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Light Table is a new kind of IDE - a reactive work surface for the creation and exploration of our programs.
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Big stability update

Posted by Chris Granger (Creator)

Hey folks,

I just pushed a big stability update for LightTable that addresses the crashes and various other small brokennesses people have run into. It is now much snappier and more robust than it was previously. Announcement here:!topic/light-table-discussion/b6eg3vT7u_s/discussion



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      Ed Hemphill on

      I'd love to see LightTable incorporate some of the capabilities seen in CodeBubbles from Brown Univ. I do a lot of system level code, and being able to navigate it by code fragments, graphically, instead of files would be great. This combined with LT's very clean interface would be incredible. Hoping to someday have a modern replacement for Eclipse.

    2. dr34dl0ck on

      Looks like syntax highlighting for Python is gone now. What a bummer! The CodeMirror IDE on which this project is (was?) based has syntax highlighting for many, many languages. Speaking of languages, when will Light Table's instarepl support for Python? I could wait for the Python instarepl if the syntax highlighting and the ability to call out to the Python executable were there. Also, where is the documentation on commands and settings? Would you consider allowing the community to hack on Light Table? Still rooting for you guys, but you promised betas for December. We're in December and you're still in alpha. Getting worried. :-\

    3. Samuel Batista on

      Glad to see progress continuing to be made. I'm holding my breath for Javascript support however, since closure is a bit too foreign to me and I don't actually care for web or server side development. I program games, and there aren't any game engines written in Closure.

      Keep up the good work, please keep us posted on timetables for big features.

    4. Missing avatar

      C Stratton on

      Is there any sort of entry-level documentation/tutorial available? I'm getting cryptic Java exceptions whenever I try to connect to a project, but I'm not 100% clear on what "connecting to a project" even means. All I know is that without "connecting", LightTable seems to be a text editor with a pretty color scheme -- not very exciting :(

    5. Jean-Luc Nacif Coelho on

      When will the real time debugging be available?