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Airline safe 27000mAh battery pack with dual USB-C (100W+60W) + 18W USB-A that can quick charge MacBook Pro & any USB-C laptop/device
Airline safe 27000mAh battery pack with dual USB-C (100W+60W) + 18W USB-A that can quick charge MacBook Pro & any USB-C laptop/device
7,426 backers pledged $1,345,593 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Staton Smith on

      Feb 22nd - delivery was supposed to be Dec 2018. Only communication is marketing emails trying to sell us more products. How about actually shipping the product to people who respected you enough to pledge funds? Or tell us you are a pure scam and have no intention of sending anything. Your silence speaks volumes. Pathetic.

    2. Missing avatar

      Shaun Budhan on

      For those who wondered, I ordered one initially and then when I did the survey I ordered another. Both came at the same time a week and a half ago.

    3. Dharam Valia on

      Guys, its been a long time i have been waiting for any sort of shipping update. What on earth is happening? Am i ever going to get this product?

    4. Missing avatar

      ernesto on

      Anyone ordered more than one hyperjuice but received just one?

    5. Missing avatar

      Shaun Budhan on

      Just got mine. The quality is fantastic, the black suede bag is a nice bonus. The cable it shipped with is ok, but I'd carry a backup. Just charging it now (it was at around 20-40%)

    6. Sazzu Jennie Landa on

      I have not yet received my order. It was meant to ship mid-January. What is the status? The above doesn't really say.

    7. Missing avatar

      Shaun Budhan on

      Next time you guys do this- please double check the address

      Mine was supposed to deliver today, but you guys listed the wrong street number so they had to reschedule for tomorrow. That’s super annoying.

      (And it’s not my error- I ordered my USB-C / wireless charging dock from you guys using the exact same info and it arrived with no issue).

    8. Hian Hwee Tracy Lim on

      May I know the status?

    9. Sylvester Wong on

      hello did shipping start already? havent received mine yet..

    10. Missing avatar

      Michael Trieu on

      Here's the response I got back from Sanho on 1/24:

      "We ran into a delay unfortunately regarding the shipment schedule, but we are going to start shipping units to our early bird backers next week and then all backers the following weeks! Please check your Kickstarter account/email during these upcoming weeks pending updates for your tracking number."

      I must admit my order was for a silver model, so maybe it was caught up in the delay described in this post. So I guess it's Early Birds have until the end of the month to receive our tracking numbers or they'll have slipped yet another deadline. Does anyone remember any of their past campaigns being delayed this long?

    11. Missing avatar

      Scott Mann on

      @Alexandros: probably a USB C to MagSafe adapter. They run about $20 USD on Amazon.

    12. Alexandros Logothetis on

      Hi, can anyone tell me what kind of cable do I need to charge my MacBook Air with HyperJuice

    13. Missing avatar

      Leonid on

      I'm backer 2057 and have still not received my early bird shipping details. When?

    14. Missing avatar

      Arno Nijhof on

      Tick Tock Tick Tock. Backer #3056 who received the last survey in October. This is taking way too long! Almost embarrassing. Any news for me?

    15. Missing avatar

      Robert Dahlgren on

      I'm backer 628 and have still not received my early bird shipping details.
      Any update?

    16. Troy Smith on

      I am yet to receive any information on shipping. I pledged to the $159

    17. Missing avatar

      kris on

      1000 level backers are complaining as of a day ago...and I'm 79XX... any idea when I'll ever make it to shipping?

    18. Missing avatar

      Michael Trieu on

      Backer #3484 here. It's been radio silence from Sanho since 12/26 and no correspondence directed at me specifically, ever. Perhaps it's my fault I didn't hound them publicly earlier and the squeaky wheel gets the oil. But now my trip in early February is quickly approaching and I might have to deal with the fact that I'm not going to receive what I paid for on time. To say I'm disappointed is putting it mildly. Why can't Sanho be more proactive and on point with their logistics and communication?

    19. Missing avatar

      Petr Sedivec on

      I backed Dec delivery. on Jan 5, I ask in a message for an update, but no one cares to even reply? this is a prime example of customer disservice...

    20. VINCENT WU Collaborator on

      Hi All, We are on schedule as in the update to have your package ready by end of month to start shipping!!! regardless, sorry for the delay and thanks for your support!!

      Hi Weber, Endymion Cheung, Devon Moscoso, Gniewosz Matul
      and J David Felt . you guys are Early Bird#2 as stated in the Survey, your package is already processed to ship out and you should get tracking in your email once we have done uploading all the shipment information. Thanks for supporting HYPER!

      Hi Shaun, Please contact if you don't see your package soon, USPS
      may not always scan their package for tracking. Thanks for supporting HyperJuice!

    21. Missing avatar

      MK on

      This is such a joke. Get your supply chain management together and send us our orders!

    22. Missing avatar

      Weber Lin on

      Backer #1696 here. Survey filled out. Patiently waiting for updates.....

    23. Missing avatar

      J David Felt on

      I haven't seen anything yet. I am backer #1,691. Survey filled out. Any update?

    24. Missing avatar

      Shaun Budhan on

      I got a UPS tracking number last week that said estimated delivery was Jan 18. When I clicked the details, it only said “label created” ... checked now and it only states “label created” and shipping estimate will update.

      Any idea what’s happening here?

