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iBackPack 2.0 - 3G/4G Wi-Fi/Mi-Fi, Bluetooth Audio, Massive Batteries, 6 USB, Wireless/Car Charger, 50 Pockets, Bulletproof Options
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      Eric Jernigan on

      Geeze lately I'm starting to think, maybe you shouldn't invest in any crowdfunding campaign that I contribute to... I had two Indiegogo campaigns do the same M.O.: updates almost daily on almost every insignificant detail ("The team is changing the color of our bathrooms at home to orange!") to absolute nothing. Once again, it appears to be the same thing. I reached out to Doug before Christmas and never got a response. I'm giving a warning and then going to file a complaint with Kickstarter. I need to give them the benefit of the doubt until they deserve otherwise. If they ignore me like Indiegogo did, I will reach out to my credit card company and get a refund. This was the only way Indiegogo would respond to me at all; I'm hoping Kickstarter is made of better stuff.

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      Jay Goldstein on

      iBackpack and its founder, Doug Monahan, has scammed hundreds of thousands of $$$ through IndieGoGo and Kickstarter. The campaigns started back in 2015. I was an original supporter who "invested" in the iBackpack back in March 2015. In the beginning, there would literally be dozens of e-mails per month from them discussing all of the exciting features the iBackpack would have. Then promises of shipping dates that would then get delayed. I received e-mails on at least three separate occasions asking me to give them my shipping address in a ruse to make me think I was about to receive my iBackpack. But nothing ever arrived. There were upgrade offers and BOGO offers. It all seemed quite legit except they never fulfilled their promise of sending project investors a backpack. Then, during 2016, the volume and frequency of e-mail updates slowed until, in late 2016, they stopped. Now, when you go to their website, it links to some outdated website for a company called "Daybreak", and when you send an e-mail to their contact e-mail of "", it kicks back as undeliverable. So, we appear to be victims of this Doug Monahan guy who gets people to invest in his stupid ideas then walks with their money. Anyways, beware iBackpack and Doug Monahan. Do not invest in or trust anything that Doug Monahan is associated with. You will lose your money.

      No eta

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      Anthony Barber on

      updated ETA.. # 4....