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Pure first-person sci-fi role playing that obliterates the fourth wall!
3,142 backers pledged $70,435 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Interdimensional Games Inc on March 15

      Yep, it's in the works! Not to start until all of the rewards for the previous campaign are delivered....

    2. Creator Dablue of the Underworld on March 15

      Hey guys , werent you doing a followup kickstarter for part 2?

    3. Creator Interdimensional Games Inc on February 18

      Adam M: Just a couple of comments I wanted to make in response to your message. Sorry for the length, but I figured a full and proper reply is in order to cover the things you’ve said. First of all it’s unfortunate you feel we were misleading in our campaign as to the length of the game because we feel we were nothing but straight forward and honest across the board. Any time we were asked about the estimated length, the answer was around 4-8 hours. This is a WIDE birth of time because of the nature of the game’s wildly different variations, and based on our own experience with it. We have since-launch (and since receiving proper feedback) realized it’s honestly closer to 3-7 hours (if you BURN through the objectives and don’t talk to anyone and don’t explore it CAN be done in 3 hours, but that’s the nature of the game letting you do whatever you want, or nothing at all).

      On top of this we made it abundantly clear that the game was going to be entirely aboard Zenlil, and that the story revolved around a murder mystery + the handling of the mercenary attack. These story threads can be fully resolved (if you take it there), ending in a complete game. We do not remotely regret the cliffhanger ending, but we DO regret having as much lead-in to the next game as we do (in particular the drawn out mission briefing we have come to realize was a mistake).

      The thing about our game is that it focuses on replayability more than any game I can personally think of. While we don’t expect anyone to play it more than once, the fact is that in a single playthrough you will undoubtedly miss A LOT of story – including being able to finish the game without solving the primary murder mystery – and can understandably come away thinking it’s too short. This is because the length is frankly in the replayability. This is honestly one of the reasons why we ensured that a single playthrough can be completed in one sitting: so as-to better encourage a replay. If it was a 15-20 hour game then nobody would replay and the “point” of what we were trying to create would be missed.

      I won’t go into too many specific responses to the timeline you colourfully peppered with negative comments, but I will re-iterate that we never once were dishonest with our backers. You mentioned perhaps we are amateurs, well with running Kickstarter campaigns we WERE. Internally we set goals that may have been unrealistic, but we still set them and killed ourselves trying to make them...and all of our backers were privy to these internal decisions; we did not spin or make stuff up for you to read, you were witnessing the reality of those current moments in time as best as we understood them.

      We admittedly made a bunch of mistakes along the way which we have since learned a great deal from – in particular judgement errors were made around launch when we were drained beyond belief and not seeing straight. Our company of 6-regular employees had never shipped a game before entirely on our own, and we were besieged by setbacks and the like about which we were honest with backers every step of the way. We broke our backs in an effort to bring the game to its current state as fast as humanly possible. We were not only producing the game, but were also the primary testers (along with very little, though extremely helpful testing from a couple key backers!) … and we seriously underestimated the level of testing that was truly required for a game with as many story paths and “this-leads-to-this-which-leads-to-this” variations. In particular we absolutely should have launched using Steam's "Early Access", and the fact we did NOT + how badly this has hurt us in the long run, is a testament to how much we simply were dying to get the game into the hands of our backers because of all the delays. Mistakes were made and we are the first to admit this. But we have learned and grown from these mistakes.

      I really want to make this abundantly clear: the information console is not even *REMOTELY* required to solve the murder mystery. I’m not sure why you believe so strongly otherwise. There are a ton of smaller hints and one MAJOR tell (a secondary objective) which point directly to the traitor within the game. We estimate that *at most* about 10-15% of players even spend more than 10 minutes within the console and manage to solve the murder just fine. The console is extremely optional, always has been, and is merely meant to give the option of learning more about the world and its characters if you so choose.

      As to the contest we are currently running, please refer to my reply on the Update’s comments.

      Thank you for reading,

      Gregory MacMartin
      C.E.O. of iDGi

    4. Creator Adam M. on February 17

      While ChrisBee is obviously exaggerating. There have been far worse projects on Kickstarter. CONSORTIUM did eventually release something and it was kind of like what we'd been lead to expect, so I have to count it as a modest success. Plus, it's possible that they'll go on to do better things in the future, having got their start from Kickstarter.

