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Missed our Kickstarter to get the "ultimate MacBook Pro 2016/2017 dongle"? Join in the next batch of pre-orders at Indiegogo InDemand!
Missed our Kickstarter to get the "ultimate MacBook Pro 2016/2017 dongle"? Join in the next batch of pre-orders at Indiegogo InDemand!
20,680 backers pledged $1,842,141 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Schedule

Posted by HYPER by Sanho Corporation (Creator)


All surveys have been sent out via email by If you have not received your survey email, please check your junk email folder. If you still cannot find it, please send us a private message via Kickstarter and we will send you a private link to your survey. A completed survey is necessary in order for us to fulfill your Kickstarter reward.

Kickstarter Backer Number vs Backerkit Number

Kickstarter Backer Number is a unique running number (starting from 1) assigned to you (the backer) at the moment when you back a particular project (e.g. HyperDrive). The earlier you back, the smaller your Kickstarter Backer Number.

Backerkit Number is also a unique running number (starting from 1) assigned in the order of when you complete your Backerkit survey. The earlier you complete the survey, the smaller your Backerkit Number.

For the purpose of Kickstarter reward fulfillment, we are ONLY referring to the Kickstarter Backer Number, meaning we ship out rewards on a "first come first serve" basis, the earlier you back, the earlier your shipment is going out. Early bird rewards will also ship before regular non early bird rewards.

How to find your Kickstarter Backer Number

+ Click your profile at the top of right side. 
+ Click the “Backer history” to see your pledge for HyperDrive project. 
+ Click the “+” button with blue circle to see the specific information.
+ Check your Kickstarter backer number.

Tentative Shipping Schedule

We have been busy manufacturing the rewards. We are happy to announce that the current plan is to ship out ALL the HyperDrive Kickstarter rewards by this month (February 2017).

+ This week (starting today), 3,000 units will be shipped out
+ Next week (around February 20), 7,000 units will be shipped out
+ Following week (around February 28), 16,000 units will be shipped out

You will receive a shipment tracking number via email once your reward is shipped.

Unfortunately we do not have a way of telling you where you are in the queue or giving anyone a more specific ship date, but we are doing our best to get all the rewards out by February. We thank you for your understanding and patience!



This ends our update for now. 

But please check out these other great projects that had helped us when our Kickstarter campaign was live and are continuing to help us with our ongoing Indiegogo pre-order campaign:

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    1. Antonino Nicolò on

      No survey received !!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Kim han-gi on

      No survey received, check plz

    3. Missing avatar

      Akshay Vij on

      i see that this dock does 4k@30Hz on hdmi.

      1) is the hdmi 2.0 and hdcp 2.2?
      2) is there a future version of this product that will do 4k@60Hz on hdmi?

    4. Missing avatar

      Barış Sönmez on

      No survey received!!!!!

    5. Eiren O'Keeffe on

      Likewise - sub 500 but not had any notification regarding shipping, even though I've completed the survey. I trust this is simply a sign that they've got their hands full getting everything out the door and mine may turn up shortly! :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Sean Fagan on

      I've a backer number less than 500 and have not gotten any shipping information.

    7. Missing avatar

      Travis Horne on

      Well done on timely information dissemination. Those of you wondering, unless you;'re in the first 3000 or so, you're likely not to have a tracking number. That's because they will ship yours later. Read their previous message. I'm backer 4700 or so, and I know that it'll be at least next week before I get my tracking number. This is some great communication, Sanho!

    8. Jest

      Shipping schedule looks great! Good luck.

    9. Missing avatar

      Elyssa Rae on

      Great communication. Thank you!

    10. Ken S. Kotch

      @creator when are you locking down surveys? I am backer 1764 and assume my hub will be in the first batch but addresses are not locked down.
      Looking forward to it.

    11. Ken S. Kotch

      Those of you who cannot find their survey, go to and enter your email. You will get a new link sent.

    12. Missing avatar

      Craig Barrow on

      Hello, I've not received my email either. Back number 6,154.


    13. Missing avatar

      Stephen on

      Can you resend my survey to my email? I never received it, checked junk mail, etc... Backer #14,251... Thanks

    14. Missing avatar

      Karel Santiago on

      Will we get notified or get sent a tracking number when it ships?

    15. Missing avatar

      Dagget on

      Could resend my survey to my email please, checked my junk mail and it's not in there. Backer # 10.545
      Thank you.

    16. Christopher Schroeder on

      Could resend my survey to my email please, checked my junk mail and it's not in there. Backer # 4063
      Thank you.

    17. Josh Yates on

      Woo-hoo! You guys know how to Kickstart. Looking forward to the adapter!

    18. Matt Combes on

      I should be in that first batch of 3,000 going out today, so looking forward to getting my tracking info and HyperDrive soon!

    19. Jennifer Marie Newell on

      How cool! Between me and my boyfriend, we've backed two of the projects you've listed and of course this one. We will check out the others.

      Is it still correct that if we ordered an additional HyperDrive, that all of if ships in March?

      Excited to use this! Thank you!