by Slingshot

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    1. Susan Witterick

      Manchester please!

    2. grant harvey on

      Manchester would be great

    3. Missing avatar

      David McGonigle on


      I'm not sure how your biodata works, but by restricting yourself to heartbeat data here you're going to give a massive boost to folks that just happen to have a lower HR in the first place - or those that are massively CV fitter - and the geeks that want to play this aren't necessarily in the latter camp! How about doing some GSR wireless monitoring - that's a decent stress indicator that is independent of overall fitness?

    4. Slingshot Creator on

      Thanks for the feedback David. Of course every player will have different fitness levels and their own unique biology. We'll be adjusting for this during a pre-game initialisation process. Also, it is interesting to note that fit people generally have higher peak heart rates. Fitness is better measured by how quickly the heart returns to resting after effort, rather than resting HR value alone.

    5. Missing avatar

      David McGonigle on

      Hi there - so you'll do some kind of normalisation session - perhaps with some quick strenuous exercise - to act as a scaling factor for each participant? I'm interested in the mechanics of how these things will work, so do please feel free to geek out and get all Basil Exposition if you're able!

    6. Lis Wilson on

      Glasgow would be a good option - thought 2.8 hours later was really well received up here.