      But I have to agree that the whole thing was poorly managed, and I too was a bit disappointed with the end result. The game was so short and it just ended with a plug for their next game. I think they deliberately mislead us on how short the game would be and how little of the story would actually be in it. It would be far more honest to call it a piece of an episodic game, not the first game in a series. The timeline as I remember it:

      July 22, 2013: "Consortium is 95% complete and should be out by the end of August!" (Great!)
      September 4, 2013: "Okay, we're REALLY close. Production is complete! We're 100% in post-production now! We only need to do sound effects, music, choreography, animations, scripting, debugging, and optimization!" (Uhh, that sounds like production to me, and these guys must be either amateurs or lying if they think they're going to get all that done anytime soon.)
      October 29, 2013: "Well, we're late again, but it's *extremely* likely that we'll be done by mid-November or earlier." (Okay...)
      November 7, 2013: "Okay, we're definitely releasing on December 2nd!" (I've heard that before.)
      December 2, 2013: "Well, we're late again but it'll be just a few more *days* here! Really!" (This is getting amusing. Do they're think we're dumb, or do they actually believe that?)
      December 18, 2013: "Okay, it'll absolutely, positively be done on January 6th!" (...)
      January 8, 2014: "It's totally done!" (I doubt it.)
      January 10, 2014: "Whoops, it wasn't done. Please don't play it yet. But it'll be in GREAT shape by the end of January!"
      February 4, 2014: "Okay, the game is completely done!"
      February 7, 2014: "Well, I guess it's still not done. We're sorry. But we're going to fix all the problems and release the polished, finished product on April 29th."
      April 29, 2014: "Get the Master Edition! We've addressed every single known problem with the game! The Spanish localization will be done in May!" (May? Let's see.)
      June 13, 2014: "Turns out there were a lot more problems. But we've fixed them!" (Okay, I'll try it now. Wow, this game is so short... That's it? It's not even a complete game!)
      December 22, 2014: "I know we're 18 months late on the rewards, and they're still not done yet. We'll definitely finish them all before the CONSORTIUM 2 crowdfunding campaign. Except for the digital manual. We just decided we're not going to do that one." (Let's see if they really finish all the rewards before starting the crowdfunding campaign, as promised.)
      January 11, 2015: "Okay, there was a huge list of problems with that last release. But we fixed them! And the Spanish localization is done! Except for all the stuff in the information console, which is a vital part of the game that's important in solving the mystery, but oh well..." (So, the Spanish translation is not done, then?)
      February 16, 2015: "Mac release in April. Oh, and we'll give you a chance of winning a T-shirt or poster if you surreptitiously advertise on social media for us." (So now they're trying to bribe people to spam their friends with sponsored posts that aren't marked as such. Great.)

    5. Creator Adam M. on February 17

      The "full" Spanish translation? Including all those articles in the in-game database that are so important to solving the mystery?

    6. Creator Interdimensional Games Inc on February 17

      exitido: The full Spanish translation launched in January and is now available on Steam...

    7. Creator exitido on February 17

      Y lo de sacarlo en español que? MENUDOS ESTAFADORES, TIMADORES

    8. Creator Interdimensional Games Inc on February 13

      Just want to quickly post that a new update is coming soon, but to give you a real quick version: The missing T-shirts have now shipped, so those of you still waiting for them, watch your mail, they are coming! Also, the special edition is STILL in production. We're juggling working on The Tower Prophecy at the same time, and time is flying by much faster than we would like. Dablue: We haven't set a firm date yet.........stay tuned....

    9. Creator Dablue of the Underworld on February 10

      When Will the kickstarter start for the next project?

    10. Creator Revery123 on December 22

      Any news on support for the Oculus Rift?

    11. Creator Interdimensional Games Inc on December 19

      Watch for an update coming before xmas. Short answer: YES it is still coming....

    12. Creator Abiu Izquierdo on December 19

      a news on the mac port? I'm still waiting to play it on OSX.

    13. Creator ThomasN on April 26, 2014

      Chris Brown: Speak for yourself. I'm not feeling smacked. And about apologizing... man, we're not in Japan here.

    14. Creator Seawolf on April 22, 2014

      Chris Brown, dude. Done beating up on Rihanna and thought, hey, I’m going to go beat up on IDGI!? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I too actually played the game today, Easter’ish, for the third time, after seeing today’s update. I was going to post on the update my kudos to the team for the improvements... but I want to now also respond to Chris Brown, so I am posting here.

      I am curious where you get this “become the banner for KS failures” nonsense, first of all, as I would call projects which never even released anything to be this. And second, the game itself is exactly as described/advertised so I am not sure what you were expecting. Maybe you were expecting a triple-A game for $70,000? Also, based on everything the company have said since the game’s release, they too are well aware there is nobody to blame but themselves for the buggy state of the game. They have since done a great deal to try and fix this in the eyes of john-q-public, and I for one applaud them for the efforts. It would have been far easier to deny the bugs, take our money and disappear, like every other company in existence who has ever released a bugged game.

