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A wireless headset without speakers? Discover how Sound Band can open your ears...
3,982 backers pledged $547,125 to help bring this project to life.

Project history and status as of today

Posted by Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. (Creator)

Dear fellow backers,

I am writing this message, against the advise of my counterparts/legal etc, as an advocate for all backers who have been duped by fraudulent campaigns. I am sick and tired of people going onto Kickstarter, making false claims, taking peoples hard earned money, and not delivering on promises, just as much as all of you. Granted some campaigns have difficulties, delays, and even legitimately fail for many valid reasons. So how will we ever know the truth and moreover what is the case for this project??? RESEARCH and the FACTS!!!. I have spent many hours making phone calls, pulling financials, following leads, conducting numerous conversations with individuals close to this project and feel I can give a definitive evaluation of the SoundBand project from start to finish based on real facts. Before I give my findings let me list my criteria for evaluating the project.

1.) Who are the original creators?

2.) Who is still involved in the project?

3.) What led to the project delay or failure?

4.) What are existing creators backgrounds?

5.) How are existing creators compensated?

6.) How much capital have existing creators injected into the project?

7.) Do existing creators have loans that supported the project success?

8.) What contractors, vendors, designers, engineers etc. are involved?

9.) What do projects of this type generally cost and how does that compare to this project?

10.) Based on the facts is the project viable?

11.) What is the actual cost to manufacture a soundband?

12.) What is the actual status of the project today?

I understand not all backers may see this update since it could be pulled from the site at anytime, but here are the facts. I also understand it has been a long time since updates, but I only wanted to provide backers with valuable information. You were going to receive either a message of success or one of failure. YOU BE THE JUDGE!

The original creators of this project were Ryan Wells, Meagan Wells, Marty Stevenson, and Joseph Thiel. Ryan, Meagan, and Marty were mainly running the soundband project and prepared the Kickstarter campaign materials. This is indicated in the corporate documents related to the project. Thiel was running the Hybra Energy Lighting division and had minimal over-site of either soundband or Kickstarter campaign, at the time of the launch. In fact, Thiel and investors suggested not offering the project and felt it was a mistake. At the time of the launch, Marty and Meagan were employed by Hybra, Stevenson $85,000/yr. and Meagan $50,000/yr., and Joe and Ryan were fully employed by alternative sources unrelated to Soundband. Thiel and Wells have never been compensated by Hybra and Thiel or his related companies have never received any compensation from Hybra or the Kickstarter campaign PERIOD!. Once the campaign was successful, Hybra hired one full time electrical engineer who remained employed by the company until the end of 2014. He was compensated $150,000/year during his employment. Hybra also hired a marketing manager and contracted multiple web development/SEO firms after the launch.

As of February 2014 Thiel and the remaining engineer were the only individuals involved in the project. At that time, a new company was formed Hybralux LLC. and all intellectual property, trademarks, and copyrights were left in Hybra Advance Technology. Hybralux LLC was formed as a lighting division taking the place of Hybra Energy. Since Hybra Energy was a wholly owned subsidiary of Hybra Advance Technology it was advised to separate it from HAT just in case the soundband failed. HEC was a successful unrelated entity and it was advised to separate liabilities. Thiel was named president of all companies and Wells/Stevenson were removed as owners, managers. Hybra Advance Technologies offices were closed in Traverse City and all operations were moved to Warren, MI. Offices in TC were owned by Wells and are now leased to other tenants. Soundband development, at this time, was continued but totally from scratch. Thiel and new engineer discovered the piezo element in the original design was unable to be mass produced and could not be used. This information and other information obtained in early 2014 led to the release of project managers and the reset of the project. In addition, the soundband was also evaluated by a very reputable electronics design build company in Michigan and was found to be far to expensive to manufacture in its current form. Issues included: Wire harness costs and failure rate, inoperability issues with microphone and piezos due to both devices existing in a common housing, battery life issues, main control switch design and functionality issues. main control board design issues, tooling design issues, and overall ergonomics of the entire unit. With all of these issues the project seemed to be a complete failure. Against all odds, Thiel pleaded and negotiated with all parties still involved to reset the project and drive the project forward to completion, to the point of being required to give up all his equity in the project. Thiel is the original inventor of the project and believes, if it ever sees the light of day, will be a fantastic project. Also Thiel has never given up on anything. He is known to be a very determined and driven individual by all that know him. To give up is not an option especially once a promise was made. Thiel still oversees all aspects of the project. 

Current stock share holdings of Hybra Advance Technology are as follows:

Thiel: 0%

Wells: 27%

Angel Investors: 73%

Current stock share holdings of Hybralux are as follows:

Thiel: 100%

The existing creators had a multitude of backgrounds. At the time of launch, Thiel was a family man and industrial engineer, Wells a real-estate developer and new father, Mrs. Wells a restaurant owner, exec. assistant and new mother, and Stevenson a family man and Environmental Engineer. All original creators had many past successes and were very well respected by all that know them. All come from good families and had much support at the time of launch. None of the individuals have had any history of fraud, bankruptcy, bad business dealings, or other legal issues.  

