Light Table

by Chris Granger

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    1. Erik Kettenburg on

      Chris, along the lines of some previous unanswered questions - will the playground be sufficient to allow us to start developing language support plugins? It sounds like Thom (below) is ready to build Scala support. I'd sure be happy to build out some PHP support. And I'm sure countless people would jump on a Ruby plugin. If not the playground, then are there plans to at least release the specs for the plugins at some point before beta? Thanks!

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      Craig Payne on

      i'm blown away again...

    3. Matthew Barr on

      I'd love to have a way to get Puppet code working. Gepetto (eclipse module) currently does some nifty stuff, but if it's possible to add languages, this would work nicely for the SA's that are out there :)

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      Felix Breuer on

      I agree 100% with the idea of turning Light Table into a workbench for creating domain specific tools. In fact, I'd love to reimplement my little markdown/latex editor called Qute as a domain specific mode for Light Table.

    5. willurd on

      I upped my pledge because of this. I'm so excited about this tool!

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      Cameron Dorrat on

      Fantastic demo. I cant wait to see (or create) a mode that supports noir, css & cljs-binding.
      We could have web crud apps in 5 minutes & real apps in 15 :)

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      Avi Marcus on

      Wow! I can't wait!!

    8. Mattias Petter Johansson on

      GREAT demo! Very excited!

    9. Kristian Houlberg Øllegaard on

      Any time plan for when we can access the early beta? :D

    10. Gavin Phoenix on

      It really does bring a smile to my face :)

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      Alexander Kellett on

      Kristian, there is a post on his blog about the time table. AFAIU it'll be october.

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      MBybee on

      Wow, those look amazing. I can't wait to get my hands on this!

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      MgkCrgOjTav8 on

      @Alexander, Kristian:
      at update #5 it says December for early beta. However, there is a slight chance that dates are a bit earlier now that the project is on YC. Lets see.

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      Beijer on

      Really nice. I would really like to see the webpart work with node.js

    15. Mattias Petter Johansson on

      Brilliant! I want to combine this so hard with

    16. bergie on

      Would the domain specific functionality in Light Table also enable us to add support for visual programming tools, like ?