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Summon Magic from the Faerie Realm. A Wiccan magical system, art book and guide to create Fairy Spells & Charms.Tarot based Oracle Deck
Summon Magic from the Faerie Realm. A Wiccan magical system, art book and guide to create Fairy Spells & Charms.Tarot based Oracle Deck
Summon Magic from the Faerie Realm. A Wiccan magical system, art book and guide to create Fairy Spells & Charms.Tarot based Oracle Deck
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    1. Missing avatar

      Maria on January 5

      Thank you Ian. For everything you've put into this project. I'm so excited for this package to arrive. Loving the update that we are almost to the point of packages being sent out.

    2. Missing avatar

      Brittany Dygowski on January 4

      Is there an update on shipments?

    3. Missing avatar

      Maria on December 29

      Update please?

    4. Missing avatar

      Ann Houghton on December 10

      I don't mind waiting as long as I'm in the loop, so thanks for the update. I hope everyone here has a wonderfilled and magickal holiday season.

    5. Missing avatar

      Fay Thomson on December 10

      Thanks for the update! :^)

    6. Kari Jamison on December 8

      Thanks for your update on the update. :)

    7. Ian Daniels 4-time creator on December 8

      Sorry for the delay, I will be posting an Update tomorrow. I am still waiting on the printers, at this point I can't promise delivery before Christmas, but the items will be on their way very soon! Apologies for any inconvenience. Warmest wishes

    8. Michelle muhs on December 8

      Any updates on whether or not these shipped? I am doing for an xmas present and if I'm not going to get it I need to plan something else.

    9. Missing avatar

      Rona Jean Ruiz on December 7

      An update would be nice, if there are delays...

    10. Missing avatar

      Ann Houghton on December 7

      Still waiting not quite patiently!

    11. Michelle muhs on December 5

      I haven't yet.

    12. Max Anderson on December 5

      Anyone get them yet?

    13. Missing avatar

      Maria on November 25

      I can't wait to work with these cards! I'm so excited to see how well they work with me. A lot of time n energy went into this entire project, I'm sure it will show!

    14. Missing avatar

      julie cooper on November 14

      Really looking forward to the book. I got the Tarot cards last year and they are beautiful, I know the book will be the same x

    15. Missing avatar

      Loren Sjogren
      on October 21

      Congratulations! The artwork is amazing!

    16. Ian Daniels 4-time creator on October 21

      Thanks for your kind and inspiring comments!! As there are under 500 backers Everyone will receive the free items regardless of what your Backer number may be :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Karine on October 21

      Im soooo excited to be part of this!!!!! And congrats!!! My number of my contribution is not the same in here and on my email account....weird...

    18. Missing avatar

      Brittany Dygowski on October 20

      I’m thrilled to be a part of this! Congrats on fulfilling the pledge!

    19. Billie jo smith on October 20

      Im excited for this. The book will go lovely with my enchantment deck. N the art print will sit beautifully on my bedroom wall. If the cards are anything to go by then you knows the book is going to amazing. Im still learning alot so hopefully this book will help me alot more.�i cant wait x

    20. Kimberly Diane Lucas on October 20

      Ian, that's a great shipping rate for everyone and Thank You for taking the edge off the shipping razor! I look forward. Looking again -- Those prints are beautiful, so happy I took the whole top package!!

    21. Ian Daniels 4-time creator on October 19

      Hi Luna, thanks for your question, I have sent you a message :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Luna Nyx on October 19

      Also, will there be a way to purchase more items later if I want to?

    23. Missing avatar

      Luna Nyx on October 19

      I have the (signed) book and deck pledge. If I want two signed books and two decks, do I double the pledge (33 pounds) or do I add the individual costs for one more of each (36 pounds) and will the other book also be signed?

    24. Ian Daniels 4-time creator on October 17

      Hi, I am still aiming for shipping in mid-late November, the decks are now printed and ready to go, the books and prints are close behind, depending on your location the shipping could take 7-20 days to arrive. Yes, Kimberly, the USA shipping is correct, the rewards are being sent via a professional fulfillment company, which reduces the costs. Also, I am paying some towards the shipping myself :)

    25. Kimberly Diane Lucas on October 16

      The 6 BP Shipping to USA is accurate? It's same for all regions so I'm wondering if it's right? November does sound really soon. I'm a patient type but others sometimes are not.

