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Light Table is a new kind of IDE - a reactive work surface for the creation and exploration of our programs.
7,317 backers pledged $316,720 to help bring this project to life.

Last Call for Shirts

Posted by Chris Granger (Creator)

Hey everybody,

We've gotten the shirts finalized and they're ready to be printed and shipped! If you haven't already filled out your survey, you still have 5 more days to respond before the shirt people need our final list of recipients. Hope you're all enjoying v0.2.0, and I'm sure you'll enjoy your new Light Table shirt.


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    1. Rick Beerendonk on

      @ChrisGranger The T-shirts are clear. But higher pledges would have rights to beta's and feedback rounds. But the beta's are public now. Any plan for those cases? I paid 100 dollar (which I reconsider after update #4) and I don't receive anything more than someone who paid 50 dollar. Maybe a free license for a seconds version as well?

    2. Missing avatar

      Martin Alix on

      Chris, I pledged 500$ but never not get anything... emailed and messaged you a few times, I know you are swamped but could you give it a look please...

    3. Bashar Abdullah on

      That sad moment when you realized you did not pledge for T-Shirt

    4. David Beegle on

      I pledged for a license and a shirt but I never got the link to signup for my shirt.

    5. Missing avatar

      Klāvs Kāpiņš on

      Where is the survey?

    6. Missing avatar

      Nils Ivanson on

      Pledged $50 but no survey link.

    7. Missing avatar

      Anthony Demetriades on

      My pledge entitles me for a license of Light Table. Where can I download it from?

    8. Tim Slavin on

      Thanks for the t-shirt update. I'd gladly pay market rate ($15-$25) for a t-shirt, given the circumstances you describe and to support the project. If you have not already, could you look into making this an option, the ability to order on a pay as you go basis outside of Kickstarter? Thanks.

    9. Missing avatar

      brweber2 on

      I paid but have no received the link.

    10. Jerad Steven Acosta on

      Get as in *pay* additionally funds for the shirt :)
      Just let me know where to throw money at you

    11. Jerad Steven Acosta on

      I would love to get a shirt and help support the venture.
      Thanks for all the updates Chris, you've been great.
      I'm loving this product more and more every step of the way!

    12. Chris Granger Creator on

      Sorry for the confusion - if you pledged at a level that includes a t-shirt ($30, $80, $130, $230, or $500), you should have received an email with a link to fill out your address and shirt size. Unfortunately, during the Kickstarter campaign, the site doesn't let you edit or remove pledge levels, only add new ones, which we tried to clarify in Update #4, but my apologies if it was still confusing. Not all the pledge levels include t-shirts (if we added shirts to just the $50 pledges, it would cost over $41k in printing and shipping), and the site won't let you change your pledge after the project closes. I hope this clarifies any confusion around the t-shirts. I'm sorry if you didn't get a shirt this time around, but we're already looking into a way for other folks to buy t-shirts, and we'll provide more updates on that as we learn about it.

    13. Matthew Miano on

      I just like the look of the shirt I only paid $15 dollar but I would pay another $15 for the shirt. I'm a t-shirt ho. :D

    14. Rick Beerendonk on

      I backed $100 (no regrets, product is worth it), but it turns out that...
      $80 = license, t-shirt, beta access & feedback.
      $100 = license, beta access & feedback.

      Am I missing something?

    15. Leon Gaban on

      I backed for $50 and filled out the survey do I get a t-shirt too? :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Steve Wadsworth on

      Given the change in beta access and everything it seems a bit off to not provide T's to backers who paid over the $30 level!
      I pledged $50 but haven't seen any survey.

    17. Joe Ardent on

      Actually, here's a question: do backers at more-than-$30 also get the less expensive rewards? eg, I pledged $50; do I get a t-shirt? If so, to add to the cacophony, I too think that I didn't have a prompt to fill out a survey :)

    18. Justin Israel on

      Where is the survey? Can't find it!

    19. David Beegle on

      I don't remember ever seeing a link to the survey. Can you remind us what the address is?

    20. Steve Good on

      I wanted to make sure I had filled out the survey, but it looks like it might not be available anymore. I used the link to wufoo but was told that the form was no longer accepting submissions.

    21. Missing avatar

      Stefan Kreutter on

      I'd like a t-shirt, too. Can I upgrade my pledge to get one?

    22. Alen Mujezinovic on

      Hey. I can't find the survey though I'm one of the 100$ backers. Where is it located?

    23. Missing avatar

      Srdjan Pejic on

      Any way one can verify that one has filled out the survey and will be receiving a t-shirt?