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Missed our Kickstarter to get the "ultimate MacBook Pro 2016/2017 dongle"? Join in the next batch of pre-orders at Indiegogo InDemand!
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Design Improvements

Posted by HYPER by Sanho Corporation (Creator)

Happy Friday!  

Hey Backers, check out the improvements we have made to the new Hyperdrive USB.

Just want to update you with some design improvements that we are making to the HyperDrive.

As mentioned at the start of the Kickstarter campaign, based on user feedback, we will be removing the built-in USB-C cable and making it detachable so that users will be free to use a longer USB-C cable if they wish.  

As a result of removing the built-in cable, we are able to make significant improvements to the design.  

First and foremost, the HyperDrive will be much thinner and sleeker looking now, with the same length, width and design lines as the iPhone X. The charging USB-C port is now moved to the back of the HyperDrive for better cable management when the HyperDrive is used as a standalone wireless charger.  

Enough talk, here is an animation of how the new design will look like.  


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We are continue to make further improvements to the design and will update you as we go along.  

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Thanks and stay tuned for more updates!  



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    1. Adrian Tan on

      Just like many who’s backed this project, i have the hyperdrive too. Mine was really flimsy and kind of wished it had a cable solution with the dual c end instead of fixed dual type c.
      Now the reason I haven’t rushed to back this project is for this reason:
      I can’t attach a 4k type-c display to it and charge my mbp15” touch bar with it at the same time. It would be perfect if I could attach everything to this one device for the convenience of not needing to unplug 4 wires all the time when I need to remove my mbp.

    2. Missing avatar

      Vatsal Asher on

      Am a happy user of the previous hyperdrive .
      - Is the power flow through good enough for a 15” MBP with touch?
      - can you add a carrying pouch? Perhaps for all backers of project meets a stretch goal ?
      - Is the device capable of working as a conduit for Ethernet to USB A for a Mac book air ? These capabilities add a lot to my needs .