    25. Missing avatar

      Scott Mann on

      @GniewoszMatul I'm 19 behind you. I emailed HYPERSupport last week, and they replied, saying I should expect them to send a tracking number this week, so hopefully any day now.

    26. Missing avatar

      Gniewosz Matul on

      I'm Early Bird backer # 3600 and estimated delivery suppose to bo sometime in Dec. Not received anything from U yet. Can I have buy tracking nr for my package?

    27. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Has anyone received a battery yet? Based on the early bird shipments stated above, someone should have a unit or two, right?

    28. Missing avatar

      Endymion Cheung on

      Hi I am a backer (December shipment) and I haven't receive my tracking numbers yet also, can you please provide me a tracking number as well?

    29. Missing avatar

      Mario Malik on

      I am backer #5253 and have not received any items yet, could you please give me a tracking number for my shipment?

    30. Missing avatar

      Peter M. Belsito on

      Is there any way to check the survey I am backer # 4696 and was expecting to be in the December orders
      Thank you


    31. Missing avatar

      Devon Moscoso on

      Quite sure that the survey has been completed. Was wondering what are expected shipping dates for the DEC 2018 persons?

    32. Missing avatar

      John Acres on

      What survey do I have to fill out to get shipment? I ordered on 10/3.

      Thank you.

    33. VINCENT WU Collaborator on

      Hi Michael, good to see, thanks for the update! your package is should be ready end of Jan/early Feb to ship! Thanks for supporting HyperJuice!

    34. Michael Zerkel on

      Got it, thank you. Do you know when I can expect the shipment?

    35. Michael Zerkel on

      I just checked my email and I do not have anything from you. Can you please resend?

    36. VINCENT WU Collaborator on

      @Michael Zerkel your survey was already completed in Nov when we initially send the survey. I have resent it to your email. Please verify and contact if you should have any questions.

      @Kelly Stinnet Thank you for being one of the early backer, you did pledge for early bird batch 2 which is mentioned in the update and as stated is being processed for shipment! you will received a tracking number once we have it ready.

      Thank you all for supporting HyperJuice!

    37. Michael Zerkel on

      I never received my survey to fill out. I have sent this request before. Obviously I never received my battery. Please respond.

    38. Missing avatar

      Kelly Stinnett

      Backer #2,053...... wouldn’t that qualify as early bird, period? Haven’t received a thing, and, yes, everything has been filled out.
      Please locate ASAP.

    39. VINCENT WU Collaborator on

      @Marcelo Apologize for the delay, I had replied your support email. please check.

      @Erkki Pung As in the update Early Bird Batch #2 is shipping currently, the rest of pledge are still as in the update to start shipping end of JAN

      @John Robert Peters you are part of Early Bird Batch#2 that is processing for shipping now, I have replied your email at support also! Please check!

      @Robert Thomas Moeller We are in progress of shipping out early bird batch#2 as mentioned in the update, your package is still on schedule to be ready by end of month to start shipping also

      @AET I see you have already been helped by one of our staff, I am sorry for delay on our part.

      @Brett Spackman you are also in the third batch as mentioned in the update will be ready by end of month to Feb

      @Rolando Antón your survey was already completed and your reward early bird #2 pledge is processing now for shipping!

      @Shaun Budhan you are part of early bird#2 that is processing now to be shipped out soon. Tracking will be provided to your email once ready.

      Thank you all for supporting HYPERJUICE!

    40. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Schneider on

      How can I cancel it?

    41. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Schneider on

      Same here. I was expecting this because I have some trips booked for Jan and Feb, but no words so far... :(

    42. Erkki Pung on

      Any shipping deadlines would be great yeah. There is no answer about when patch will be shipped, in what shipment my order is in etc. Please share detailed information and deadlines. Like you guys see, people are getting nervous already.

    43. John Robert Peters on

      So when are we supposed to be getting these? I specifically bought them and the extra charger because I'm going on a trip in February.

    44. Missing avatar

      Robert Thomas Moeller on

      Ok starting to worrie about my order.. any way we can get an update on orders?

    45. Missing avatar

      AET on

      Hello, I am backer 3.690 and I completed the survey/confirmed the pledge and even ordered in the survey an additional unit + the AC charger extra. All together you have ** 427,99$ ** of my money since 02nd November 2018. You postponed the shipment few times and now there is even no answers any more from the support. When will I receive my units? Today it is already 15th January 2019. Thank you!

    46. Brett Spackman on

      Hello, I was set for Dec 2018 delivery and I completed the survey. Any update appreciated. Thanks!

    47. Missing avatar

      Rolando Antón on

      Hello, I can't find any survey in my email, can you please review if is still pending on my side or send it again. Thanks.

    48. Missing avatar

      Shaun Budhan on

      I’m wondering the status of my 2 batteries. Thanks!

    49. HYPER by Sanho Corporation 8-time creator on

      @Emile Coleman, I do not see any message from you, our latest update as above states the First batch of early bird have been shipped, and we are now processing the second batch, and the rest will be shipped starting End of Jan to Feb! Please contact if you have additional issue!

      Dear All,

      Please note in our update if you are an early bird #2 with est. shipping of Dec, Your reward is being processed for shipping now!! If you have a Est shipping date of Nov. Please contact with your information so we can check the tracking for you.

      Heiko Lindemann and Erkki Pung your survey have been competed! Thanks!

    50. Missing avatar

      Emile Coleman on

      Please refund my pledge - zero communication and zero confidence in your company and product now.