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Capture the ambient glow of your Macbook's apple using your own image or logo.  Slim, customizable, removable, aluminum ring.
Capture the ambient glow of your Macbook's apple using your own image or logo. Slim, customizable, removable, aluminum ring.
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First Fulfillment Shipping Deadline

Posted by Tony Kern and Jeremiah Johnson (Creator)
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Hello Backers

A quick update on the pilot run fulfillment timelines.

There was an issue with the UV ink not sticking to the aluminum so we've had to trouble shoot the process.  We found that a primer needed to be applied first and then the UV ink will bond to the metal.  The primer has been ordered and we are scheduled to print this Wednesday.  If all goes well we should have the first 125 discs UV printed and ready to ship by this weekend.

As for the production run...

We should have specific dates as to the rest of the production run by the end of the week or early next week, as soon as our manufacturer has visited the plant and addressed the few small issues we found in the pilot run.  We have made the request to run the green and black discs at the beginning of the production run instead of at the end.  Our manufacturer is looking into the logistics to see if they can accommodate our request.  If they can make this happen it will be good news for higher tier backers as they could be part of the second round of fulfillment.

We will send you images from the UV printing session Wednesday and alert you all when we begin to ship and also when we hear from our manufacturer about the green and black discs and the full production timeline.

Meanwhile, the packaging is prepped and waiting on standby.  Microfiber bags, two landing pad carriers with two sets of landing pads, and extra perforated paper for you all to test the out the cropping app.

Thank you.

Tony and Jer

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    1. Tony Kern and Jeremiah Johnson Creator on

      Hey Jason,

      You bring up a good point. We do have beautiful golden prototypes for both the black and green finishes, but we will be going with what our manufacturer suggests. They will be letting us know if it is feasible, along with expected timelines shortly. Sounds like you have seen color/version related issues with other projects or with projects of your own? Thanks for the heads up.

      And Yeong,

      We will be opening up the website to allow for more orders shortly. However, our main focus is on fulfilling KS orders. If you, or anyone else in interested in adding to your order, please reach out to us directly via email and we can invoice your updated order. ContactUs (at) IconicDisc (dot) com.

    2. Jason Frisvold

      Hey gang,

      While I would
      Love to be in the second round of fulfillment, I would strongly caution against trying to run the green and black discs first. You've spent all of this time working to ensure a good run of silver, you jeopardize that by switching. Changing the color, as simple as it sounds, may cause problems with parts bonding properly, the color not being what you expect, etc.

      Instead of adding a delay for all, why not finish the silver discs and tackle colors at the end as originally planned. I know the urge to fulfill higher tiers first, but I also think many of the higher tier backers have been involved with other projects and understand how this works.

    3. Missing avatar

      Yeong Sin Tat on

      Hi Tony and Jeremiah,
      Thanks for all the hard work! :)
      Really excited abt the discs. Just wondering is it possible to add in additional disc to my original pledge?