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Airline safe 27000mAh battery pack with dual USB-C (100W+60W) + 18W USB-A that can quick charge MacBook Pro & any USB-C laptop/device
Airline safe 27000mAh battery pack with dual USB-C (100W+60W) + 18W USB-A that can quick charge MacBook Pro & any USB-C laptop/device
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World's 1st USB-C Hub for iPad Pro - Preview our latest Kickstarter which starts Monday (Dec 10) at 8am U.S. Pacific Time

Posted by HYPER by Sanho Corporation (Creator)

As we begin fulfilling our Kickstarter rewards for the HyperJuice Battery we hope that you will check out our latest Kickstarter project which begins tomorrow (Monday Dec 10) at 8am PST


World’s 1st USB-C Hub specifically designed for the 2018 iPad Pro. Patent pending removable grip that secures 6-in-1 hub.  

Starts Monday (Dec 10 at 8am PST, 11am EST). Get 50% OFF with Kickstarter Early Bird Special. Limited units available at $49 (50% OFF)
Starts Monday (Dec 10 at 8am PST, 11am EST). Get 50% OFF with Kickstarter Early Bird Special. Limited units available at $49 (50% OFF)


Connect HDMI, USB-C Data, MicroSD/SD, USB-A, 3.5mm Audio all while Charging at Full Speed


Specifically Designed for iPad Pro 2018


Patented removable grip that secures hub onto iPad Pro and works with Apple Smart Folio


Available in Space Gray & Silver color aluminum Works with 12.9" and 11" iPad Pro 2018


Get 50% OFF with Kickstarter Early Bird Specials Limited units available at $49 (50% OFF)


Starts Monday (Dec 10 at 8am PST, 11am EST)

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    1. Missing avatar

      Shaun Budhan on

      The Hyperdrive was a great product, but it also shipped late.

      The difference was, I don't recall the Hyperdrive updates including anything to do with their next project. So with all due respect, give us all the updates. good and bad, please be transparent about it.

      Using the updates to promote the new products you're going to offer later, is going to make people lose faith in your startup.

    2. Missing avatar

      George Mathews on

      Stop spamming us with garbage we don't care about and ship our batteries.

    3. Missing avatar

      Pedro Cardoso on

      Please give us a real date and stick to it. I've been waiting for my Hyperjuice battery for-ever. Dec 15th and crickets. Clearly I will not be getting it before 2019 - not what we signed up for. Manage expectations people. Please.

    4. Josh Ostroff on

      If I had, or planned to buy a new iPad Pro, I’d be all over this port, and I sure as heck wouldn’t want Sanho to delay its launch on KS just because the battery shipment is delayed. To do so because of peoples’ feelings would be financially irresponsible in the competitive marketplace for computing accessories. They have other investors too, not to mention supply chain commitments. They are running a business.

      Furthermore, I want the company that sells me something to be successful and even diversified. I want them around for a long time. (I have a Pebble watch to remind me why that’s important.)

      Just my perspective.

    5. Missing avatar

      Lucas Parry on

      How about you hold off spamming us with your next project until you ship the one we've already paid for? This isn't what project updates are for, this is just salt on the wound to see an update email, we get all excited that maybe you finally shipped.... but no, it's just spam about some iPad dock

    6. Glenn Kelly on

      These people go way beyond their pledge goals and I mean way beyond; but, are greedy as hell and never set up reward goals for exceeding their initial minimum to manufacture a product. This is the second time I backed their projects and am drawing the final line in the sand at the HyperJuice which I still have not received and should have been in my hands in November.

      Insuspect their projects are much, much farther down the R&D to Production path and that they are using the pledges for more than putting their products into production. The first project, a dual lightening/USB memory stick only worked 2 times and was worthless after that.

      I also get irratated that tey switch back and forth between IndieGoGo ahd Kickstarter.

      No Juice ... No backing.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jeff Boardman on

      I have to admit if they are going to delay anything delay this new project until you have started shipping. This is either a bad decision or a calculated one (don't care b/c they will make more $ by not waiting and pissing off a handful of current customers)... *shrugs*

    8. Matt Acosta on

      Stop sending us updates shot your new projects when you didn’t even ship one of the usb c batteries.. idiots

    9. Missing avatar

      William Burge on

      Stop trying to sell me NEW stuff when you haven't delivered the stuff I've have already bought and paid for.

      I've been using HyperJuice stuff since they came in multiple colors of aluminum cases.

      Ship my shit, THEN we can talk about new products.

    10. Missing avatar

      Gniewosz Matul on

      Exactly guys. I suppose to receive my battery pack this month and it wasn’t sent yet. Any clue when early birds will get theirs pack?

    11. Yankov Hiu Cho Wong on

      Well, let's talk about this when the one we ordered sent out.