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Pearl: World's First Compact Mirror with Built-in USB Battery Pack. For iPhone, iPad, Android, USB Devices and all your beauty needs.
Pearl: World's First Compact Mirror with Built-in USB Battery Pack. For iPhone, iPad, Android, USB Devices and all your beauty needs.
Pearl: World's First Compact Mirror with Built-in USB Battery Pack. For iPhone, iPad, Android, USB Devices and all your beauty needs.
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    1. Sven Baumert

      A bad battery .. i'm not happy a all ... wasted money

    2. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Is there a warranty for this product? My pearl actually broke because the battery expanded and popped the mirror right out.

    3. Fae

      I just came to comment that my Pearl no longer holds a charge, but reading the comments I see I'm not the only one with this problem - is it under warranty?

    4. Ricky Tafoya on

      I'm coming back to offer some feedback. The replacement device shipped and seems all and well! Thank you for the professional support and email chatter.

    5. HYPER by Sanho Corporation 6-time creator on

      @ Furkan Gozalan: Unfortunately we did not get your emails, but I will escalate your case now and someone will contact you.

    6. Missing avatar

      Furkan Gozalan on

      Sadly they let these SCAM people bring an other project online

    7. Missing avatar

      Furkan Gozalan on

      Josh you at least gor yours, i ordered 3 and they are not even answering my emails. I still have not received anything, huge SCAM

    8. Ricky Tafoya on

      Same here Josh. We mailed the product back. We are waiting for a returned device that works *cough* *cough*

    9. Missing avatar

      Josh J. on

      My girlfriends pearl already stopped holding a charge.

    10. HYPER by Sanho Corporation 6-time creator on

      For anyone with more questions pertaining to Pearl or this Kickstarter campaign, please live chat with us at

    11. Comrun on

      Hi girlfriend really liked the product. Now her family wants some. Are you doin any online sales of this item?

    12. Missing avatar

      Tony Macharia on

      Please let me know when you are shipping.....

    13. Pedro Palhares on

      When can expect my order?

    14. Siegbert D'Haese on

      When can I expect my order of 3 pearls?

    15. Dāvis Freimanis on

      The pearl works and look great, the bag is not really good, my girlfriend loves the Pearl, but threw the bag away, because the quality of the bag is not that great.

    16. Missing avatar

      Khashayar Shahrivar Nia on

      I received my pearl. Everything works fine thank you. But its dissapointing that the Microfiber Pouch is too small for the Pearl. It is impossible to fit it in there. It looks like an production fail. I want a pouch which I can use! Like no one tested this before shipping it?

    17. Missing avatar

      Robbie Lam Chi Ching on

      I don't receive any update? When will be next shipment?

    18. Jonathan on

      Where can I find out if my package has been shipped yet?

    19. TUSHAR SHAH on

      Great product
      Finishing & working more than expected
      Really exciting!!!!

    20. Julie Macieira on

      Could you please let me know when I will receive my pearls had no communication from you and was supposed to be in January.

    21. Missing avatar

      Calvin on

      Got my remaining 2 Pearls,1 red & 1 gold, both are working great! The red one looks really nice & the gold one matches my gold iPhone 6 Plus very well...too bad it's for my partner & not me...d'oh!

      If anyone's having issues, just go to & have a chat with one of them, they've sorted out the first Pearl I got real quick which had a cracked mirror on arrival.

      Kelvin if you're reading this, thanks! You're one of the reasons why I'm a long-term customer from Australia! Cheers mate! �

    22. Stephanie on

      Hey! What's the deal?!?!?! All three of my pearls don't light up and the Chargers does not work! Not what I expected! Highly disappointed I feel like this was a waste of time and money for a defective product! I want my money back! Or send me new ones!

    23. Brian Lowry on

      Received my two Pearls, and neither has working ring lights (tried literally hundreds of variations on double clicks and other clicks). Very, very disappointed -- thank goodness I didn't get these in time to disappoint anyone with a broken gift.

    24. Missing avatar

      Massimo Soldini on

      what about mine????
      still haven't received anything: please, let me know soon

    25. Missing avatar

      Michelle Stapleton on

      Mine arrived yesterday, I ordered the red one, must say I was impressed I got what was advertised.
      It charges my phone and is great mirror love the light!
      Love the box it came in.
      Its so rare to get what you expected.

    26. David Chittenden

      Received our two Pearls today in Australia.

    27. Danee de Kruyff on

      @creator, I have not received my ordered Pearl. I have not gotten an answer on my earlier requests here and I have not received an answer when I tried to chat on your website. I am not a happy customer! Can I please be informed if and when my Pearl was send out to me and when I can expect it?
      Thank you...

