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The story of the end of our lives told in our youth, a collectively imagined autobiography about the unraveling of memory, at the Edinburgh Fringe
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Our First Review...

Posted by Ian Garrett (Creator)

We're here and open! And, we already have a great review! Maybe we'd like more stars, but there isn't a bad thing to be said!

"At Sundown is a really imaginatively and thoughtfully composed study of the effects of Dementia. In particular it explores the phenomenon known as Sundowning, where every day with the changing of the light people in this stage of the degenerative condition become detached from and confused about their memories and identity.

The script is a patchwork of scenarios, scientific explanations, memories and exercises in remembering. It is very well created and allows the audience slowly in to the narrative.
Periodically the cast perform songs –glamorously telling the decidedly unglamorous perspective of people facing this situation. And this culminates in a fantastic mash-up of the various tentative threads of the subjects’ memories.

The aesthetic is that of an art school degree show installation – old TVs, single pendant light bulbs and tatty wooden chairs – and rather appealing for that. The use of the over-head projector is really lovely and along with other light-work adds meaning as well as texture to the staging.
The three capable actors are extremely likeable as is this whole delightful production. I was refreshed by the sophisticated tackling of an unexamined and worthy subject matter. I would recommend you experience it before the last Sundown of the run."

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