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Light Table is a new kind of IDE - a reactive work surface for the creation and exploration of our programs.
Light Table is a new kind of IDE - a reactive work surface for the creation and exploration of our programs.
7,317 backers pledged $316,720 to help bring this project to life.

New reward structure

EDIT: Also, these changes will take effect for everyone who has already pledged at these levels. Though if you could, please switch - if the old ones have 0 pledges I can delete them.

Unfortunately I can't change the pricing structure in place, but based on the feedback we've gotten so far I've added a set of new rewards - all of which are better than their previous ones. :)

$15 - A license and acknowledgement on the contributor list

$50 - A license and early beta access

$100 - A license, early beta access, and participation in feedback rounds

$200 - Two licenses, pre-beta access, and participation in feedback rounds

All the higher rewards ($100+) will also of course include participation in the feedback rounds. Ultimately, this should address people's concerns of buying something before it exists, but providing the opportunity to be a part of it at a lower price point.


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    1. Sterling Stein on

      Since $50 is for a license and early access, I think 80 should be for the license, T-Shirt, and early access. That is what I selected, so I hope this is the case.

    2. Karl Rosaen on

      My original pledge was $30 for the t-shirt, if I switch to $50, will I still get the t-shirt along with early access?

    3. Steve Morin

      Same here, I pledged $50 in the beginning

    4. Roman Grazhdan on

      I guess so. To make sure you will, click 'manage my pledge' and pick the new $50 reward.

    5. Missing avatar

      GreggInCA on

      I pledged $50 at the very beginning. I assume I'll be getting early beta access, too. Right?

    6. Roman Grazhdan on

      P.S. edit your profile and pick yourself a vanity URL, then the project page will be

    7. Roman Grazhdan on

      Hey, 15 bucks for that is a steal!
      I've been on the fence with $50 licence since I'm not a professional programmer, but this seems to be a fair price for a tool which I'm not going to use for real work and which probably won't support the languages I know, but it's still a great concept and something I'd like to back from what you said about the source code.
      If I was a programmer, though, $50 would be fine.
      So thanks for giving hobbyists an opportunity to try the tool.
      Since it would be more or less 'browser' application I should have no problems running it in Linux, right?

    8. Chris Granger Creator on

      These a rough guideline:
      Earliest access - August 2012
      Pre beta - October 2012
      early beta - Decemeber 2012
      Official Beta - late January 2013
      Launch - May 2013

    9. Missing avatar

      Steve on

      What is the timeline for 'early beta access'? The delivery says May 2013, which is the same as the $50 license without beta...

      Is 'early beta access' different than the 'pre-beta access' defined in $230 pledge (May 2013), and why is the 'pre-beta access' in the $200 pledge in October 2012?

    10. Chris Granger Creator on

      @Tim Hickey


    11. Missing avatar

      Tom Hickey on

      Does everything $100+ include participation in feedback rounds?

    12. Gavan Woolery on

      I've been looking forward to a "smarter" IDE for quite some time (actually tried to create my own IDE and compiler, back in the day). Being at the top of hacker news, I am surprised no VC offers came your way (or did they?), but nonetheless maybe it is better as a crowd-funded project.

    13. Ovidiu Sabou on

      Pledged 50$. Wise move.

    14. Atarun

      Ouch! License price down from $50 to $15?
      With such a huge price drop... I HAVE to up my pledge to $15.
      I hope we get to $300k and get Python support, but at that price... I'll just have to take a closer look at Clojure if we don't. ^^