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Pure first-person sci-fi role playing that obliterates the fourth wall!
Pure first-person sci-fi role playing that obliterates the fourth wall!
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    1. Timothy L McMahon on

      Sounds really great then thanks for replying. I do hope you do end up making a consortium 2 as well with those features = D

    2. Interdimensional Games Inc 3-time creator on

      @Timothy: I was waiting for someone to ask that :) Unfortunately, there are no on-board marriages or the like. The opportunity to flirt with certain people does arise, and so does the opportunity to even say you are female... but nothing as Sims-like as marriages or dating. Though I agree, this would be pretty cool. Possibly in Consortium 2? ;)

      Can you be imprisoned in the ship brig? I won't say anything more as to spoiler the why and how but YES... you can be imprisoned in the brig against your will.

    3. Timothy L McMahon on

      This looks really interesting I backed this yesterday. Will you be able to romance members of the crew and lead to long term relationships, even potential onboard ship marriages? That would be really cool. Can you also be imprisoned in the ships brig if say you get caught stealing stuff from the crew or murdering them?

    4. Interdimensional Games Inc 3-time creator on

      @ Jakub ... The crew absolutely do not just endlessly repeat the same things over and over. The story dictates their "idle actions" in all cases... as the story progresses, pawns will be found doing different things, whatever is most relevant to what is happening, and your presence will affect them in each case. Also, if Zenlil gets attacked, then yes, everyone will react accordingly and have jobs to do - repairing, helping the wounded, etc.

      @Canyon ... heheh, great question. To be honest numbers sort of play an important part in the mythos and deeper back story behind the game, in particular the number 21. So to answer your question: 17 crew members may not be related to anything story-specific BUT there are 21 different characters within Consortium - this was very intentional and would mean something if you have played our Alternate Reality Game :)

    5. Jakub Wasylkowski on

      Soo, this means that the crew goes around the ship and does stuff? unlike the popular quest-dumps, that content themselves by repeating the same action over and over?

      Also, what does this mean, in case the Zenlil gets attacked? Are they surprised on the spot, or do they have some battle positions?

    6. Canyon

      I'm excited about the game. Hopefully there aren't spoilers involved with this question. Why are there 17 people on board? 17 is an unusual number.