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The styles of typefaces tend to stay within particular movements of design. The 10 typefaces I am creating are meant to break that.
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Ian Roberts

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It's good to be bach

It feels GREAT! to be back in Offenbach at Hafen2 and the Klingspor Museum! Today so far I've studied at the Museum and have been back to Hafen2. Being back here once again feels like my german home away from home... good old hafenbach. The library at the museum is very exciting I saw actual works by El Lissitzky and Kurt Schwitters along with some brochures from Bauhaus exhibits. I will be at the museum tomorrow(thurs) and Friday to see more type specimens. Right now I'm working on a glass of quittensaftschorle and brainstorming. Check out the pictures below. (1) The outside of the KIlngspor (2) me, sketching and taking notes (3) The back of a work by Schwitters (4) Part of a Bauhaus Brochure (5) The outside of Hafen2 :) (6 & 7) the inside of the cafe at Hafen2

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    1. Creator Ian Roberts on August 10, 2011

      Sonja, It is really exciting to see the real works up close and personal! nothing beats an original work, from the look to the feel, even the smell of the old books is apart of the asthetic.

      Z-town, it's surreal to be back here! I was smiling like an idiot on the walk to Hafen and even more so once I was back inside. They are demolishing the building and moving Hafen about a kilometer down the river towards Robert Johnson/the boxing club... I'll post a photo of the spec model, it's all apart of that urbanization/gentrification plan they are doing to the harbor

    2. Creator Christy Lee Zilka on August 10, 2011

      I recognize everything! and miss it all! - zilka

    3. Creator Sonja Rossow on August 10, 2011

      Ian, thanks for sharing photos. As an art teacher I love Dada and Bauhaus stuff. Students are always amazed by both of those movements.