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$4,619 pledged of $25,000 goal
By Juan C. "Obal" Álvarez
$4,619 pledged of $25,000 goal

COMIC FINISHED + Early backer rewards!

Hyper Hi!

We're proud to announce the first chapter of the Hyper Heroes comic is finished and up at http://www.hyperheroes.com/comic-chapter1! You can read it NOW!

To celebrate it, we're starting our Hall of Fame on December 17th, 2012! This means we'll publish our first backers' Hyper Hero characters next Monday!

In other words; If you back for any reward that includes a place in the Hyper Hero Hall ($25 and up), you get your Hyper Hero published on Monday, December 17th, whether the project succeeds or not! 

And this of course includes current backers! 

All you have to do is back the project for any reward $25 and above, and send us your Hyper Hero profile before Monday! 

Your Hyper Hero profile should include: 

1. A photo, line portrait or other likeness of you (or the person you want the character based on).  

2. The character's "real name" (can be your REAL real name or any "real name" you want the character to have.) 

3. A description of the real-life personal strengths, qualities, quirks and/or flaws you want the character to display. We may omit negative/ inappropriate qualities, or ask you for positive ID before lampooning the character's flaws (i.e., we won't bully anybody unless they expressly ask for it!) 

A few days after we get your profile (the exact time will depend on how many backers reply to this update), we'll get back at you with a sketch for your approval! Once approved by you, we'll publish your character in our website's Hyper Hero Hall, where s/he will remain until the end of time, whether we hit the goal or not! 

Ready to make Hyper Hero History?


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    1. Juan C. "Obal" Álvarez Creator on December 19, 2012

      Great news!! We have extended the deadline for this early backer reward INDEFINITELY! That means, anyone that backs the project for a $25 or higher reward and then sends us their profile gets their Hyper Hero Hall character no matter the date!

      So send your profiles, people!