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Stylish & Sustainable Bamboo Protection for your Apple iPad 2, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.
........ Made in the USA - √ ........
Stylish & Sustainable Bamboo Protection for your Apple iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. —Made in the USA —
Stylish & Sustainable Bamboo Protection for your Apple iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. —Made in the USA —
376 backers pledged $45,901 to help bring this project to life.

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Good Morning Kickstarter!!  As of right now, we are 163% funded with just under 1 full day remaining on our project!  Thank you for all the great comments and stories you have shared with us... I have finally caught up on every message!

If you’ve pledged onto the team, we’re already working hard towards fulfilling cases!  Lance and I are currently in San Francisco delivering cases to two of our $499 pledgers who requested the personal delivery service.  We have had a great time catching up with the team at and another very good friend who lured us out to party with him.

If you haven’t pledged and want to come aboard, don’t go to bed today without pledging... otherwise it’ll all be over and we will both be sad.

We are now officially offering the option of LASER ENGRAVING for your cases.  $10 gets your name or simple slogan on a case, $20 puts your reasonably sized logo/graphic on the case.  I have polled everyone who has been interested in laser engraving and these are the two prices that seem acceptable with those that have been interested in adding a personal touch to their case.  Unfortunately we have not hit our #K999 goal to offer free laser engraving, but we did pretty good!!  (Next case pledged is #K409).

We’ve been really blown away with how great the laser engraving looks.  The video above shows two examples of two engravings and below are a couple more pictures of what a name or logo could look like!  The font we are using for text is Politica, which really shines and matches the overall branding of Blackbox Case.  Below is an example of a logo on our first 11" MacBook Air Case!

IMPORTANT:  If you have any interest at all in laser engraving your case, we REALLY need you to confirm your pledge amount and adjust it!  I'm trying to confirm with Kickstarter on whether or not you can change your pledge amount after our funding period has ended... but to be certain please adjust for your engravings NOW.  We do not need to know what you want engraved on your case right now... but we do need you to account for it!  Plus - this will really help control the craziness :)

DOUBLE IMPORTANT:  If we are shipping your case outside of the USA... please be sure you have included your $10 for Canadian shipping and $15 for International shipping to your pledge!  This is VERY important for those of you who want to receive your case.  A lot of people have already done this... and it is very easy to do.  Simply go to your account and click on "Manage Pledge" and adjust the pledge to the correct amount. When you get to the Manage Pledge page, type in the total pledge amount including your shipping and/or laser engraving and make sure your reward is selected correctly below.

Here is a summary!

+$10 for Canadian shipping
+$15 for international shipping
+$10 for laser engraved NAME
+$20 for laser engraved LOGO (we will need a grayscale high quality graphics file)

Please try to adjust your funding when you get a chance today!  We are very excited to fulfill your orders and thankful to everyone who has pledged into making our Bamboo Blackbox Case project a huge success!!  

If you haven't done so already - Family us on facebook ( and share your unboxings and adventures with your cases with us!  We have surprises and prises for the most creative unboxing photo and video!

THANK YOU again for making this project a huge success!  Once our time runs out - We will be able to create a survey to acquire your shipping addresses and case types.  So if you haven't decided on Natural Bamboo or Carbonized Brown... it's almost time to make your decision!

Rock on! - Greg Hydle

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Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Hello Friends!  We just want to wish you all a happy holiday weekend here in the USA.  Cheers to BBQs beers and sharing time with our friends and family. You will soon have a new member of the family to share these occasions with!

If you know someone who is waiting on the fence for a reason to back us... here is their incentive.  Next pledge receives case #K191 — Free iPad 2 Case for whoever pledges for case #K200.

Happy Labor Day from Blackbox Case!

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2 Weeks Left + 2 Minute Unboxing

Hello backers!  Here is a quick video introducing you to the 13" MacBook Pro Bamboo Blackbox Case. 

I apologize for not showing you the back side where the rubber feet are because we do want to highlight on how comfortable our cases are to use as a stand for your laptop - while your working on your lap!  

AUP - ALWAYS USE PROTECTION:  I've been using my 17" case for a couple months and last week I tried to go back to the way I previously used my laptop while working on the go and I can't even describe how uncomfortable it was.  Gone are the days of generating all that heat around your *you know what* and say goodbye to pillow stacking your machine! (which you should never do due to horrible air circulation needed to cool your computer).  The dual bamboo surface of your Blackbox Case provides an excellent and stable platform for you to work comfortably while protecting your family jewels :)  We honestly can't stress enough about this added feature built into every case and believe it is worth way more then just the case itself.  

DRIVE FOR FUNDING:  Thank you for all the feedback on the laser engraving.  Once we reach our funding goal we will announce the added options for personalizing your case... But please realize that we have not quite reached our funding goal yet.  We have another $7,000 to raise in the next 14 days - so please take a minute and share our project with your friends who you know would like to join our family.  It only takes 2 seconds to *like* our video from the project home or to shoot out a quick tweety bird.  Every little bit helps and we still have some iPad 2 Cases priced at $79 which is a fantastic deal and will never happen again!  We appreciate all your support.

GIVEAWAYS:  The next case pledged receives case #K173 - which means we are just over 25 pledges away until we give away another iPad 2 Case for case #K200!  If I haven't spoken to you personally and you would like to quickly inform us which type of bamboo you would like your case to be... please just message me or leave it in the comments.  If your wondering who is more popular... Carbonized Bamboo is severely outnumbering Natural Bamboo - which makes us really *like* our Natural Bamboo even more!

Thanks again for all the help and positive feedback.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

[Family us on Facebook]

Rock on!



Today at 9:22am (Golden Time) we officially crossed into the 5 digit pledge level and we were just over 5 days into or campaign!  We feel that adding that extra digit between $9,999 and $10,000 is a huge milestone for us and we appreciate all your support.

We were so excited we had a $10,000 funding party today!

Don't worry about those china / ikea cases... they are not the ones you are going to receive in the mail - hehe.  But we do want to announce that our 13" MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs are in development and are the first to receive CNC "Bessie" testing and treatment.  We are NOT waiting for time to expire or until we hit our funding goal to start making this project a reality.  Our goal is to ship your case as soon as possible once funding has been received and we are thankful to Bill (owner of Bessie) for allowing us to pre-program when he has some available free time (aka - before we can pay him:)

On another note - Congratulations to Charity who At 9:52am pledged for 13" MacBook Air case... which ended up being unique case #K100 and she receives our first iPad 2 case giveaway!  Charity - we have messaged you so please get back to us so we can get your iPad 2 case into your hands as quickly as possible.

We will be giving away another free iPad 2 Bamboo Blackbox Case at #K200... and will try our best to keep you posted so you can share with your friends and family as to when that will be.  Either way - there are still some great deals available so we really do appreciate you sharing and getting behind our goal of creating the best looking and most useful laptop case in the world.  Your support has been nothing short of amazing!

Rock on! 

Greg Hydle