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Black Label Comics is the personal imprint and anthology comic of writer Ian Struckhoff. Help us print Issue #1 and get to New York Comic Con 2010!
Black Label Comics is the personal imprint and anthology comic of writer Ian Struckhoff. Help us print Issue #1 and get to New York Comic Con 2010!
42 backers pledged $1,000 to help bring this project to life.

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Next from Ian Struckhoff - The Fourth Place (Game Night Ready)™ Libraries

The Fourth Place is about creating spaces where geeks feel at home, and everyone feels welcome playing with our cool toys. It takes the passion behind Black Label Comics, and applies it to a broader mission-- and it all began with you, and the special feeling we get at comic conventions.

We already offer individual (Game Night Ready)™ games, chosen and accessorized to be perfect to bring to a party. Today, we're launching our flagship (Game Night Ready)™ Libraries!

You can preorder today-- anything from a sticker pack to support us, to a Game Night in a (Smaller) Box, to a Deluxe (Game Night Ready)™ Library!

(In a Bag) or (In a Box)

We offer three ways to carry and store your new game library, to suit your situation and your budget.

The least expensive option is a custom, rugged The Fourth Place library box. As cardboard goes, it's durable and attractive, and has a place to lay claim by writing your name and contact info right on the box. (It ships inside a less pretty box, to protect it.)

The portable option is paired with an Init Gear Gamefolio Vault duffel bag, with plenty of room for your seven core games, plus a few more.

Our deluxe option includes both of those, and upgrades you to a complete Init Gear Gamfolio system, including the Vault duffel bag, plus four Gamfolios to store games for easy organization and transportation.

(Business) or (Individual)

Our (Game Night Ready)™ Libraries come in versions for individual players and for businesses. They all include seven hand-picked games, which we think make the perfect starter game library, protected with card sleeves, laminations, and everything else to make sure they survive the fun.

Versions for businesses include our Business Success Kit, designed to make it much easier for places like restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and hotels to host a successful game night without a lot of preparation. The kits include rules, etiquette, and tips for players, plus a guide for owners and managers to run and promote their game nights.

Versions for individual players are a little less expensive, and include a little of our merchandise in place of the success kits. They make great gifts for friends moving into a new home, or getting married, and are a great way to jumpstart your game library.

Our Next Comic: FAILSAFE!

Now that our third comic The Dark Age #1 is with the printers, and soon on its way to backers, it's time to focus some on our next comic book.

I'm proud to officially announce that the next book from Black Label Comics is a science fiction survival one-shot, titled FAILSAFE, written by me with gorgeous art by Ryan Cody (Icarus, Popgun, and others).

In about an hour and a half, the Kickstarter for FAILSAFE will officially launch-- but you can see it now, a little early. We hope you'll enjoy our next story as much as you did The Deathlings and our Black Label Comics anthology!

Thank you,
Ian Struckhoff

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NIGHT FOLK by Matthew Dow Smith

This morning, my good friend Matthew Dow Smith launched the Kickstarter (pre-orders and fundraiser) for his first novel, NIGHT FOLK. He has been a huge supporter of my comics work, and I want to return the favor.

Even if you don't know Matthew's name, you may know his work-- After an early career as a writer, he has spent the last 17 years as a pro comics artist. He's the co-creator of Hellboy's Lobster Johnson, and has worked on Marvel's Uncanny X-Men and DC's Starman among others. More recently, he has been the artist for the Mirror's Edge and Supernatural comics adaptations, the regular series artist on the ongoing Doctor Who comic, and just finished a short run on TopCow's Witchblade. At this point, I suspect you get the idea.

We met first online via Blair Shedd-- himself a very old friend of mine who did a run of issues on Doctor Who between arcs by Matthew. When we met in person at New York Comic Con, we hit it off, and while he's also been a supporter of my work, I think of him primarily as a friend I don't see enough in person.

Blah blah blah. Anyhow!

As I was saying, today he launched the Kickstarter for his first novel, a YA book called NIGHT FOLK. I'll steal his blurb...

Twelve year old Victoria Thompson has always felt like an outsider. While other girls her age are spending time gossiping about boys and reading teen magazines, she's more interested in spooky stories and drawing monsters in the margins of her notebook.

With no friends to speak of, Victoria doesn't mind when her family has to move to a small town in Upstate New York. If anything, she's looking forward to a fresh start at a new school, and hoping to meet someone who shares her interest in the odd and unusual.

But Victoria is about to make some new friends who are odder and more unusual than anything she could have imagined...

The Night Folk.

Matthew is trying to raise just $5,000-- Enough to allow him to take the time to finish the novel, and self-publish it. He has just 60 days to do it, but frankly I think we should try to help him raise $1000 a day to make sure this book is a reality. He's a talented writer-- and that's coming from far more worthy people than me. (Check out the Kickstarter for what some shining lights in the writing community have to say about his writing.

 I really hope you will go help him make this project a reality!

Sincerely, Ian Struckhoff

The Dark Age Update


Just quick update from our latest Kickstarter fundraiser, where we're trying to raise enough money for a full professional print run of the first issue of our next book The Dark Age.

Progress on both the fundraising and the comic itself are going well, though we could use more help with the former. For a look behind the scenes at our process and our progress, you can visit our latest update.

Ian Struckhoff

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Cyber Monday Special on The Dark Age Kickstarter

We have decided to get into the spirit of Cyber Monday, with a doorbuster special of our own! You can find it over on our new Kickstarter.(We'll keep it open today, and through tomorrow for Black Label Comics Tuesday.)

How does this sound?
- The Dark Age #1 (cover price $4)
- The Deathlings #1 (cover price $5.99)
- Black Label Comics #1 (cover price $8.00)
- Four posters (usually $10 each)

- The first chance to pre-order Black Label Comics #2 (cover price $8.00)

Including shipping to the US or Canada, this would normally cost $70 or more.

Today only, for the first five people to pledge at this level, we're letting it all go for $30. It's our way of offering people a cheaper way to pledge-- and we hope it will also help us get closer to our goal, since progress has slowed down since the first few days of this Kickstarter.
Click Here to check it out-- We hope you enjoy!

Ian Struckhoff
Black Label Comics