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Missed our Kickstarter to get the "ultimate MacBook Pro 2016/2017 dongle"? Join in the next batch of pre-orders at Indiegogo InDemand!
Missed our Kickstarter to get the "ultimate MacBook Pro 2016/2017 dongle"? Join in the next batch of pre-orders at Indiegogo InDemand!
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More than 85% fulfilled

Posted by HYPER by Sanho Corporation (Creator)
Screenshot of BackerKit dashboard as of March 16, 2017
Screenshot of BackerKit dashboard as of March 16, 2017

As of March 16, 2017, we have shipped out rewards to 17,627 backers (which represents >85% fulfillment for this project). From the time of shipping, it will take between 1~3 weeks for your reward to deliver. Please log in to your BackerKit account to obtain the shipment status and tracking link for your reward.

The remaining 1,905 + 49 backers are mostly late backers that backed close to the end of the project and also some backers with sliver color HyperDrive as we ran out of those and will have more next week (our sincere apologies!). We are pushing to clear all remaining backers who have answered their survey by end of next week.

Finally we have 1,118 backers who have yet to answer their survey despite repeated reminders. Surveys are required to obtain shipping addresses and reward color preferences which are necessary for reward fulfillment.

Not seeing much movement with your shipment tracking?

For those whose rewards have shipped but are not seeing much movement with the tracking information. We kindly seek your understanding that this is postal mail, not express courier so the tracking information is not constantly updated to the minute. Postal mail moves between different postal companies in different countries so if the mail man is not diligent in scanning the packages, new tracking information is not updated to the system. We have even seen cases when tracking is only updated after the package is delivered. Delivery typically takes place anywhere between 1-3 weeks from time of shipping. If delivery does not happen after 4 weeks from time of shipping, we will initiate insurance claims.

Having trouble or need help with using the product?

The best way to seek support is to live chat with us at or email us at

Protection for MacBook (and HyperDrive) - 20% OFF ALL iCarbons products with "HYPERDRIVE20" coupon code

Many of you have asked about using HyperDrive with protective snap-on MacBook cases. Unfortunately the way HyperDrive is flushed with the MacBook meant that it will most likely NOT work those cases.

Instead of snap-on cases, we have been recommending protective vinyl stickers like those from


We are happy to announce that we have teamed up with iCarbons to bring a special 20% discount just for our HyperDrive Kickstarter backers.

And now there is even a specially designed iCarbons skin for the HyperDrive so you no longer have to worry about scratches on your HyperDrive or MacBook every again!

HyperDrive with iCarbons skin (many colors/textures available)
HyperDrive with iCarbons skin (many colors/textures available)


HyperDrive with iCarbons skin (many colors/textures available)
HyperDrive with iCarbons skin (many colors/textures available)


HyperDrive with iCarbons skin (many colors/textures available)
HyperDrive with iCarbons skin (many colors/textures available)


MacBook + HyperDrive with iCarbons skin (many colors/textures available)
MacBook + HyperDrive with iCarbons skin (many colors/textures available)


MacBook + HyperDrive with iCarbons skin (many colors/textures available)
MacBook + HyperDrive with iCarbons skin (many colors/textures available)


Now your MacBook can be dongle-free and also enjoy the sleek style and protection of a premium skin. With many colors and finishes to choose from in high-end materials, iCarbons can give you the scratch protection and unique look you want, without the bulk of a case. Made in the USA and in business since 2010, iCarbons delivers high quality, easy-to-install wraps with the best customer service policies around. With both Hyper and iCarbons taking your setup to the next level, you’ll have everything you need to make your MacBook experience even better than Apple could have imagined!

Just use "HYPERDRIVE20" coupon code during checkout at

For your convenience, here are the links to the specific iCarbons skin:

2016 MacBook Pro 13" without Touch Bar
2016 MacBook Pro 13" with Touch Bar
2016 MacBook Pro 15" with Touch Bar



This ends our update for now.

But please check out these other great projects that had helped us when our Kickstarter campaign was live and are continuing to help us with our ongoing Indiegogo pre-order campaign:

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    1. Missing avatar

      Nazhand Zareei on

      Haven't receive mine, suppose to get it mid March but today is April 19th 2017 and still waiting, pledge number is 17563.

      LET ME KNOW, any customer service which I can call and ask?

    2. Missing avatar

      David on

      Paid for the product back in Jan, have not seen a survey nor received any product. Perhaps it went into the spam filter? Would appreciate a reach out to help me get what I paid for. Can't help starting to feel a bit scammed.

