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World Cup radial bracket for soccer-obsessed designers. Pledges will fund printing of a 5 color poster. Pledges of $25 or more will get a print!
230 backers pledged $7,312 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Update

Posted by Deroy Peraza (Creator)

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to let you know that we've just processed the first batch of shipping. About half of you have taken care of shipping payment and your posters will be shipped over the next day or two from the printer in Boston.

Those of you who haven't taken care of shipping options yet, please take a minute to take care of shipping options so we can get you your posters. We're excited to get them into your hands.

All the best,


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    1. Deroy Peraza 2-time creator on

      On the project description page we mentioned that shipping information would be taken care of after the pledging process. Kickstarter does not provide a method for collecting payment for shipping which is why we had to do this separately. We apologize for the inconvenience of the two step process, but we didn't see any other way of doing it.

      The idea of including a shipping fee in pledges would have been unfair. We had no way of knowing when this process began whether the campaign would be successful, how many backers there would be or where those backers would be located. We expected many backers to be based in New York, which is where we are based. There are about 35, and these backers can choose to pick the posters up from our studio, avoiding a shipping fee all together, so it didn't make sense to make them pay for shipping ahead of time. Another issue is that we had no idea how much shipping would cost. The volume of packages affects the shipping fee because we are working with a fulfillment service. The per item cost of sending out 200 tubes is lower than sending out 10. Yet another factor is that we had no idea how many backers would be international and where they would be. International locations vary in postage cost. We needed to know what our range of international addresses was before coming up with a flat international shipping price. All in all there were several factors that led to waiting to collect shipping until after the project was complete. Unless purchasing goods from a massive operation like Amazon that can afford to swallow shipping fees, shipping fees are a reality of almost every product purchased on the web. The shipping fee is not marked up. It is going directly to the fulfillment service. At $9 for 200 domestic shipments and $12 for 30 international, the total shipping bill is over $2000.

      We sincerely apologize if this was not stated clearly enough in our project description and are very thankful for your support in helping us make this a successful project.

    2. The Innkeepers on

      Surprice? I have to pay for the shipping? WTF?