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World Cup radial bracket for soccer-obsessed designers. Pledges will fund printing of a 5 color poster. Pledges of $25 or more will get a print!
World Cup radial bracket for soccer-obsessed designers. Pledges will fund printing of a 5 color poster. Pledges of $25 or more will get a print!
230 backers pledged $7,312 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Matt Chaput on

      Selected my shipping option, payed my $12, but haven't received jack yet. Nice to know that the "vast majority" have received their posters, though. I'm sure you weren't intending to make us feel bad ;) Sigh...

    2. Michael Mulvey on

      Deroy - although I sent my shipping payment to you guys, I still havent received my poster. Any status? Thanks.

    3. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    4. Missing avatar

      Andrew Thomson on

      Hey, I paid shipping through paypal on Aug. 18th. When should I expect the delivery?

      (Customer service is fun, isn't it? ha)

    5. Missing avatar

      jorge ruvalcaba on

      Hi Deroy
      I haven't received my poster, do you have a tracking number??
      /thanks, j

    6. Deroy Peraza 2-time creator on

      Thank you Sarah!

    7. Sarah Stone on

      Just wanted to say that I absolutely love my poster! What a fantastic way to remember the 2010 Cup. I look forward to explaining the significance of the World Cup to people through the poster hanging up in my house. Great job!

    8. Deroy Peraza 2-time creator on

      A quick reminder to those of you who haven't received your posters yet. Make sure you choose a shipping option here:

    9. Nic Miranda on

      I still haven't received my poster. Also, I paid $25, did that include shipping?

    10. Rosa on

      mine hasnt arrived yet and will like to know what is going on, it has been almost four weeks

    11. Jeva Lange on

      Has anyone received their posters yet? Mine hasn't come in the mail and I'm starting to worry that something's up...:(

    12. Missing avatar

      diana popowycz on

      the shipping to stephen honer is under my husbands name and my order was under diana popowycz
      just to avoid and potential confusion:) thanks my soccer playing/loving son is really looking forward to this poster

    13. Missing avatar

      sam wright on

      any way I can send $25 more and get a second poster put into the same shipping tube? I know its last minute and probably not...just thought I's ask.


    14. Deroy Peraza 2-time creator on

      Carla, it will look pretty much like what you see here. Five colors refers to CMYK + a silver spot color. CMYK is the standard 4 color ink process used to print full color images. The fifth color, silver, is a premixed metallic ink that will printed instead of grey.
      Thanks for the support!

    15. Missing avatar

      Carla on

      I love this piece! I'm excited about seeing the final product. I'm giving the poster to my brother for his birthday, but his birthday is tomorrow and I'm wondering if I printed out the pic from the main page to show him what he will be getting, how close that will be to the final what does it mean by "5 colors"? Thanks!

    16. Missing avatar

      Travis on

      P.S... I know the balls for this cup were horrific, but it may be a nice touch...

    17. Missing avatar

      Travis on

      I quite like the PDF idea. Have you considered putting the official match balls somewhere on the poster? I know there are usually two - one for the matches and one for the final. Shipping costs?

    18. Kevin Perko on

      I'd like to second the comment about doing one of these for every world cup - I think some sort of time-series for a specific country and their world cup success or failure would be interesting.

    19. Jason VanLue on

      Shipping costs? Included or extra?

    20. Missing avatar

      Todd Grunow on

      For the previous World Cups, I suggest a world map with your circular bracket design over the location where the final game was played. It would be a big map, but very cool!

    21. Deroy Peraza 2-time creator on

      The pdf is an interesting idea. Let me give that one some thought.

    22. Deroy Peraza 2-time creator on

      It will be printed sustainably! This is where it will be printed:

      We've worked with them for years and they do excellent work.

    23. Jeanine Delay on

      BTW, could we just get a PDF for a smaller pledge, something like $10?

    24. Jeanine Delay on

      Excellent design! Would be great if you would consider printing the poster sustainably, i.e. on 100% recycled stock and using another color instead of silver.

    25. nuthinking on

      You should do it also for the previous cups, as it looks like someone else suggested. This year has been pretty poor for many bigs. I would buy the 2006 ;)

    26. Missing avatar

      Joe Thibault on

      Will you be including the PK scores?

    27. Missing avatar

      Gavin Hamill on

      Good stuff :) I appreciate the outline of South Africa is probably not recognised by many people, so it's a good opportunity to fix that. If you need to identify it more clearly, there's always the vuvuzela :)

    28. Deroy Peraza 2-time creator on

      Great comment. This is something I'm aware of and was planning to update. I'm working on anotherpiece that compiles the history of all 19 world cups which will include a consistent identity set for all the tournaments. The logo ontheposter will be updated before it goes to press.

    29. Missing avatar

      Gavin Hamill on

      Em, that's not a graphic of South Africa :) it'd be like using a graphic of the whole of Europe for the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

    30. Greg Bauer on

      This is a great idea! The layout is a great way to represent all the different Groups. ESPN's World Cup site was dreadfully useless...

    31. Deroy Peraza 2-time creator on

      I would love to! It had actually occurred to me. I'll give it some thought so its feasible to print them. I'll let you know what I come up with. Thanks for the suggestion and for the pledge!

    32. Missing avatar

      Emily on

      Could you do one of these for every World Cup? It would be a beautiful series.

    33. Deroy Peraza 2-time creator on

      That's in there. The teams in the group ring are organized by rank and labeled 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, etc.

    34. Missing avatar

      Albert Urshansky on

      i think it goes, left to right with 1st place on the left within the group.

    35. Rich Williams on

      Hey Deroy,

      Adding the scores is a great idea, I was thinking something similar, how do I know USA was first place in its bracket above England? would love to see that as well...