      Two questions for you, Mr. Brown: 1> how long did you play the game before determining it to be a disaster? And 2> how about a detail or two on what was so disastrous you needed to come on here and bleat off like a spoiled kid?

      Anyway. Like I said, third time playing from start to finish today and it’s looking truly fabulous. I only encountered one minor bug with the elevator which only happened because I tried too hard to break it. Looking forward to playing once more (this time I want to try killing the Russian AND discovering the traitor!) once the master edition is out.

    15. Creator ChrisBee on April 21, 2014

      I regret funding this disaster, and the fact that it has now become the banner for Kickstarter failures. You released a broken sub par game and you have no one to blame but yourselves. I waited until Easter to play this, and I am disgusted at the appalling low rent game I was presented. You should have taken the time to make a game with content and polish worthy of release, instead you rushed this out the door and smacked each and every one of your backers in the face. I know which developer I will not ever be spending my money on. You should apologize to every KS project that has to wear the tarnish your game has left on them.

    16. Creator ThomasN on February 17, 2014

      Thank you! I've played v1.1 so that wasn't in yet.

    17. Creator Interdimensional Games Inc on February 16, 2014

      ThomasN: We actually reduced the difficulty of the traitor fight in the latest patch now available on Steam (and to be included in a patch on Humble soon). Included are also performance fixes which should at least partially address the "laggy" issue.

    18. Creator ThomasN on February 16, 2014

      Played it to the credits.
      You gotta work on the assassin, I took medium difficulty and he oneshot-kills you using the grenade, and 3second-kills you if in line of fire.
      The mouse seems to be slaved to the engine, not the other way around, giving a laggy FPS experience.
      The game kinda assumes you know a lot of context (one guy even saying "go read the library"). For that, the library is not beginner friendly enough. You can't sort chronologically and have to wade through countless articles unrelated to the gameplay. Two filters would have fixed that.
      This all sounds all overly harsh, but please let me stress: This is an ambitious game well worth my pledge, and I was quite hard immersed. My reactions to all characters, like Knight15, or "Anti-Picard" I like to call her (I don't respect her AT ALL), were very powerful, and only a handful of games achieve that.

    19. Creator Ian Sloan on February 14, 2014

      Now that I have my new PC, I can frigging finally play the game!! There goes my Friday (and probably Saturday).

    20. Creator Interdimensional Games Inc on February 13, 2014

      Cool, thx for the tip!

    21. Creator Datayum on February 13, 2014

      Ok it's understandable.
      When you come to deciding where to store the savegames in Linux, if the files are not too heavy I advise to use ~/.config/Consortium/. There is no better standard at the moment.

    22. Creator Interdimensional Games Inc on February 11, 2014

      Xod: Yes, though with the work already done in getting the Rift working with Source games it is theoretically a relatively short project. Porting to Linux is a much more involved project. I am happy to say, though, that we're already working on in-roads for the Linux port, It will happen, but a lot of patience is required. :-)

    23. Creator Ganji on February 11, 2014

      never mind. something wrong with my memory. thanks.

    24. Creator Ganji on February 11, 2014

      no key for me as well.

    25. Creator ThomasN on February 10, 2014

      I finally had some time to play this.
      It's GREAT. Exactly what I wished for. I feel like O'Brian repairing chips in Jeffrey's Tubes or Worf guiding ridiculous amounts of missiles, or doing a little diplomacy tango with the aggressor ^_^
      It's a little rough around the edges with cropping some pixels left and right of a 4:3 monitor or mouse-lagging in huge areas, but nothing the FOV slider or getting accustomed to it by just doing more diplomacy (which i prefer anyways) doesen't fix.
      Great well rounded concept, creating a believable world, I'm glad to return to, tomorrow :-)

    26. Creator Datayum on February 5, 2014

      "Then Oculus Rift support. THEN we will be looking at Linux support."

      The other priorities sounded reasonable but supporting a non-released piece of hardware before the promised Linux port? The Rift is cool but... it's still a developer kit. Until the consumer version is out you'll get more sales by doing a Linux port than supporting the Rift. And you promised the Linux port and I'm waiting for it because the game doesn't work through Wine.

    27. Creator ThomasN on February 4, 2014

      It doesn't get more complicated than making a game. A non-pixelart 3D one nonetheless. Thank you for trusting me with a DRM free release, that alone is very cool of you.

    28. Creator Interdimensional Games Inc on February 2, 2014

      RE Linux port. It's still on the radar, but we have no choice but to prioritize our efforts based on demand. The Mac port will be first, because the engine makes porting to Mac relatively easy and the market is the second biggest next to the PC. We are also keen on localizing the game to other languages, Spanish being first. Then Oculus Rift support. THEN we will be looking at Linux support.

