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I am working with Tuttle Publishing to adapt William Dale Jennings' epic novel, “The Ronin” to a comic book format.
I am working with Tuttle Publishing to adapt William Dale Jennings' epic novel, “The Ronin” to a comic book format.
207 backers pledged $7,292 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Chris Dickens 4-time creator on

      Really? I sent them all. Perhaps it got lost or damaged in the mail. I'll send another. I have a few extra.

    2. Missing avatar

      I never got Tagawa autograph?

    3. Chris Dickens 4-time creator on

      Everything went out months ago. If you didn’t receive it, email me your address and I will send another.

    4. Missing avatar

      Alejandro Mañas on

      Halo friend, i didnt recived the comic ( wakizashi level)yet? I am from spin... there is some kind of problem with europe delivery?

    5. Chris Dickens 4-time creator on

      Not yet. Mr. Tagawa was not at Comic Con in San Diego, but we have plans to connect once he's wrapped shooting on The Man in the High Castle season 3.

    6. Missing avatar

      did you get the posters signed?

    7. Chris Dickens 4-time creator on

      I posted in an update back in May that I would send the posters separately because Mr. Tagawa is away and very busy filming in Vancouver and we haven't been able to connect for the signings. My plan is to get them signed in a few weeks at Comic Con if he's available.

    8. Missing avatar

      er I got my package but where is my signed poster?

    9. Mike Clark

      Sweet. Everything arrived and looks amazing. This is definitely a book worth having a physical copy of, and the shirt is top flight. In fact so top flight it was deemed inappropriate for work, so I am positive it is good stuff. Patience has been rewarded richly. Looking forward to the next installment.

    10. Mike Clark

      Last update tells us that shipping was a while ago... nothing seen here to date? Any update on shipping?

    11. Brian Bailey

      Have the books shipped?

    12. Bubba Washington on

      Has anyone received their comic yet? What's the status on the shipping of the backer rewards?

    13. Michael Perreira on

      Around when would we be receiving our comic?

    14. Natasha Chisdes on

      Those letter openers look amazing! Is there any way to get one through an "add on" pledge?

    15. Chris Dickens 4-time creator on

      Good question Suketu. If we do print, I will make the prints available all over the world. Thanks for the feedback

    16. Suketu Sudra

      Love the Ronin #1.5 idea , but for people like myself, we would miss out on the limited run, at the events mentioned as outside of the USA, so maybe a part of the pledge amount?

    17. Chris Dickens 4-time creator on


      If we haven't shipped by the time you move, then follow the steps below to access your reward survey. From there you change your address.

      Please follow these steps to locate your survey:

      1. Log in to your Kickstarter account

      2. Select your profile icon at the top right corner and you should see a drop down menu appear.

      3. Select "Backed Projects” on the left hand side.

      4. Then select our project.

      5. On the next page, click on "Survey" which is located between the "Reward" tab and the "Messages” tab.

      Now you can change your shipping address.

    18. Lee-david Watson

      Im moving in 4 weeks , what should i do about shipping address.

    19. Leo on

      The pencils and ink cover looks great! Can't wait to see the final product!

    20. Missing avatar

      Rick Worthy on

      CONGRATTSSSS CHRIS!! Go get 'em x.
      God Bless x.

    21. Chris Dickens 4-time creator on

      Adam, we will be doing another campaign later this year for Book Two.

      Suketu, I don't know what type of pens Gary uses. You should contact him through Facebook. I'm sure he wouldn't mind answering that question.

    22. Suketu Sudra

      Love the sketch pad videos, which sketch pens do you use? Thank you

    23. Adam Rabago on

      So close to that next stretch goal! Just missed the chapter 2 preview. Are you going to run another Kickstarter project for the next chapter, and the rest of the book?


      Happy to help. I love this project and the quality of the art.

    25. Shatteredzen

      Congrats on getting funded! Can't wait to read my copy, such a great premise and the art looks amazing!

    26. Garry Stephens on

      This looks pretty cool and opted for the Naginata pledge simply because i have missed the option to get myself or someone as a damn fine looking sketch.
      The art looks really neat almost like some old school 90's Image comics stuff.
      Best of luck on this project Chris and truly hope i get to read it :)