consists of a LOT of story/writing/characters/missions... This first stretch goal will enhance the immersion factor of feeling like you're really on an aircraft.

      All that being said, if the entire community of backers disagrees and specifically wants us to do something else, we would consider it. Don't forget, the moment we hit the $50K goal, YOU become our publisher. ;-)

    8. WinterBlaze on

      I think they plan to do that later with restored cut concent stretch goals, We will need a big boost though, They will hopefully get more exposure in the coming weeks. At least we know 50k goal should be a done deal.

    9. Missing avatar

      Revisor on

      Please add more story/writing/characters/missions instead of ephemeral game elements.

    10. Stephen Cohen on

      I assume these decompression events wouldn't be happening anywhere that major characters are? How would you make sure that you didn't lose someone important to the story? Or would you just let it happen and find clever ways to compensate? ;)