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Light Table is a new kind of IDE - a reactive work surface for the creation and exploration of our programs.
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Quick survery

Posted by Chris Granger (Creator)

Hey folks,

As I'm plowing through stuff for 0.4.0, I wanted to do a quick survey to see what people are thinking about LT these days. Most importantly I'm trying to figure out what keeps LT from being your primary editor at this point and what you're most excited about as we move forward. If you could, please take a minute or two and let us know :)

I'm also going to be doing a blog post in the next day or so talking about 0.4 and what the plan moving forward is.



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    1. Missing avatar

      sgwong on

      Not really try LT for real programming because I'm only coded in Python [Install and play for a while]...waiting for python support..

    2. Katrina L. Halliwell

      Some clarification: when I first used Sublime Text 2, there was a bit of a learning curve but because opening files and creating new files convention was like all other text editors, it was easier to learn how to navigate the interface and start learning the more advanced features.

      Plus there are a lot of animated images to show/explain some of the main features of the program, i.e. multi-line editing, go-to-line and opening a file using only keyboard, etc.

    3. Katrina L. Halliwell

      I agree with Alon. It feels like the learning curve is pretty steep.

    4. Alon Bar David on

      Actually I've tried LT and I found it very hard to get a grip on, what I would like is some kind of guide/tutorial/documentation.
      Coming from IDEs like eclipse, the workspace structure is really confusing to me.
      I can't figure out how to create files and add them to the workspace (or maybe I don't understand what the workspace is), or how the workspace directory structure works.
      I can't get instarepl to work (though maybe it's not supported in JS yet)
      what does the bottom tab do?
      what do all the commands do? (some of them I can figure out, but not all)
      what is the "client" tab?

    5. ET3D on

      Haven't really tried LT yet (I did install an early version, but didn't play with it much). I usually program C++ in VS and I'm thinking of getting into Haxe (with NME, FlashDevelop).

    6. Chris Granger Creator on

      @Joey fixed, thanks for reporting!

    7. Joey Smith on

      "What other editors do you use" is a radio button control - seems like you probably meant for this to be a checkbox?