    26. Justin Boehm
      on October 16

      Hey Ian, how sure are you of the November delivery? I am considering upping my pledge as a gift for someone for Christmas.

    27. Wendy Hoe on October 9


      I kind of pledge £88 for the £37 which I meant to include 2x £37 + £6 for the shipping and £8 for the 3 sets of the spells card.

      Am I correct to pledge this way? Please advise.

    28. Nicola Bishop on October 1

      After Kickstarter will you be selling any of the other paintings as prints? These paintings are gorgeous and I've seen a few I would love pints of.
      Can't wait to get my book and cards xx

    29. Ian Daniels 4-time creator on September 29

      Hello Sandra, Thank you so much for you kind and inspiring comments :)

    30. Amanda White Collaborator on September 29

      Hi mjcarson! Happy to hear from you! It's a gloss finished soft back covered book. The Faerie Enchantments deck is available as an add on to this project & there maybe some prints added in the near future? Keep your eyes peeled!

    31. Amanda White Collaborator on September 29

      Hi Shannon! So glad you love the deck! You're going to love this book just as much, it's perfect alongside it! Thankyou so much for your support!

    32. Amanda White Collaborator on September 29

      Thankyou so much Mike! It means so much for your support!

    33. Amanda White Collaborator on September 29

      Hi V. Garlock! I'm so glad you're happy to have the chance to get the deck & the book! It really is the perfect companion!

    34. Amanda White Collaborator on September 29

      Hi! I'm Amanda (Ian's better half!) � As Ian's so busy working on this beautiful book, I'm here to assist with any questions or queries you may have? Don't be shy, I don't bite!

    35. Ian Daniels 4-time creator on September 29

      Hi Kimberley, thanks so much, I want this book to really present the artwork well and create an enchanting book :)

    36. Ian Daniels 4-time creator on September 29

      Many Thanks for all your support and inspiring messages!

    37. Ian Daniels 4-time creator on September 29

      Thanks Gina, I like that idea! I will certainly give it some thought :)

    38. Ian Daniels 4-time creator on September 29

      Hi Kip - Kernunous is certainly male. Within this magical system He represents the Divine masculine and the Spirit of the Forest and Celtic God of fertility, life, animals, wealth, and the underworld. He's The Magician in Tarot tradition. Dwelling in the spiritual realm His nature still encompasses passive/feminine aspects because He is the initial division towards the masculine from the 'One' (Awen). As He Spirit of the Forest He is both energising and nurturing.

    39. Rip Odebralski on September 28

      I don't know how many of you own the deck. I do, and it's wonderful. But I have one question, and I've sent emails and messages to Mr. Daniels, but he fails to address it or answer me:
      The Cernunous card looks a lot like it's a female, and I believe Cernunous is male, and never been represented in a female form. Is there a reason this representation is this way? Or was there a mix up in the printing of the cards and the wrong image was used for Cernunous?

    40. Sandra Osman on September 16

      I adore you and your work Ian Daniels. Thank you for sending me an email notifying me of your book. I will continue to support your work indefinitely. I am now following you on kickstarter so I can be notified as you continue to produce these wonderful, mystical, beautiful pieces of art. Filled with so much gratitude. Thank You for the time and love you put into your work and for sharing the magic with us.

    41. Missing avatar

      on September 16

      Missed the playing cards and just learned about this artist. Stuff looks amazing. Is the book hardback or soft? Any chance some add ons from previous projects or other prints will be added to this project?

    42. Missing avatar

      Shannon Devine on September 11

      i have the deck through kickstarter and love it!! almost died when i saw this book being offered.. just knew would be a perfect compliment to the awesome deck.. Thanks!!!

    43. Missing avatar

      Mike Brighton on September 11

      Shared your campaign on FB. I can't wait to get the book.

    44. V. Garlock
      on September 10

      I missed the first kickstarter for the oracle deck, so I was happy to see it here again. The companion book you are making for it looks excellent.

    45. Kimberley Dawson on September 10

      Ian, you've done it again!!! This book is breathtakingly beautiful!!! I absolutely cannot wait to see it in all its glory!! This is the perfect companion to the Faerie Enchantments deck!! I'm so excited!!

    46. Gina McDaniel on September 8

      Hi. Book is awesome. I was wondering, you said you made like 20 more paintings (Your art is so beautiful), ever think about doing an extension deck to the faery deck? Just wondering. :)