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STUDS is a trading card series that profiles the 
men and women who use Lego to build 
incredible, original pieces of art.
STUDS is a trading card series that profiles the men and women who use Lego to build incredible, original pieces of art.
139 backers pledged $7,500 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Michael Klanica on

      Congrats to all that have received their backer rewards! I've not been one of the lucky ones and have given up hope and to be honest, I've lost interest in the product.

      So, Brandon, if you even read these comments, I hope you've enjoyed stealing my money and that it was well spent on something... beer, porn, hookers, MEGA(R) BLOKS ... anything

    2. Adrian O'Connor on

      Okay, so the cards arrived today and that's great, however where the hell is the binder that I paid for??? Does this come later? Did anybody receive their binder?

    3. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      Got my backer reward today! They are so great. Although they are later than promised, I have lost nothing by backing this successful project and gained a ridiculously rad set of Lego trading cards. I would back a second run unconditionally.

    4. Missing avatar

      Dave Kaleta on

      Still no product, or response to any messages I have left for Brandon (here OR at his Flickr site which is listed as his contact). At this point I would rather have a refund, but I doubt I'll get it. I regret funding this project and will not fund any further projects from Brandon.

    5. Missing avatar

      bigben on

      Got mine on Tuesday, 18 Feb 2014.

      Thank you Brandon for following through on this project. It's a great idea and I'm sure it was a *lot* more work then you ever anticipated. And even though it was a lot more work, you still stuck it out and got it done.

      Excellent quality on cards, package and overall value.

      Thanks again for having the idea, making it available to everyone, and following through.

    6. Adrian O'Connor on

      Still waiting for any news of my items. Not very impressed with this project at all. Would like an update immediately

    7. Allan P. on

      got mine last week!
      took awhile but very nice cards…

    8. Missing avatar

      Dave Kaleta on


      Please respond to requests for updates.



    9. Collin David on

      It's been three weeks since I was told 'soon', and I've even offered to pay extra shipping to make this happen. It's really disappointing that some people got these in November, or even a week ago, while others are left out.

      Help a guy out, Brandon.

    10. Missing avatar

      Steven Porter on

      received mine today Thank you.

    11. Missing avatar

      Steven Porter on

      Still waiting also. Haven't heard anything for weeks

    12. Collin David on

      I got a message over 2 weeks ago that these were still shipping. I'm still waiting on it.

    13. Jessica Rigney on

      We're in to a new year. Can we have an update for those of us who still do not have our goods. Thank you.

    14. Collin David on

      Sent 2 messages, asked on the Facebook page - nothing.

      I kinda hoped to get these LAST Christmas, well after they were due, and now it looks like this Christmas is out also, even though some people apparently got theirs over a month ago. I really don't feel like it should take a month to ship out 139 packages. It's a lot of work - but not 30 days' worth.

      I know that these things run into lots of unexpected hurdles and problems, but to keep silent on the whole thing is really frustrating.

    15. frank stangel on

      ive written 4 times and yet to hear back from brandon once. im not excited about being a backer to this project. if he uses kickstarter to back the second set i dont think im going to support it.

    16. Missing avatar

      Dave Kaleta on

      This project is well overdue with very few updates. Disappointed and frustrated to see others have received a month ago and I have yet to see anything.

    17. Adrian O'Connor on

      Still waiting for mine also. What the hell is going on.

    18. Collin David on

      Brett, I'm still waiting on mine also. It's really frustrating that we're not getting regular updates. I'd prefer some transparency here.

    19. Missing avatar

      Brett on

      Have they all been sent yet?
      I'm still waiting a month after people started to get theirs.

    20. Collin David on

      Still waiting on mine. Kind of a bummer to see that I have to wait a month longer than some other backers.

    21. Glenn Copeland

      Wahoo! Got mine today! They look great! Worth the wait. Looking forward to series 2!

    22. Matthew Hisey on

      Wanted to leave a not to mention that my cards arrived today! Haven't had the opportunity to open them up yet, but they are here and I'm stoked.