    28. Missing avatar

      leandro Barriobero on

      I ordered this:
      Amount pledged
      $39.00 USD
      LOYAL BACKERS "XMAS" SPECIAL: Only available to backers of our previous "CloudFTP" and "iStick" Kickstarter projects. Must use the same Kickstarter account to back. Receive TWO (2) Pearl (1 x SILVER, 1 x GOLD). Guaranteed USA delivery on or before Christmas Eve (Dec 24, 2014).

      I received the on jan 15, but one of the cables is not bad not working at all, how do i go about getting a replacement cable.

      Leandro Barriobero

    29. Missing avatar

      celeritas on

      still haven't received anything. no response from messaging creator either. =(

    30. sujit chachad

      So Pearl are having amazing built quality. 2 of them were 80% charged and had to charge 1, was thinking its not working but after 2 hours of charge as instructed in the manual it worked. carry pouch are too tight for it but maybe will get loose while using.
      here's the link for the image for my Pearls:…

    31. sujit chachad

      Finally received my 3-pack Pearl this morning...I had to get the colors changed to get it delivered soon. Didn't got time to test them as was leaving to office. will check and update you guys soon.
      Suggestion for the people who are waiting for the 3-pack....currently silver is out of stock so if you guys have no problem in changing colors then chat with them on their website and get the product soon, no need to wait.

    32. Michael Lee on

      Finally...after severa chat sessions and complaints using their website I received my FedEx shipping confirmation. For those that haven't received any word, pressure them via their website chat and "customer service" contact links.

    33. TUSHAR SHAH on

      I'm not getting my delivery yet or any answer too, so if you can please refund my amount to my account...

    34. Michael Lee on

      I just ended an online chat session. I was told that the reason my items were not shipped was because as part of the 3-Pack, one of the colors was out of stock (Silver). My items wouldn't ship without each requested color in stock. I requested to substitute with any available color to get my items out the door soonest.

    35. Michael Lee on

      I haven't received any recent communication about my pledged items. Well...with the exception of "asking" to help fund ther current project!!! WHERE ARE MY ITEMS!!!

    36. Mario Baggetta on

      Can we get a shipping update? when would i get my reward in Italy?

    37. Evelyn Ching on

      I am wondering the same as everyone else: where are the pearls? Previous update said early Jan 2015 but here it is late January...where are these products?

    38. JB on

      No signs of my pearls either. Have you already shipped them?

    39. Gregory Lens on

      When???! When I getting my stuff???? Gregory lens

    40. Ruppert Daniel on

      Still no Pearl (3) or TrackingN# for me !! I'm very upset !! no communication with bakers very poor service :-(

      Dan from Luxembourg

    41. Michael Lee on

      Haven't received my Pearls (4) yet. Can we get a shipping update???

    42. sujit chachad

      No shipping pearl...eagerly waiting in Tokyo.

    43. Maichel Peppels on

      Still no Pearl or shipping numbers. Can you please check?

    44. TUSHAR SHAH on

      When would I get my reward in INDIA?

    45. Marissa "Blondie" Brice on

      Just got mine in the mail today and love it! Looks fabulous, came with an ~80% charge already, and after a top up has charged my phone fabulously! The cable it came with works great, and the pouch is very nice too, I love the fabric! ^_^

      The only negative I would have to say is VERY minor, and probably just a personal preference, but it appeared to me in the photos that the pouches had draw strings so you could pull the top of the bag closed- and while they do have draw strings they are glued in place so it makes it impossible to actually use them to close the bag :(

      The Pearl fits very snugly in the bag so I'm not worried about it falling out, just wish the drawstrings worked as that is the only negative I've found so far, and as stated, it's very minor, wonderful product overall!

    46. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      Mine came yesterday as well. I've topped-up-charged & tested both -- they'll make very nice gifts!
      (I don't do mobile mirrors. :-))

    47. Jessica Gaytan

      Just got my Pearl and it is gorgeous! It works wonderfully and it has its own pouch for cables and the Pearl itself. Couldn't be happier, I am so happy!

    48. JEL

      Got my Pearl today and so far everything looks good! Came fully charged and the led lights were working fine - nice and bright. Thanks Sanho Corp!

    49. Angelica Nguyen on

      Just got my Pearl!! Everything is in functioning order and the lights are REAAALLY bright! (Two quick clicks required to turn on the lights.) Currently using it to charge my phone. (Definitely faster than the normal charger.) Mine came with cables and the bag, which fits the mirror a little snugly. Very satisfied and will hope that no complications arise!

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