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Capture the ambient glow of your Macbook's apple using your own image or logo.  Slim, customizable, removable, aluminum ring.
Capture the ambient glow of your Macbook's apple using your own image or logo. Slim, customizable, removable, aluminum ring.
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Pilot Run Arrives...Nearing the End of the Kickstarter Journey!

Posted by Tony Kern and Jeremiah Johnson (Creator)

Hey Backers,

They've Arrived!

Our 200 pilot run turned out to be 155.  Our manufacturer spotted small scratchs on 45 discs.  We believe this happens durning the anodization process.  each disc is held in place with a wire prong for the process of anodizing.  The disc could be scratched while loading or unloading the parts.  The good news, the disc we did receive are, BEAUTIFUL!   Perfectly flush magnets, great texture and color match and the lenses snap fit with a great feel.  However, we did spot a few issues that our manufacturer missed.  Of the 155, there were 21 discs that were bent, 6 discs that had small scratch/blemishes on them, and 3 that had issues with magnets falling out.  This leaves us with 120 discs which pass all our QA tests.  This is what the pilot run is about. Issues were found and processes will be put in place to avoid them.  We will figure out where the discs are getting bent, and scratched and keep a tight eye on the amount of adhesive used to hold the magnets in place.  The positive here, including all previous sample runs, is we've narrowed the production process down to where we can almost totally eliminate future issues on the larger runs. 

Pilot Run: Quality Assurance

unboxing the discs and lenses
unboxing the discs and lenses
Setting Up for Pilot Run Quality Assurance
Setting Up for Pilot Run Quality Assurance
We've Measured Each and Every Lens
We've Measured Each and Every Lens

Despite receiving fewer discs than expected, we are quite pleased with what our manufacturer shipped us.  As for the 120 beautifully crafted discs, we will continue on with fulfillment as our manufacturer revisits and fine tunes the production lines, and begins the full production. We've decided that we will begin fulfillment by pledge level, which will begin with the $25 DIY group. There are many reasons why we chose to start with this group, but mainly it is because a majority of these backers chose silver rings and the group of backers is right at the 120 mark so we'd be able to fulfill one full category.  Not to worry, the production run will begin and we should expect shipment soon.  We'll keep you all posted when we have a better understanding.

Fulfillment Process

There are still a few things that need to happen with our first 120 discs.  We would like to run each disc through a UV printing process that gives each disc a more product like feel.  This printing process needs to happen before we can apply the protective o-rings.  This printing process is expected to take 3-5 business days to turnaround.  We will not hold up shipment if this process ends up taking more time.  Once printed, we will apply the o-rings, remove protective film from the lenses, snap into their rings, and start placing them in their packaging; which are waiting anxiously to carry their discs to their rightful owners.   

Organizing and Getting Ready for Fulfillment
Organizing and Getting Ready for Fulfillment

While we were awaiting this pilot run, we've been keeping busy.  As we stated in one of our last updates, we both work for some pretty amazing companies during business hours, and then we meet to work on Iconic on our time away from work.  There's always a ton of work to do.  Not to go into too much detail, but there are about 20 different items that make up the complete package.  Each item has their own process of construction and assembly and within each of those processes, there are hurdles and headaches to overcome.  But we always stick to our credo of Precision, Perseverance, and Attention to Detail.  

Again, along with the UV printing and QA tests, there are a few other things we need to complete prior to shipment, namely cross-referencing survey information to make sure we have the correct address and that we aren't missing special instructions for those who pledged a larger amount.

If anyone has any questions or concerns please send us a message and we will do our best to assist you in any way we can.  One thing to note on the disc color choice.  Most everyone chose clear anodized (silver color) but there were a few black and a small amount of Kickstarter green.  The colored discs will be the last ones made as our manufacturer will run all the silver first, in order to keep constant with color matching and the run the black and green.  This will also factor into the decision making of what groups we start shipping to.

We are so excited to finally have some of our product in hand and we will be working tirelessly to begin shipping the first batch of rewards.

We will continue updates each weekend until everyone has received there Iconic Disc.

Tony and Jeremiah

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    1. Alex Grider on

      Pretty solid update, glad to hear things are going well. A couple things though.

      First, can we get any sort of ETA? There's a lot of detail here but not even a vague timeline of when you expect the larger production runs to actually begin or start shipping. Obviously we are well past the point of trying to hold you to any timeline, but some idea would be helpful given how far delayed things already are.

      Second, do you realize that by running the black/green last you are going to be shipping those of us who backed you highest by ordering multiple rings last? Hardly seems right. Might i suggest running all the black/green first since they are such small quantities and then the silver, that way you can ship to those of us who ordered more than one color (and therefore backed you with more $$$) first as it should be?

    2. Yash Gupta on

      Really impressed with your commitment to deliver a great quality product.

    3. Jason Frisvold

      I agree with Ralph. I'm incredibly happy you stuck to your guns and demanded a high quality product. I am one of the few who opted for all three colors, so it looks like I'll be on the tail end of the receiving line.. But I guess that has it's perks too. By then all of the bugs should be worked out!

      I really can't wait to get my hands on the real product. And with all the work you've put in, I expect to see these on store shelves in no time!

    4. Missing avatar

      Ralph C on

      Woohoo! I'm excited! Glad you guys have stuck your promises of quality and not releasing a subpar product. Thank you for your hard work on a great product! May have taken a bit longer, but waiting and getting a better product sounds better to me.