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Missed our Kickstarter to get the "ultimate MacBook Pro 2016/2017 dongle"? Join in the next batch of pre-orders at Indiegogo InDemand!
Missed our Kickstarter to get the "ultimate MacBook Pro 2016/2017 dongle"? Join in the next batch of pre-orders at Indiegogo InDemand!
20,680 backers pledged $1,842,141 to help bring this project to life.

Surveys are going out

Posted by HYPER by Sanho Corporation (Creator)

Thank you for your patience. We just received payment and the final backer list from Kickstarter. With that, we can finally send out the surveys to collect product color and shipping address information.

The survey will be sent by BackerKit ( in batches over the next 48 hours by alphabetical order of your Kickstarter username.

At the point of writing, we have already sent out 15,000 surveys with the remaining coming later today or early tomorrow.

Obviously we can only ship out your reward after we receive your survey so please complete your survey as soon as you get it.



This ends our update for now.

But please check out these other great projects that had helped us when our Kickstarter campaign was live and are continuing to help us with our ongoing Indiegogo pre-order campaign:

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    1. Missing avatar

      Stephen on

      Please advise us of your expected freight timing. Delays are acceptable and expected however, no advice is difficult to understand. Further, I requested a tax invoice five times through various channels and have had no response. Like many (I assume), this was purchased to fulfil a professional need. As such the expense needs to be accounted for appropriately. Many thanks.

    2. Si Mon on

      I haven't received any survey...Can you please send me mine? Thanks

    3. Missing avatar

      Songkiat on

      I haven't received any survey neither. Please let me know when you have a plan to send stuff to me?

    4. Missing avatar

      Piotr Chmielewski on

      Hi guys, can U pls share what shipping service will be used and when you will send out the stuff. I've already responded to survey 10 days ago but still haven't got any confirmation of sending my ultimate 2016 MacBook Pro dongle.

    5. Missing avatar

      Alexander Kemnik on

      I haven't received a survey since then and wasn't it done within 48 hours?

    6. Missing avatar

      Petra Marková on

      Hello, I haven't received any surveys. I have checked all my junk mail and it is not there. Could you please check why this has happened?

    7. Missing avatar

      Muhammad Saad on

      I haven't received a survey yet and wasn't it done within 48 hours?

    8. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Dreßel on

      @Sam B Kim: It stated pretty clearly on the page you could order additional units that extra items would move the shipping date back to March.

    9. Giuseppe Viola on

      I haven't received any survey neither.

    10. Maya Pillai on

      I haven't received a survey yet

    11. CJ Johnson on

      Can I also add something I just thought of? It would be really cool if a future version had some kind of small USB-C Male to USB-C Female extension cable, for those of us who use bulky cases on our macbooks.

    12. Nigel J

      @Zed. It is not necessary to create an account, the link you will be sent will link you to a version pre-configured with your Kickstarter reward. When you have completed it you will be sent an email with a new link which you can use if you need to make changes.

    13. Sam B Kim on

      Added a device and now my shipment is moved to march. I'll be okay with that but I've read every update and never saw that before hand. I think that should have been clearer.

    14. Zed on

      do we need to create an account in backerkit?

    15. Missing avatar

      Grady Daniels on

      Is there any way that we can get an estimated time of arrival for the project once we have filled out the survey?

    16. Missing avatar

      Alyssa Argento on

      @Jinwoong - Kickstarter takes payment as soon as the project finishes and is successfully funded, so you're payment will have already been taken (unless you received an email informing you otherwise).

      There is no need to enter your payment details into BackerKit unless you want to add additional items, such as an extra HyperDrive, on top of what you initially backed and paid for.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jinwoong on

      This is my first time using kickstarter so I'm a little bit confused about payment. Do I also need to enroll payment info in BackerKit? Or if I already have a payment info in Kickstarter, am I all set? Will it be automatically paid in Kickstarter after everything is done?

    18. Hitankar Ray on

      What shipping service will be used?

    19. Gurmeet Singh Sethi on

      How do i fill out a survey?

    20. CJ Johnson on

      Survey filled out! I'm well looking forward to getting this! What kinda timeframe are we looking at?