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Pure first-person sci-fi role playing that obliterates the fourth wall!
Pure first-person sci-fi role playing that obliterates the fourth wall!
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    1. Cesar Gonzalez on

      Ummmm yaaaaay is shaping up to be a deep intriguing story game. I like deep stories in my games. Can't wait to play it.

    2. Interdimensional Games Inc 3-time creator on

      Rand Chua TL: We absolutely have a planned update specifically about the Music in Consortium. While the composition won't be done until near the end of production (like in a movie) we still have some great stuff we can show you.

      Karsten / Shawn / Andre: Thank-you so much, yeah we couldn't be happier with our ENTIRE cast and really can't wait to show them all off! Voice actors don't get NEARLY enough praise for their work and it's really quite unfortunate as like you said, Andre, the atmosphere they create is so unbelievably important to any game's success (ahem, especially ours!)

    3. Ace Knight on

      Always great to hear from the actors, let´s face it, normally they don´t get the appreciation they deserve for their work. The atmosphere they create is essential for a game´s success.

    4. Shawn Chesak on

      Awesome that you shared some info about the voice actors. They are so often just completely overlooked .

    5. Karsten Kopplin on

      Love these kinds of info bits. I'm big fan of voice acting and voice actors in general, so this is an utter delight for me. Looking forward to more of these kinds of updates! :D

    6. Rand Chua TL on

      Hope to heard some music too.

    7. Carlos Enrique Uribe on

      Is it me or did Patricia have more of a Russian accent than a Mexican one?