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Update #2

COMIC FINISHED + Early backer rewards!

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Hyper Hi!

We're proud to announce the first chapter of the Hyper Heroes comic is finished and up at! You can read it NOW!

To celebrate it, we're starting our Hall of Fame on December 17th, 2012! This means we'll publish our first backers' Hyper Hero characters next Monday!

In other words; If you back for any reward that includes a place in the Hyper Hero Hall ($25 and up), you get your Hyper Hero published on Monday, December 17th, whether the project succeeds or not! 

And this of course includes current backers! 

All you have to do is back the project for any reward $25 and above, and send us your Hyper Hero profile before Monday! 

Your Hyper Hero profile should include: 

1. A photo, line portrait or other likeness of you (or the person you want the character based on).  

2. The character's "real name" (can be your REAL real name or any "real name" you want the character to have.) 

3. A description of the real-life personal strengths, qualities, quirks and/or flaws you want the character to display. We may omit negative/ inappropriate qualities, or ask you for positive ID before lampooning the character's flaws (i.e., we won't bully anybody unless they expressly ask for it!) 

A few days after we get your profile (the exact time will depend on how many backers reply to this update), we'll get back at you with a sketch for your approval! Once approved by you, we'll publish your character in our website's Hyper Hero Hall, where s/he will remain until the end of time, whether we hit the goal or not! 

Ready to make Hyper Hero History?


    1. 403202_10150532495750812_1690036450_n.small

      Creator Juan C. "Obal" Álvarez on December 19, 2012

      Great news!! We have extended the deadline for this early backer reward INDEFINITELY! That means, anyone that backs the project for a $25 or higher reward and then sends us their profile gets their Hyper Hero Hall character no matter the date!

      So send your profiles, people!



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    READER KIT: To being with, all backers get free digital access to EVERY comic in our website, including digital copies of all upcoming Hyper Heroes comics! that's right! Help us start this, and you get a lifetime digital suscription to all Hyper Heroes comics! Plus your name gets recognized as a backer in our website and social networks!

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    DIGITAL KIT: All pledges $5 and above get a premium account at the Hyper Heroes website, including exclusive access to the Create Your Hyper Hero Application! This in addition to free access to all our digital content! How cool is that?

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    HALL OF FAME KIT: NEW special offer! Since Hyper Heroes is about turning our readers into our heroes, we're letting 50 more backers become official Hyper Heroes! Send us a photo and short bio as per the HYPER KIT ($100 pledge), and we'll create a Hyper Hero for you, also with their own powers and personal data! This character will be listed at the HYPER HERO HALL of fame in the website! Even better; this benefit automatically applies to all pledges above this level! So, if you want to be a Hyper Hero, this is where to start! And if you already pledged more than $25, you've already got it!

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    FAN KIT: All pledges $25 and above get a 40' x 28' art print of any of the downloadable wallpapers from our website! So yes, you get to pick your own Hyper Heroes poster! This, of course, in addition to the full digital kit!

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    HERO KIT: This is the one we want you to have. All pledges $50 and above earn PRINTED, perfect-bound copies of the first two Hyper Heroes volumes (56 pages each)! And of course, you also get the complete Fan kit (art print + free digital content)! What else could you want?

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    HYPER KIT: Oh, you DO want more? So what about this: Pledge $100 or more and you can send us a photo with your short bio, and we'll send you an exclusive trading card of you as a Hyper Hero, complete with a sketch, powers and an origin story!! Your character will then become an official member of the Hyper Heroes, appearing in the Hyper Hero Hall of fame at our website until the end of time! This, of course, in addition to your printed comics, art print and digital content!

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    ILLUSTRATED HYPER KIT: Give us $300 or more and you will receive the Hyper Kit as above (printed comic and exclusive trading card included), plus you get to commission an original color drawing of anything you wish (within reason) from the talented artists of Hyper Heroes! See yourself or a friend as a Hyper Hero, or simply tell our artists what's on your mind and we'll put it on paper if we can!

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    HYPER HERO KIT: From here on things get serious. 40 lucky backers that pledge $500 or more will receive the complete Hyper Kit (printed comic, art print, digital content and exclusive trading card), PLUS you get to appear in the comic as a speaking character! Yes, your Hyper Hero will get the spotlight in the comic at least ONE time (maybe more if we like your Hyper Hero a lot)!

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    HYPER COMIC KIT: If all the previous rewards were not enough, 10 lucky backers may pledge $2000 or more to get an exclusive custom 8-page comic book. It works like this: You get the full Hyper Kit (printed comic, exclusive custom trading card, poster, Hyper Hero Hall official membership) and THEN we make an 8-page comic starring your Hyper Hero (the one on your trading card). This is a unique, custom comic entirely drawn and written FOR you and nobody else! You can let us do the script, or tell us what you want to happen in the story. Your choice! This, in addition to at least one speaking part at some point in the official comic series (as per the Hyper Hero Kit)! If you ever dreamed of reading a superhero comic starring you, this is your chance!

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    ULTIMATE HYPER HERO KIT: We said it before - We want our readers to be the stars of our comic. So, we are offering the ultimate comic book reward: 3 VERY lucky backers pledging $5000 or more will become permanent, official characters of the Hyper Hero universe. That's right, your character will become a full member of the Hyper Heroes team! You will be one of the main characters in Volume II of the comic book, and fight evil alongside the rest of the gang. This in addition to at least a couple of speaking parts in future volumes, and an eternal place in the Hyper Hero Hall of fame! Of course we'll also be sending you the printed comics, art print and custom trading card, but at this point we know you won't really care about that part - You'll already be a full-fledged Hyper Hero!!

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