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A compilation of Guitar Music by composers Darin Au, Jeff Peterson, Byron Yasui, Bailey Matsuda, Ian O'Sullivan, and Michael Foumai. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 4, 2012.

A compilation of Guitar Music by composers Darin Au, Jeff Peterson, Byron Yasui, Bailey Matsuda, Ian O'Sullivan, and Michael Foumai.

Haleiwa on Hi*Sessions / 1 week left for second campaign

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Aloha Everyone!

Please find the link to "Haleiwa" below. Another great video by Hi*Sessions. Looking forward to the Mokuleia video. There may be a chance that video won't happen, but we'll wait and see!


My second kickstarter "Ka'ena to Kahuku" is only a week away from completion. I'm at %50 for funding so this last week is really crucial to get support from our extended network! If you've been meaning to make a pledge, now's the time! Lets make that final push to the end. Don't forget to share the new project on facebook and drum up support from your friends. We can do it!

Ka'ena to Kahuku

Aloha and Mahalo!


Hi*Sessions - "Waialua"

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Aloha Backers!

Heres another video from Hi*Sessions. Two more to come. Haleiwa and Mokuleia!




Video of "Kaiao" from your CD's - Hi*Sessions

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Aloha Kakou! 

Here's another video from Hisessions. Its listed "Kaiao" on your cd's. These videos were shot in one take at the Koolau golf course. There will be at least a couple more to come over the next week. They are being released every other day.



"Born and Raised" for 3 nominations and a new video from Hi*Sessions


Aloha Everyone!

Two quick things. 

First, Our CD was also nominated for "Most promising new artist" in the Na Hoku Hanohano Awards. Thats three for us! Most promising, Instrumental Album and Instrumental Composition. Award ceremony is May 24 so keep your fingers crossed!

Second is a fabulous video just released on YouTube of "Born and Raised" the title track from our CD.  The show is called Hi*Sessions and they provide intimate, quality live music performances with good audio and video.  I was very fortunate to be selected several months ago for this show. Please find the performance video attached and don't forget to tell your friends about my new Kickstarter thats happening now called "From Ka'ena to Kahuku"

Hi*Sessions - Video



"Born and Raised" is a finalist for two Hawaiian Music Awards / New Kickstarter


Aloha "Born and Raised" Backers!

Its been a while and there are some recent developments that I wanted to let you all know about. First its that our CD has been nominated for two Na Hoku Hanohano Awards! Instrumental Composition of the Year (for Mokule'ia) and Instrumental Album of the Year (Born and Raised). This award is the Hawaiian equivalent to a Grammy, so a big mahalo to you all again for making this possible! The final ballots for the Hoku Awards just went out this week and the final award ceremony is on May 24th at the Hawaii Convention Center. Keep your fingers crossed!

Na Hoku Hanohano Award Finalist!
Na Hoku Hanohano Award Finalist!

New Project: 

Now with our momentum from the Hoku nominations I'm launching a new kickstarter. This time the Kickstarter is a EP that consists of all original instrumental guitar music inspired by the North Shore of O'ahu, HI.  The songs on this EP are my impressions and reflections of my favorite spots along the northern coast, from Ka'ena point to Kahuku. Together these songs invite you to journey from one end of the North Shore to the other.

Lessons learned: 

I have adjusted the rewards this time around to ensure a easier and more timely delivery. These rewards include album copies, digital downloads, a new song composed and dedicated to you, a private concert and even guitar lessons. The manuscripts from the last project proved to the most problematic as a reward so they have been omitted this time.

Again as an independent artist, I rely on my fans and supporters to make the recording process possible. So now I ask you to please support and share my new project "From Ka'ena to Kahuku" with your friends and others guitar music lovers!

Thank you so much for your previous and continued support.


Ian O'Sullivan