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iBackPack 2.0 - 3G/4G Wi-Fi/Mi-Fi, Bluetooth Audio, Massive Batteries, 6 USB, Wireless/Car Charger, 50 Pockets, Bulletproof Options
252 backers pledged $76,694 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Chris Fletcher on

      Does anyone have any contact information for these people? This is ridiculous.

    2. Missing avatar

      Greg Eaton on

      So Doug is a fraud. A year since the last update. I guess he made off with everyone's money and assumed everyone has given up on the fake project. Hopefully Karma is coming his way.

    3. Missing avatar

      Colm Hayden on

      We were told we would get an update on delivery dates this Fall but haven't received one.

      Can you please provide one immediately?


    4. Missing avatar

      Donald Sutherland on

      This is a scam. I got sucked in. Bought the hype. Pledged and delivered way too much money. This crook took it and ran. Can't believe Kickstarter allows this kind of fraud to continue. I will never do another Kickstarter backing

    5. Missing avatar

      Jay Goldstein on

      AIN'T no Back packs, Dougie took the KASH and ran.

    6. Missing avatar

      Danish Saleem on

      Well, it's 2 months about to complete since your last update. Any movement happened ?

    7. Ro_man Fortuna on

      Ship it without the batteries and problem solved. Ship the batteries later when they are available. What's so hard?

    8. Russ Hill on

      Why the hell do you need to travel to China again? Seems like a good way to burn some more of that backer money. You don't know shit about the manufacturing process; how will traveling to China do anything to increase the chance for a "safer" battery? You continue to lie about the battery as the we have written proof from you that LiON was not the type of battery that was going to be used in the iBackpack. We've also not seen the final product for any of the other items, including the fucking backpack. (You told us in October everything was ready to ship right after Christmas. To me that means EVERYTHING else, except the battery had to be finalized and in production) They should be sitting in a warehouse completed and just waiting for the rest of the components if you were telling the truth. And LA? Asshole is trying, barely, to cover his tracks. Team? What team? You must believe your own lies. A backer is a backer. there is no difference between a backer and a true backer. We all paid. Some of us in IGG and KS, and a lot of money to boot. The videos you continue to promote are OLD and provide NO value to the current status of this bag.

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael riggs on

      Doug. There are thousands of companies all over the states that have big budget r&d departments that have already done the due diligence regarding batteries. Besides the fact that absolutely no batteries are completely safe no matter the technology I don't tho k myself or anyone else who backed both here and IGG intended on backing "new world order 100% safe batteries" as that wasn't on the description . Every facet of the battery descriptions specified a certain battery output, not a new type. They also are not the cells that had issues as the samsung. Try contacting any of the millions of companies here in the states for some advice on battery selection unless you are just in need of a family vacation. The cabling, armor, main unit, and all but batteries should already be purchased built per your updates. The 18650 batteries contained in all the stuff you are supposed to provide are massively common and safe. It is easy to choose a reliable vendors for those. Of course there are knockoffs but its easy to purchase reliably. Since u give no teach specifics on any updates we have no way of assisting.....

    10. Missing avatar

      Jeff Sweetman on

      Doug, thanks for the update - appreciate it.

      Good luck in China.