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Summon Magic from the Faerie Realm. A Wiccan magical system, art book and guide to create Fairy Spells & Charms.Tarot based Oracle Deck
Summon Magic from the Faerie Realm. A Wiccan magical system, art book and guide to create Fairy Spells & Charms.Tarot based Oracle Deck
Summon Magic from the Faerie Realm. A Wiccan magical system, art book and guide to create Fairy Spells & Charms.Tarot based Oracle Deck
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    1. Missing avatar

      Joseph Hodge on

      Completely spaced and forgot to update my earlier post. Long story short, the original package arrived with damage to book and card box (cards were fine); somehow the prints were unharmed. Contacted Ian and he sent a new book and new box, with cards! Wife loved the set. Service was above and beyond. Looking forward to the next project Ian does.

    2. brooke oakley

      Recieved my parcel & have been meaning to post.. But i keep getting totally lost in the book... Thank you so much for creating such an incredible works... The art has just blown my mind it is spectacular to say the very least.. & the attention to every detail is phenomenal... Such indepth knowledge in the book..every page is a delight...

    3. Missing avatar

      Ross Murphy on

      I haven't received mine in Dublin, Ireland.

    4. Ian Daniels 4-time creator on

      Maria - Thank You so much for your kind and inspiring comments, they mean a great deal to me :)
      Ann - I have written to you directly, thank you :)
      Michelle - Thanks for letting me know, I have sent you a message :)

    5. Michelle muhs on

      I still haven't received mine in the US. Colorado. Should I be worried?

    6. Missing avatar

      Ann Houghton on

      I have not yet received mine in Vancouver, Canada.

    7. Missing avatar

      SewMaria on

      you have an amazing mind, to not only understand how the different concepts come together and are individual but the real gift is putting it into a system that anyone open to the idea can understand how to get started and grow. Your artwork is beautiful and envokes a feeling of awe and magic. Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself, your authenticity shines through. Much love and abundance to you.

      I received my package a few months ago. I've been too busy to post. I know many are posting to have recieved damaged items. While the packaging was badly damaged I was lucky enough to have the contents remain unharmed. with that being said I also want to share that by no means do I think you knew this would happen. Lessons learned and dont allow this to overshadow the great success of this project.

    8. Michelle muhs on

      I have no received the item as of yet. May 5th Colorado.

    9. Kimberly Lucas on

      I did not receive mine yet and it is May 2nd and I'm in Los Angeles, CA. I believe I need the help of Ian for this. I'll try to message.

    10. Missing avatar

      Joseph Hodge on

      Package arrived (in Ohio) on Monday the 30th of April. Packaging could be improved a lot. Book and box damaged. PM sent.

      Artwork looked even better in person than on screen.

    11. Rona Jean Ruiz on

      I finally received mine (in the Philippines) and I don't have any regrets! Everything is so beautiful! The packaging could be improved though but thankfully, only the packaging was damaged and the contents (book, prints and deck) are all safe <3

    12. Missing avatar

      Simon Mark de Wolfe

      I have mine and am really impressed by the quality of paper & printing as well as the artwork - so glad I back you on this - a delight to add to my bookshelves.

    13. Ellie Horne on

      I have not received mine, i have moved since i backed you and i advised you of a change of address, how can i confirm which address my book was mailed to?

    14. Kari Jamison on

      Just got mine on Saturday in Oklahoma City. :)

    15. Michele Foulger on

      I received mine last week and thankfully it wasn’t damaged however packaging was.

    16. Missing avatar

      Tenley Hoffman on

      Hi Ian
      Just wanted to follow up to see if you have a rough idea of when Australia should expect their books? Still anxiously waiting...
      Thanks :)

    17. Chris S

      Just to advise that I received my book in the UK late last week (Thursday the 5 April I believe). It was a long time coming but in the end it is a beautiful book and it's a shame about the delivery problems. @Ian please keep in contact with your backers and hopefully learn for next time!

    18. Ashley

      Ian, my package arrived halfway open with a rubber band holding it together and my book is damaged. What can I do??

    19. Missing avatar

      Jo Godfrey on

      Hi. Have all the UK ones been sent? Just checking because I was quite early ordering but must be in the last 50 to dispatch?
      Kind regards

    20. Rip Odebralski on

      @Ian, thanks, I appreciate it. But I'm here to support you. The book is still good to read. Save it to make more money for yourself. I'm sure your not making enough for all the stress and work this project put you through. I just wanted to alert you to the way your shipping partners are packing the books.

    21. Rip Odebralski on

      @Maria, I'm in New Orleans Louisiana, and yes it was USPS.

    22. Missing avatar

      SewMaria on

      @Ian it would help us to know your mailing schedule/system. you could potentially ans. everyone in reguards to general shipping time frames and which carrier to look for. thanks.

    23. Missing avatar

      SewMaria on

      @Rip what part of the US? Did it come USPS?

