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Light Table is a new kind of IDE - a reactive work surface for the creation and exploration of our programs.
7,317 backers pledged $316,720 to help bring this project to life.

How does YC change rewards?

Posted by Chris Granger (Creator)

Our intent is to honor the rewards we've set out, but we'd like to adjust our time table a little bit. As we work toward demo day, we want to learn more about how people develop and we want to see more about how people will interact with some of the ideas we have. In order to do that, we're going to release a "playground" of sorts in which we can have people try things out. This won't be the full version of light table (primarily because that doesn't exist yet), but will give us a chance to see what you guys think. Ultimately, I think that's exciting for everyone - we get to push some cool ideas out and let folks play with them and you guys get fiddle with some of our stuff and tell us what you think. Aside from the playground, however, our intent is to keep basically the schedule we've laid out here. Nothing about shirts has changed, and our access levels to the real light table will all remain the same, barring any disasters along the way.

For those of you who pledged at the higher levels, getting to mess around in the playground might make it less compelling to keep your pledges that high. Should that be the case, Kickstarter lets you change them. The feedback rounds and early user testing in those rewards, however, will remain the same. :)

Thanks for bearing with us and I hope you're as excited as we are.


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      Eugene Grigoriev on

      Please, please, get Racket and maybe Arc on it! You are already planning Clojure, should not be difficult to get Racket on it :) Especially since you're on the Y Combinator! :)

    2. Jigger on

      More money = More python? :)

    3. Jakub Nesetril on

      +1 on JavaScript, CoffeeScript and Ruby being also my order of preference/necessity to be able to use this.

    4. Mark Bates on

      +1 on the Ruby support. I've backed the project, but without Ruby/Rails, JavaScript, and CoffeeScript support it's not useful to me at all. I've backed because this because it has the potential to be an amazing IDE once it does get support for more languages and frameworks. Here's hoping.

    5. Missing avatar

      MgkCrgOjTav8 on

      @Martin: the price for a license has been lowered along the way. Since kickstarter doesnt allow the removal of pledge levels, the old $50 level is still there (along with the new $50 level).

    6. Martin Schürrer on

      Can someone explain the difference between "Get added to the list of contributors to the project for showing your support + a license of Light Table" for 15 USD and "A license for Light Table" for 50 USD?

      Also: +1 Ruby!!!!!1!!!11! :3

    7. Daniel O. on

      I wish this would have ruby support! </3

    8. Markus Seidl on

      Python SUPPORT :)

    9. Missing avatar

      sgwong on

      Yeah, also keeping my $50 also for python support!!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Uri Okrent on

      Keeping my $50 right here for python support!

    11. Kevin Kanji on

      I support this project, and I will not reduce my commitment. But I echo previous queries; with guaranteed funding from ycombinator, does this increase the scope for more languages out of the box (eg Python)?

    12. Missing avatar

      KBKarma on

      I'm keeping my donation exactly where it is. I think this is an amazing project, and I stand by my donation. Plus, I'd really like a license.

      I'd be interested to hear about the state of Python support as well, actually. Though, if Python isn't supported, Thom's comment about whether we can write the plugins using the playground is another good one.

    13. Alpharesearch on

      Does YC change the open source nature of the project?

    14. PurpleOak on

      I'd just like to also ask about possible python support out of the door. This is one of the features I was hoping would get funded.

    15. Missing avatar

      alexokita on

      I'd love to write an unrealscript plugin.

    16. Thom Goodsell on

      Will the playground be adequate to start developing language support plugins? One of my motivations for pledging at the level I did was to get beta access to get a jump start on a Scala plug-in.

    17. Eric Neuman on

      Does being accepted to ycombinator mean Python will get folded in?

    18. David Young on

      Congratulations! I'd love to help you guys staff out the team or offer any technical advice. :)

    19. Missing avatar

      MgkCrgOjTav8 on

      > Thanks for bearing with us and I hope you're as excited as we are.
      well I definitely am!
      Thank you for doing this project!