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Train Station Tours


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Hello backers!


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Update #1

Ice House Detroit Update November 16


First of all, we want to extend our deepest gratitude to our current backers - family, friends, and folks that we have not yet met who believe in the project that we are working on. Without you this project would be near to impossible to complete. With you, we have faith that the project will come off tremendously. The Ice House Detroit project is only getting larger and more nuanced as the fall season goes on, and we have many new details to reveal to you all. From its original conception, the Ice House Detroit project has grown into an extensive social change project, collaboration, and synergy where much of our funding will be going directly into the hands of local Detroiters that need it most.

A few weeks ago, through an interview with the Associated Press that we did, we received coverage by almost every major news agency in the country. This press has opened up a lot of doors for us, and will allow the project to proceed more smoothly in the coming months. We are grateful for the unique opportunities it will provide.

Gregory recently made a trip to Detroit to meet with several government, community groups, and nonprofit organizations about Ice House Detroit that we will be working with. We are taking careful consideration of feedback that we receive related to our project - whether that feedback is from these local Detroit based organizations and individuals, online sources, or from our backers. We realize that other art projects have capitalized on exploiting urban blight for their own purposes, and we are committed to avoiding this with our project. While the thousands upon thousands of online comments are a little overwhelming, we appreciate serious feedback. Send us an email.

Most importantly for the completion of our project, Ice House Detroit has found a house to freeze!

We are now in collaboration with the State of Michigan Land Bank, who has graciously donated a house to us for use in our project. Every year a few hundred of the most damaged, uninhabitable, houses are demolished by the State of Michigan. We have been allowed to use one of these for our project. The State of Michigan is aligned with Architectural Salvage Warehouse, who is instituting a new program teaching early release prisoners the trade of deconstructing and recycling abandoned houses.

In addition, we will be donating a large portion of our Kickstarter funding towards allowing a family to move into a foreclosed house!

Our deal with the State of Michigan Land Bank is as follows: the State of Michigan has granted us the use of an abandoned house for our project, and has covered the deconstruction and recycling costs of the house following the project's completion. Our donation will be used to subsidize the purchase of a foreclosed home for a local Detroit family by paying the back taxes owed on that home. So any Kickstarter funding will not only be going towards the responsible use and deconstruction of the Ice House Detroit project house, but your donations will be going towards helping a Detroit family move into a foreclosed house, and by the holiday season. In addition, throughout the production of Ice House Detroit we will be dispensing other resources in terms of aid and employment for local Detroiters to assist with the production – more news on all of that soon.

We now have less than a month left of our fundraising push on Kickstarter, and so we are looking to spread the word about Ice House Detroit. If you have not donated yet, please consider supporting our project. Current Backers - If you know of others that may be interested in supporting Ice House Detroit, please let them know about our project. We need to receive all of our funding by December 16, otherwise we will have to start over with the fundraising process - so we need to work steadily towards our goal.

Thanks again,

Matthew and Gregory

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    A 3-4 hr. urban tour of abandoned, historical, and unusual Detroit sites by acclaimed and extensive published urban explorer and installation artist Scott Hocking. This man is renowned worldwide as the preeminent expert on a city with extensive architectural and industrial treasures. This is a rare opportunity - not to be missed! Tours limited to (3) groups of (3), so feel free to economize and split the total price. Visit for more info on Scott Hocking and The Detroit Urban Tour options.

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    You and a guest receive a group Urban tour of the most iconic abandoned building in Detroit, the Michigan Central Depot Train Station, by someone legally allowed to access the site. This reward will also include accommodations at a hotel in Detroit for 2 nights, and one dinner at the amazing Slows BBQ, within a few hundred feet of the tour location. The train station was designed in 1913 by the same architects responsible for Grand Central Station in New York. At the time of construction it was the tallest train station in the world. However, In recent months the city has threatened to tear down this architectural wonder. At present the site is still threatened with demolition, and is completely off limits to the general public. Take advantage of this rare opportunity before this architectural wonder is gone forever. Visit our blog for more info on the Central Depot train station, Slows BBQ, and Detroit history.

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