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The Deathless March!

Posted by Hysterical Games (Creator)

Good afternoon Panzerfäns!

We are very sorry for the delay in getting an update out to you. Please don't think it's a sign that we aren't doing anything, quite the opposite in fact!

We've had a busy few weeks of design work and a host of wargames shows in the UK and Germany!

So anyway, let's get this update started. 


Some of you will have spotted Rob's very naughty sneak peek on Facebook of the Deathless Zombie Elves shambling into battle against an Orcish Sausage Shredder team!

This IS a sign that there are Wave 2 moulds in manufacturing. However, we have not moulded everything yet (we have moulded 6 Wave 2 items - we won't share what they are until we are 100% that we're happy with the quality, even these elves need a bit of work in our opinion!).

It's worth pointing out that we now think that a sensible estimate is that Wave 2 will ship in SEPTEMBER and that Wave 3 in January or February. We do apologise for this delay and hope that you can forgive us, given that it was a project that funded at 600% of it's target goal with many more sets to produce than originally planned, we think we've done remarkably well to stay at least close to our deadline. 

Of course, the same rules apply as before. We will not sell anything from Wave 2 or Wave 3 until we have started shipping it. 

This will not affect our future release plans. 

We are planning a small Kickstarter campaign to go live in November. This is not a swift cash grab, we have been working on the concept art for this next Kickstarter since October last year. Sculpting is due to begin as soon as Wave 3 sculpting from our initial project is complete. 

Speaking of which... 


Herb has completed the Deathless Zombi Kazak! These are HUGE models, the Undead Elves are 36mm tall, literally head and shoulders over an Orc. The demonic Nightmares which they are riding are really imposing (imagine them painted black with flaming eyes, mane, tail and hooves!). The heads are all interchangable on the riders, so you can pose them slightly differently and create at least a little variety. 


Irek has also been continuing his work on the Dwarves and has completed Steurmer's Stormers - the Dwarf Straftruppen, which look absolutely amazing.

 So there we have it, folks! 

Cheers again!
Steve and Rob - Hysterical Games

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    1. Hysterical Games Creator on

      The shows have gone really, really well.

      The Leicester Phat Katz have agreed to supply Wargames Illustrated with a write-up of the scenario so that they can publish it in an upcoming magazine.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jim Brown on

      If a job's worth doing its worth doing well. And I'd rather it took longer to get the best quality models than a rush for inferior models.

      I love the Kazaks, their weaponry is drawn from the History (Though the Soviet Cossacks had a fair few SMGs as well). I want to see non-Zombie Dark Elf Kazaks on Megaloceros when eventually we reach the Great Northern War for Panzerfauste. Those would be impressive as hell.

    3. Missing avatar

      Blaze on

      Once again,a great update, very informative and great looking sculpts!

      Full understand about shipping dates, and it's not that much of a slippage for quality products.

      Out of interest, how how have the new shows gone, and would you be willing to release the scenario rules for.the demo boards in the near future?