    23. Matthew Hisey on

      To be fair, I didn't try buy packs (since I already did with my funding of this kickstarter) but there was an open box with a bunch of packs missing so maybe it was a sample of sorts but it sure looked like they were for sale to me.

    24. Matthew Hisey on

      I have to admit, it was a little upsetting to see packs of cards for sale at Designer Con yesterday even though your backers haven't heard anything of substance or seen our, already paid for, product yet. Shouldn't the people who paid to make that product available receive ours ahead of non-backers? I get that was never a commitment but in light of the extreme lack of information we've received on this campaign it seems fair.

    25. Tim Davis on

      Brandon, you've gotta throw us a bone. What's up?

    26. Collin David on

      Another month without an update. Can we get an estimate on "a few more weeks"?

    27. Glenn Copeland

      So, an actual UPDATE would have obviated my query from about 6 hours ago on update #13.

      patience, young padawan.

    28. Brandon Griffith Creator on

      Hi everyone, Sorry for yet another delay. I discovered an error with part of the packaging and I am currently having it fixed. Shipping did get delayed a few more weeks. Aiming to finish shipping by the end of the month. I will update you all soon as we finish up!

    29. Adrian O'Connor on

      Supposed to ship over two weeks ago - what's happening?????

    30. Tim Davis on

      Any updates Brandon? Been about a month since we last heard from you.

    31. Guy Himber on

      I have held a complete STUDS binder card collection in my hands and it is GLORIOUS!

      For those lucky enough to see the full collection at Bricks By the Bay this past weekend, it was smiles and approval all around.

      Excellent job Brandon!

    32. Emil on

      I apologize for my previous post. It was passive aggressive and snarky. I must of been in a grumpy mood that day and I'm sorry for that.

    33. Valency Genis on

      I have a new address now as well... :/

    34. Emil on

      I am impressed, it has been 13 months and 2 days since this project has been funded, imagine if I wasn't patient. Some people might even want their money back . My limit for waiting is 18 months please don't try and test that.

    35. Collin David on

      Any updates on this project? It's been quite a while.

    36. Missing avatar

      Salvador Pena on

      How can we contact you if we have had a change of address? I tried contacting you via the "contact me" function but you have not responded. The Kickstarter customer support suggested this.

      Your request (#237454) has been updated.

      Thanks for writing in and bringing this to our attention. Please note that a project creator may have many backers that they are busy following up with, and may be working as fast as possible to both work on their project and keep in touch with their backers. If you haven't heard from them in a while, please try following up again with another message, or post a comment on the project page if you haven't already.

      If you’re interested in getting refunded for a project that you’ve backed, you’ll need to take that up directly with the project creator. Kickstarter doesn’t issue refunds as transactions are between you and the creator. Kickstarter itself doesn’t have the funds — the creator does.

      We’d suggest sending the creator a polite note letting them know of your request, and the reasons why.

    37. Claus Schioldann von Eyben on

      Knock, knock! Update, pls?

    38. Alfred Bonnabel on

      Hey there guys. Any updates on this?

    39. Jason Youngdale on

      Hello! Do you know yet when the cards will ship?

    40. Missing avatar

      Brett on

      How are you looking for a February delivery?

    41. Emil on

      Are these going to show up before Christmas ?

    42. Glenn Copeland

      Alrighty then...
      Estimated Delivery date has come and gone... update please?

    43. JaneyRedBrick on

      Congratulations! I can't wait to get my cards.

    44. Glenn Copeland

      Well, lookie there. piled on another $125 while I was fretting over nothing.

    45. Glenn Copeland

      Don't get too excited Carl. I mean there's a mere 21 days to get ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN more dollars. It's gonna be a squeaker.

    46. Carl Merriam on

      I think you're going to make it!

    47. Steve Barile on

      Great Video! That's what sold me! And the street cred helped!

    48. JaneyRedBrick on

      Wow, half way with 27 days to go. I have my fingers crossed!

    49. Glenn Copeland

      Nifty idea!
      Thanks for having the "complete set" option.

    50. Jessica Rigney on

      This has been a long time coming. Awesome idea.. totally support it! Can't wait. :)

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