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$877 pledged of $7,500 goal
$877 pledged of $7,500 goal

Additional blog coverage

Additional blog coverage on our new app Kickstarter:

"SpicyNodes iPad mind mapping app developer announces ambitious new project" (22-March-2012) - At Excerpt: "The developer of the SpicyNodes mind mapping app for the Apple iPad has announced an ambitious new project that will utilize its underlying technology in a unique way. seeks to develop the “thesaurus of the future” by combining its SpicyNodes mind mapping technology (click here to read my review of SpicyNodes) with a powerful online dictionary called Wordnik to create a powerful, low-cost dictionary and thesaurus that makes the most of the iPad’s intuitive touch interface."

"Developer explores crowdfunding approach for creating educational apps" (21-March-2012) - At Excerpt: "...That's why I'm excited to hear about's new thesaurus app for the Apple iPad. seeks to develop the 'thesaurus of the future,' and seeks to raise money to develop the iPad app it envisions via the popular crowdfunding service Kickstarter."

"New interactive dictionary/thesaurus apps browse words like branches of a tree: Help Kickstart a free app" (26-March-2012) - At Excerpt: "Two new interactive apps for the iPad use tree-like branching to visualize words, and excite students about words and the relations between them. The apps have hot new user interfaces, and very different business models."


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