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Adjust Power to your needs!
Charge ANY device with a compact Modulo. Stack up, expand power & charge multiple devices.
Adjust Power to your needs! Charge ANY device with a compact Modulo. Stack up, expand power & charge multiple devices.
2,718 backers pledged $165,746 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Robert Erlick

      I have not received my order or the battery packs that I ordered.
      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.

    2. Jari

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    3. Missing avatar

      Rajiv Jain on

      I was told I would get a refund. I never received one.

    4. Javier Romero

      I love how people get mad at you and say that we shouldn't expect something when we pledge but when people go out of their way to write a nice summary and make a good video asking for money IN EXCHANGE for a product I would assume that I'm going to receive said product or at least be respected enough to be informed of the progress. Without our money these people are would think they'd be kissing our asses....

    5. Missing avatar

      Heather on

      never worked. another scam

    6. Kirsten Moy on

      Adhesive lasted two years for me. It had a good run.

    7. Karen Prue on

      Yep I order the crank and paid
      On the website not with kickstarter.
      Never got it☹️
      Got the other stuff
      Really would have liked the crank
      So this ended up costing a lot for the power supply and a couple short cords.
      To go with it when you have no power at all.

    8. Chonnawat Eklapphaibun

      Somehow I just contact with Jacques GIRIBET... Here is his message.

      Hi, the company is no longer on operations but I still have few Modulos and would be able to send them to you. Unfortunedly lightning cable, crank and bag are not available.

    9. Chonnawat Eklapphaibun

      Paid nearly 160 usd and still not receive anything!!

    10. Robert Erlick

      Almost 2 years since payment, and nothing. Where's Kickstarter in all this?

    11. Missing avatar

      Alex Brenton on

      That's truly annoying Mr Devon Pieper. I can't believe they shipped you a replacement and yet so many of us never got a battery at all! Saying this wasn't a great experience is the understatement of the year. I paid $70 for this shit, and not a single reply to any emails (which were all polite before I lost my temper by the 5th unanswered email). To be, Jacques Giribet is a crook, and I ever come across any product that he or his company wants to sell, I will make sure others know what kind of person he really is by pointing them to this Kickstarter.

    12. Missing avatar

      Caradhrim on

      So I pledged at the level where I got the solar powered addon, as well as a few other pieces, but I didn't receive any of it. Will these be shipped?

    13. Devon Pieper on

      Completely forgot about this. Received mine over a year and a half ago and it wasn't working properly. After going back and forth a couple times with IDAPT they agreed to send me a replacement. That was Q1 of 2014. Only writing this as i see others aren't experiencing a great Kickstarter from this.

    14. Marcel on

      recieved mine some times ago; out of 3, one was malfunctioning: can be charged, but cannot charge, stacked nor singular. Mailed the Idapt guys, said they would send me a replacement, but havent heard a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g until now.

      pissed? maybe too harsh, but I'm very disappointed.

      as for the other 2? they start to loose charges.

      i regret committing to this project.

    15. Missing avatar

      Evaristo de Frutos on

      It seems that someone of you are receiving some of your modulos now.
      Unfortunately I'm still waiting with very little hope :-(

    16. KJT

      @Mayo Try to contact Jacques directly. If you are lucky he might still have some. We won't get our money back as far as I know since IDAPT already fold their carpets.

    17. Missing avatar


      I've never been received the Modulo I pledged to.
      Have I lost my money?

    18. Missing avatar

      L.H. Chua

      Send numerous emails since Dec 2014 until today no respond at all.

    19. Jc Dumolt on

      The way this Kickstart had been handled makes me never want to support anything on it again and I know it was a risk but none the less. I pledged a lot and have nothing to show for it in disappointed you say the least.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jasper Slot on

      I was surprised as well to receive my modulo's yesterday... Without accesoires offcourse, unfortunalty not compensated for that, but at least I got my modulo's.

    21. Missing avatar

      Richard Salmon on

      Mine finally turned up today as well . . .

    22. Andrew Hancock on

      Okay, so what surprised me when I got home this evening a parcel by UPS, from Barcelona, and inside 3 Modulos! - Thanks Jacque ! Maybe he does read these comments!

    23. Andrew Hancock on

      I thought I would leave a final comment to ALL. Despite email discussions with Jacque Giribet in March, Jacque finally decided to send me my Modulos, and he would pay the postage - they never arrived. So to ALL, your money is gone, you will never get your products, you will never get a tracking number. This is the RISK of gambling money on a Kickstarter, learn from this and move on! We've all been burnt!

      final PS, I'm in Barcelona in October, so I'm tempted to check put their address.....(just out of curiosity!)

    24. Missing avatar

      Alex Brenton on

      Piece of shit! I am referring to Jacque Giribet. What a tosser.

    25. Missing avatar

      Phil Coates on

      Same here, they are crap, out of the 4 I got.
      One swelled up as if it was going to explode
      One will not turn on
      The other 2 the power last about 1 minute
      £53 down the drain

    26. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Bord

      I threw all the received modulos in the bin a few weeks ago. None of them was still working properly after a couple of uses. This stuff is crap. This whole KS project is crap.
      There is nothing left to do but one thing : never forget the Idapt manager name. Jacques Giribet forever.

