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Shipping Update!!!

Posted by Chris Dickens (Creator)

Yesterday we shipped out the remainder of our Kickstarter rewards to our fans so if you haven't received your stuff yet, you will soon! Now when I say just about, there are a few exceptions. 

1. We did not ship the original sketches from our pencils artist Chris Campana. He's hard at work on another book right now, so his schedule is a bit backed up. As soon as he is able, we will get you those sketches. Thank you for being patient. 

2. If you're lucky enough to live in or around Orange County, California we will hand deliver your package to you this weekend! So keep an eye out for Phil or I (unless you're the supporter in Huntington Beach, you should just look for Phil) tomorrow through Sunday. We come bearing gifts. 

3. We sold way too many posters and key chains at WonderCon, (What a problem to have, right?) so we were short 3 of each. Therefore three of you are screwed! Just kidding. Three of you are delayed a bit and the three that we chose to delay are my Dad, and two of my best friends from Colorado. So unless you're one of them, your stuff is on the way!!!

4. The limited edition poster is making its rounds to the team to get signatures. As soon as the whole team has signed and the posters themselves gets back to VP Headquarters, we'll send them to you. 

I am super excited to finally have these things on their way to you. Post pics, comments, questions, and yes even complaints on our Facebook or Twitter pages when you get your package. Thanks again for supporting Vigilante Project! 


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