    24. Michelle muhs on

      I haven't received mine yet and was wondering if there is an update?

    25. Missing avatar


      Some people have received, some have not. I don't expect you to look up each person, but can you provide an update (it has been 3 weeks) on what % has shipped and what % left to ship and anticipated date of all being shipped? And anyone receiving the books, if you post can you include where you are?

    26. Michele Foulger on

      Hi Ian can you tell me if mine has been sent yet please?

    27. Marie - Spirit and BIRDens

      Hi Ian. I am a Danish backer with no book. I just wanted to hear if all the EU books have been send out yet? Thank you

    28. Kimberly Lucas on

      I'm in CA and don't have mine. Is it on the way?

    29. Missing avatar

      Laura O'Leary

      I'm in Maryland and still no book, but some others from nearby states have received theirs! Hopefully we'll receive them soon.

    30. Missing avatar

      SewMaria on

      have all packages for US been mailed? No sign of items yet. I live in new york state. has anyone from here or nearby states recieved any packages?

    31. V. Garlock

      Got mine today. The package had a sticker on it from the post office saying "arrived in damaged condition," but when I opened it, both the book and cards were in good shape.

    32. Jasmine White on

      If it's possible, I'd also like to know if mine was sent out yet or not. I'm still waiting patiently, but I'd like to know if I should be on the lookout!

    33. Missing avatar

      Joseph Hodge on

      Message received and replied. Keep up the good work.

    34. Ian Daniels 4-time creator on

      Hi Dawn, I have messaged you directly :)
      Hi Rip, I'll send you a replacement - out of the 370 or so already sent only 6 arrived damaged - this is about average with shipping.
      Hi Chris, I wrote to you directly, your book was sent some weeks ago, I'm sending another today.
      Hi Joseph, Scot and Julie, I'll check your shipping and write to you each directly :)

    35. Chris S

      IN the UK and STILL no book. Bordering on the ridiculous now! Really trying to be patient but lack of comms and continued promises that don't deliver are not good at all.

    36. Rip Odebralski on

      Hello Ian, received my book toay. Looks great, but.... I have a similar complaint as others. I don't know who your shipping partner here is in the US? But you've got to advise them to pack these books better. Mine also received spine damage during shipment. As also mentioned before, simple cardstock with the book probably would have averted the damage. It's minor but annoying and if this where Amazon, I'd probably have them replace it. But alas you are not. It does trouble me though, that you are not addressing these concerns and issues in the comments here. I does give the appearance that you don't care.

    37. Missing avatar

      Dawn Nelson on

      Hi Ian

      Is there any way to find out when I am likely to receive the beautiful book you have created.

      Many Thanks


    38. Rip Odebralski on

      +1 on Joseph's post. I'm in the states too and no sign of book.

    39. Missing avatar

      Joseph Hodge on

      Any way to find out if one's book has been shipped? Saw a comment that one of the other backers here in Ohio got theirs almost a week ago but haven't seen anything yet.

      Looking forward to receiving the book and cards.

    40. Missing avatar

      scott on

      still looking forward to receiving mine, im in australia, do you think it will be long? thankyou

    41. Missing avatar

      julie cooper on

      Can you tell me when the UK books are being sent outa I still have not received mine please and thank you x

    42. Kimberley Dawson on

      Has anyone in Canada received their book yet?? I can barely contain my excitement!!!

    43. Missing avatar

      Shannon Devine on

      Received my book today.. stunning!! Have only been able to skim through it so far, but everything looks awesome! Even has that "new book" smell. All of the pages were beautifully done. Great job!!! Can't wait to use with the cards.. And the signed print going on my wall as soon as i find a suitable frame :-) . Thank you so much

    44. Missing avatar

      Donna on

      I just received my book and it is wonderful! I expected to be really happy with it because I have enjoyed the rest of Ian's work, but wow. It is even more lovely than I expected. And the amount of information is incredible. I thought of it as a companion book to the deck; I didn't realize it would be such a great resource in its own right. I am counting down the days until the weekend when I can sit down and spend the kind of time with it that it deserves. I am very happy that I backed this project!

    45. John Fiala

      I got my book in Denver, Colorado today! Looks pretty good!

    46. Missing avatar

      deni case on

      Waiting in the UK in breathless anticipation :-)

    47. Ian Daniels 4-time creator on

      Over half of the parcels have been shipped and are on their way. These should arrive any day soon or within 2 weeks, depending on your location. The remaining parcels are being sent out daily, so not too much longer to wait. Some of the UK parcels are still to be sent, so don't worry, we will get your rewards to you as quickly as we can. thanks & kind wishes :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Jazmin Silverwood on

      I am also in the UK and haven't received my copy, any further updates?

    49. Kari Jamison on

      Have all of the packages gone out yet?

    50. Chris S

      I'm in the UK and still have not received. Can you advise please as it seems other UK backers have received theirs.

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