    27. Marcel on

      I have received the Modulos, but apparently 1 was broken. I have filed an issue for replacement, but haven't heard ever since. Anybody from Modulo can help me?

    28. JKenn on

      I backed for 3 Modulos, a solar adapter, and a couple iPhone cables. I received 8 Modulos, a couple iPhone cables and a soft bag. All of the Modulos work well and I like them a lot. For those who think it's a scam..I assure you it's not.

    29. KJT

      There are people complaining on their facebook page about ordering from the website and it was unfulfilled.

    30. Joseph Betancourt on

      It did not actually. It seems they have a separate website still selling products but no longer the Modulo ( Pretty sure it's them. Voice your opinion there if need be. ;)

      I feel like this project was a ruse to fund their company with other projects.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jasper Slot on

      Very sad experience :( I didn't receive anything, like a lot of you. I am not only disapointed in IDAPT, but also in Kickstarter, because I reported this project, but they didn't even responded on this. I thought the rules of Kickstarter require some explenation from the project, but clearly they don't care about their own rules.

    32. KJT

      seems like the company have gone to the drain

    33. Chonnawat Eklapphaibun

      I have still not received my Modulos

    34. Missing avatar

      Darren Ng on

      What is Kickstarter gonna do about this? I can say almost all of the backers got scammed into backing this project. I'm extremely disappointed to be honest as this is my first backing of a project on KS.

    35. Lisa Sit on

      My Modulo malfunctioned and will not charge or turn on anymore. The battery wasn't strong to begin with, only charge half the battery of my Nexus 5. I wish I did not back this project.

    36. Missing avatar

      Frank Ayre

      Don't think I am lucky because I got several modulo. when attaching two of them together I almost burned down the house. They overheated and started smoking. Lucky I was sitting there, before the fire started. This project was a ripoff from the beginning. Shortly after the money was collected we were all informed that all the accessories that made this unique would not be provided. I think they were really planning to not deliver from the beginning and the crap that I got was worse and more dangerous than not getting anything.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jevgeni Jekimenko on

      I have still not received my Modulos

    38. Jaime A Loor on


    39. Isabelle Adda on

      Never received one and still no news. I really want to have my money back !!!

    40. Missing avatar

      severino calarco on

      I had the worst experience ever with IDAPT. I reeived my 3 modulo, one of them was not working. I'm tring to contact them since 8 months and I didn't receive even one little small answer. They are definetely cheater!

    41. Fernando Goulart on

      Poor quality, didn´t get my crank module, total disaster indeed

    42. MrClem

      it was a project ...a project can fail. KS could check everything they want. nothing showed that the project would fail. the creator explain that they had issues with a supplyier and lost a lot of money with that.

      that's it. this is not amazon or ebay here.Apparently you still don't understand what is the crowdfunding...go to amazon.

    43. Missing avatar

      Antonio Fanna on

      Kickstarter should check their projects (and their creators) better. I am very disappointed with how the whole thing has turned out - poor quality/broken products, no refunds, no replacement, cheap untraceable shipping, bad communication

    44. mboirsbeek

      While some of you are lucky and received something I have not received anything and I believe they are just crooks. I want kickstarter to check out projects better. They have to do something for the 5% commission they get.

    45. Missing avatar

      jaume Brosa on

      This is the famous MODULE that without eating fattening.
      Has been inflated by a side and if miracle will not burst. The charge is consumed in 10 minutes.
      It is a disaster

    46. Shin Arakawa on

      I have received modulo but no full refund.
      If IDAPT is a decent company, it should refund us money even though all the kickstarter money is gone.

    47. Lloyd on

      I haven't receive anything yet in Switzerland, very disappointed...

    48. Jake Atkinson on

      Still no refund for the accessories not received, and now one of the batteries has failed (will no longer hold charge). It was my most heavily-used one, so I expect the other two will soon follow suit. A six-month life expectancy isn't exactly what I paid for. Annoyed.

    49. Jonatan Sandström on

      Well, he's still not responding to emails when i ask about the refund for the solar add-on. Did anyone ever really get that money back?

    50. Missing avatar

      Alex Brenton on

      @Andrew Hancock: Thank you for sharing the information. So did you send him more of your money for the shipping? I sure hope not. It's generally not a good idea to throw good money after bad. I am not sure about the relevance of the link you gave. There has been far cheaper and more powerful batteries than Modulo for years. I have never understood why gadget sites review give such high ratings to batteries that cost twice what they should be just because of a nice looking design. Modulo was different, because it allowed stacking of batteries.

      @Ian McG: I would love to do business with you given your amazingly calm temperament. He has the nerve to reply to Andrew and say that he won't send a refund because those are not the KS rules. We aren't asking for a refund. We are asking for the product and the accessories. He can provide those, or failing that, a return of our money. If he wants to steal our money, just come out and say it. Yet he pretends it's his right to use KS as a charity. You should be livid.

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