    3. Missing avatar

      Li Q Chen on

      Another update, its now the 25th, 25 days since Hyper claimed that mine was shipped. And I still have not received mine.

    4. Missing avatar

      Manoj Bejawar on

      This is scary, please if you can not deliver , then return our money

    5. Peh Pit Chee, Patrick on

      Somebody help me read the status, is that mean i will never received my products... When i will get my products...

      Mar 01, 2017 01:16 pm Information Received (This is not an acknowledgment of the physical receipt of the stated Registered Article)Singapore Post
      Mar 09, 2017 Despatched to overseas
      Mar 13, 2017 08:44 am Arrival at Destination Post (Country: MV)
      Mar 13, 2017 08:44 am Arrival at Processing Center (Country code: VN) Viet Nam
      Mar 13, 2017 08:45 am Attempted/Failed Delivery (Country code: VN) Viet Nam
      Mar 17, 2017 04:30 am Returned from overseas (Country code: MV) Maldives
      Mar 23, 2017 03:04 pm In transit to (ATC)

    6. Stephen Schwerdfeger on

      received mine.... YAY.... HDMI port does NOT work.... BOO. have tested with different monitors and different cables. please advise... what do we do about getting replacements??? do you feel that you are sufficiently testing??? anyone else have dead HDMI port???

    7. Missing avatar

      Christian on

      Why on earth is shipping so slow? Despatched overseas on March 5 and nothing yet or no new info. Never waited so long so a kickstarter.

    8. Dorian Straszewski on

      I received mine but one of the ports is not working!!

    9. Brent Schrader on

      Is there a way to provide a better description of shipping status updates? My last two updates read, "Order departed on flight from origin," and "Order departed from sorting hub." These updates were 6 days apart, and reveal no helpful information. This process has been horribly clumsy and it eroded most of my excitement about the purchase.

    10. Falk Jeromin on

      Mine arrived this weekend in Munich after a short stop at customs. No tax or additional fees, i've found it simply in my postbox with customs clearance.

    11. William Ward on

      @Li Q Chen agree... My tracking now says "Returned from overseas".
      3 weeks have passed. Looks like im not getting it via the post.

    12. Missing avatar

      Li Q Chen on

      To be frank, who these days still use postal service to deliver online purchases? Everything I have bought online, whether ebay or amazon or some other store, ship their products in days and not weeks.

      According to your email, my order was shipped on 1st March from HK to Australia, today is the 17th and it is still some where between HK and Australia. The tracking site is useless, doesn't get updated and doesn't give estimate.

      You may have created a good product, but your delivery service leaves a lot to be desired.

    13. Tuan Tran on

      For those who had theirs shipped and delivered. Mine shows it got to the U.S on the 12th but then it stops tracking. Can anyone confirm how long before it gets directly to you?

    14. Fehu Chen on

      Mine still shows 'ready to ship'...and I'm 100% sure I'm not late backers or with silver color. Please help...

    15. Missing avatar

      Gustav Kjellin on

      I was a backer in the 1300s. Received one HyperDrive last week, even though I ordered the double HyperDrive Early Bird. Sent an email about this last week, but I'm yet to receive an answer. Please answer!

    16. Missing avatar

      Dominik on

      Well, are all of the units shipped from Sudan? Mine is stuck with customs because it lacked the paper for international shipping from outside the EU. It was meant to be shipped to Germany.

      Have I missed something, I thought this was being shipped from inside the EU? Who can I contact for to solve this? I already sent Santo an email.

    17. Missing avatar

      David DeCoste on

      Maybe I missed the memo, but I received my HyperDrive today and wasn't excited to find it doesn't work with my snap case. Was that disclaimer anywhere? Oh well, guess I'll have to buy a $30 I Carbon sticker instead. And my HyperDrive e-mails claims they struck a deal with Carbon for 20% off? That 20% off exists on the iCarbon site regardless. Just a vent.

    18. Kevin J. Liao on

      Hey can you check on mice shipping status
      I don't see my shipment, thanks

    19. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    20. Ran on

      Yeah I saw some people using theirs and I was jealous.

      I see mine was finally shipped after showing "info sent" for two weeks.

    21. Missing avatar

      Charles Patrick Long

      According to Kickstarter I was backer 16053 and you've shipped 17627, but my survey says still "Ready to Ship". So mine has not shipped?

    22. Paula on

      I appreciate the update and will continue to wait patiently.

    23. Missing avatar

      Steven Due on

      Yea, my backer number is in the 1400's and I still don't have mine!!!!!

    24. Missing avatar

      Kyle Klabunde on

      Mine still shows 'ready to ship'.