    29. Creator Interdimensional Games Inc on February 2, 2014

      Yes, it's true we have been pretty bad with dates. That said, the patch WAS made available on Steam on the night of the 31st, and more than 98% of all backers requested a Steam key. We also found and fixed bugs with the version yesterday, and patching the Steam version is infinitely easier than a stand-alone build that is disconnected from networks.

      That said, we will be packaging up the DRM free version and will be sending it to HB for posting ...imminently. A KS update is pending, and when that update arrives in your in-boxes, the brand new DRM free build will be available for downloading on your HB page.

      And yeah, for the next game, we're more partial to "when it's done" at this point. Dates are very restricting, especially when you're making a highly experimental game.

    30. Creator ThomasN on February 2, 2014

      31st come and gone. 1.1 is not on humblebundle. Interdimensional Games Inc (and about every game company I know): You're not good with dates. Don't use them. Replace them with "soon" :-)

    31. Creator Datayum on January 28, 2014

      Hello, you still look a little overwhelmed by the launch issues, but have you started working on the Linux port ?

    32. Creator ThomasN on January 25, 2014

      31st already.. wow. that patch list sure looks big. Thanks for the confirmation of the 1.1 patch being on HumbleBundle when released.

    33. Creator Interdimensional Games Inc on January 25, 2014

      Your key has been sent Kyle! I don't know how, but you were somehow missed. ALL backers who have responded to our survey should have your keys. Please drop us a note if we missed you and we'll get you one immediately.

    34. Creator Kyle Horton on January 25, 2014

      These guys never sent me my Steam key at the $10 tier, then release a patch unavailable to the game download they -do- provide. Give me my key, please.

    35. Creator Quitch on January 24, 2014

      This had a pretty rough launch, but I'm really glad I backed it and, three playthroughs later, I think it's been my favourite kickstarter game so far. Can't wait for the next chapter.

    36. Creator Christoph Zürcher on January 23, 2014

      Thank you for the reply, I'm looking forward to that date then.

    37. Creator Interdimensional Games Inc on January 22, 2014

      Yes! A fully patched version of the DRM free version downloadable from HB is going to happen for V1.1, due out on the 31st January...

    38. Creator Christoph Zürcher on January 22, 2014

      Also hoping for a patched Humble version. Would really like to be able to continue this interesting game.

    39. Creator Leewelo Lorekeeper on January 19, 2014

      @iDGi: It's not clear whether the HumbleBundle versio has a patch out and where it may be (if not on HB).
      Is Steam still the only >1.0 patched version ?
      I would prefer not to have to use Steam.

    40. Creator ThomasN on January 18, 2014

      Download from humblebundle is . Does this file contain V1.025 ? Or should I wait a while until 1.1 is out?

    41. Creator Interdimensional Games Inc on January 14, 2014

      Derek, and anyone else in the $17 an higher tiers: a reminder that your Steam key is available on your Humble Bundle backer page, and has been since mid last week.

    42. Creator Interdimensional Games Inc on January 14, 2014

      The Humble Bundle version IS DRM free, but unfortunately because we're using the Source engine, it is littered with connections to Steam. So, if you are RUNNING Steam, the game will then think it needs Steam. Simply shut down Steam, and the game will run. Also: everyone should have received their Steam keys on Friday. If you have NOT received it, plz message us and we'll get you one immediately.

    43. Creator Derek Robertson on January 14, 2014

      I am starting to get pretty pissed off now, I keep getting "steam validation error" on my DRM free copy whenever I try to play the game. I can understand some bugs or what not at launch but to have a DRM free copy kicking me out due to DRM is pretty bullshit. No I have not received my steam key. How about you update the humble bundle download version to be ... well ... DRM free like you promised.

    44. Creator Revisor on January 12, 2014

      The HiB version is 1.0 as well, the number is wrong. Read the comments here:

      However you should still wait for the patch.

    45. Creator McDrake on January 12, 2014

      Both downloads from Humbelbundle are v0.995!
      The files are named 1.0, but after instaling you start with V0.995

      Only the STEAM-Version is 1.0!

    46. Creator McDrake on January 12, 2014

      Gregory Jordan 1 day ago
      WARNING. It looks like the bittorent version on humble bundle is version 0.995 not version 1.0.

      Thanks for this Info!

    47. Creator Agendine on January 11, 2014

      I just wanted to say, I've been playing the game, and yes, there are definitely some major bugs. They are pretty annoying and I'll be sending an email with everything I've found so far. However, that said, I am absolutely loving this game. It is seriously awesome.

    48. Creator KTR on January 11, 2014

      Also got the duplicate product code error on Steam. Please correct. PM Sent.

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