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It started as a hobby but soon spawned a revolution. From cell phones to servers, Linux is everywhere, but where will it go from here?

Hello there, my name is Brian Thomason, and I have been fortunate enough to spend the last decade of my life working exclusively for companies either building up, or building on Linux.  You can read all the gory details in my bio, but for now, let's move on to the what brought me here.

I watched the documentary "Revolution OS" on Netflix the other day, and it inspired me to create this project. It was an excellent documentary that focused on the roots of GNU and Linux, its growth, and its explosion in the market during the DOT COM boom.

The documentary provides a great insight into the Free Software/Open Source Software world and focuses on the individuals that made it happen.  I would like to follow that up, informally, with a documentary on my own that picks up where it left off, but with more of a focus on the practical usage of Linux in the market.

Linux started as a hobby project, blossomed into a user community, and transformed into an operating system used on devices ranging from phones to servers.  However, in certain arenas such as desktop computing, it never has taken firm hold; on servers, it still faces stiff competition from Microsoft; and in the new frontier of cloud computing, it is the early market leader.

I wish to take you on a journey starting with the engineers who started the Linux phenomenon, such as Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman; continue on with the business power-houses who helped elevate is usage in the market, such as Red Hat and Canonical; and end with the thought leaders of today in cloud computing, such as Eucalyptus and OpenStack, to find out where they see Linux going in the next 10 years.  Like any good film, I'll also be sprinkling in the occasional piece of drama along the way as well.

In order to go on this journey, I am attempting to raise $10,000 here on Kickstarter.  It should cover the bare minimum costs for the project such as a decent camera and travel accommodations.  If my goal is met and funds still come up short, I will happily fund the rest out of my own pocket.

I have also received confirmation from the talented John Brooking at 1o'Clock Media that he will be joining the project as lead video editor and narrator, if the goal is met.  Among other amazing work, John was chosen over a number of competitors to create a promotional video for Elance.

Will you join me on the journey as well?

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I see two challenges with this documentary:

* Being able to land interviews with every person I would like to in order to complete my narrative
* Being able to complete it in a timely manner

I have many contacts in the industry and will definitely make a documentary worth seeing, but some contacts that would really make the documentary truly great are still up in the air.

I also work a busy, full-time job as a Sales Engineer. While I have every intention of completing this project by year's end, it could prove difficult as I wish to fly out and interview each person face to face.


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