Before the Kickstarter campaign about $660,000.00 was invested in the soundband by angel investors. Between campaign launch and Feb 2014, no personal funds, outside of Kickstarter, or other company funds were injected into the project. After Feb 2014, an additional $50,000.00 of capital from angel investors, about $120,000.00 from Hybralux LLC, $75,000.00 from personal loans obtained by Thiel, and countless hours from Thiel and volunteers, were directed towards the completion of the soundband. Majority of funds prior to Kickstarter launch were directed to 3 main sources, an engineering firm in California, an engineering firm in Chicago, and an engineering consultant in Shenzhen China. From the launch of the campaign to Feb 2014 funds were directed towards staff salaries, a design engineering firm in the Detroit area, marketing and web firms in the TC area, a tooling design house in northern Michigan, a piezo development company in UK and a manufacturing company in Taipei and Shenzhen, rental properties company in TC area, Intellectual property firms in Detroit and TC area, Legal firms in the Detroit area, an accounting firm in Detroit and TC area, and a electronics design firm in Chicago area.

Funds after Feb 2014 were directed towards a electronics board layout and design company in Ann Arbor area, an electronics contract manufacturer in the Ann Arbor area, a tooling design company in the Milwaukee area, a rapid prototyping company in Milwaukee area, a plastic injection mold manufacturer in the Milwaukee area, an electronics component supplier in the Ann Arbor area, a packaging design company in the Ann Arbor area, Legal firms in the Ann Arbor area, A mechanical design house in Detroit and Milwaukee areas, a board build house in the Ann Arbor area, a flex board build house in Ann Arbor area, an acoustics testing and design equipment manufacturer in Shenzhen, and a multitude of certification houses.

At this time, Hybra is working with reputable companies in all areas of project development, design, and manufacture of the soundband project. Hybra has been making significant financial investments with all parties and all parties are deeply involved in the completion and manufacture of the product. Thiel has positive reputation with all entities and he and engineers are intricately involved in all aspects of the projects.

Projects of this type, ones that are breaking new ground in multiple fields of electronics and electrical component design and integration, take years and millions of dollars to develop, when guided by teams of experienced engineers.

At this time, I see the soundband as a viable project and having a high probability of delivery. Unfortunately inexperience and unknown component issues led to mass delays and a full redesign of the product.

The soundband, in low volume ( >500 ), costs $695.45 to build. In 5000+ volumes the soundband costs $98.70  to build and deliver. In volumes over 20,000 units the SB costs $39.70 to build and deliver.

The current status of the project is as follows:

Board design and build: Complete

Final Board Design
Final Board Design

Below you can see the new multi-function button and switch. This is similar to the parts found in gaming controllers. The previous design had a flex strip with multiple buttons and was totally unreliable. This switch has right, left, up, down and push in functionality (will show more details in later assembly views). You can also see the new battery solder points integrated into the left of the board. In previous design the battery was manually soldered to the main PCB. In this design the flex board (next view) is sandwiched between the battery and the main pcb board. This design allows for much lower profile and robotic solder in the manufacturing and assembly process. IN this view you can also see the mirco usb charger and audio output. This is a mid mount design to save space/height and has both charging and manual audio capabilities if users do not want to link vial Bluetooth. Clearly we are using a standard BC module. We utilized this part for ease of programming and since it already carries FCC certs. Finally, the piezo driver crystal is located just above the mid mount micro-usb port. Unfortunately, this part was obsoleted so we ordered 4000 and have them in inventory, but will have to change it and mount it in the earpiece in later versions. This was the only dual output stereo part available and we wanted to save time, money, and space and elected to use it rather than multiple mono-output parts. 

Boards on Pallet
Boards on Pallet


Lots of Boards
Lots of Boards

BOM form main board and new flex board: Complete

You can see the surface mount section for the semiconductor microphone on the left side and the new on/off switch on the right side. You can also see the detail of the connectors for piezo elements and other components connected to the dongle in the middle of the flex strip. This connector point was designed to eliminate the previous cords from dongle to earpiece. These contacts correspond to contacts in the middle of the main board. This allows for robotic solder in the manufacturing process and significantly greater strength and durability. This design was durability tested for 30 lbs of pull force. Finally, you can see the new piezo connection points at the ends of the flex strip. In the previous design the piezos were manually soldered directly to the connecting cables. This design did not meet the required pull force. The new design here mounts the flex directly to the earpiece housing and the new flat piezo is robotically soldered to the flex portion that is mechanically attached to the earpiece via the two holes (will see additional details later in assembly views) Cool fact about this material is that is requires no additional over molding and is totally waterproof and extremely flexible. ( Got to give props to Rick and the electrical design team on all of these amazing ideas!! Great job guys!)

New Flex Board with New Semiconductor Microphone and On/Off Switch
New Flex Board with New Semiconductor Microphone and On/Off Switch

Flex Strip Assembly and mating to the Main PCB Board and Piezo

Surface Mount of On/Off Switch
Surface Mount of On/Off Switch


Suface Mount of Semiconductor Microphone
Suface Mount of Semiconductor Microphone


Mating of Flex to Main PCB Board
Mating of Flex to Main PCB Board


Mating of Battery to Main PCB
Mating of Battery to Main PCB


Mating of Battery to Main PCB II
Mating of Battery to Main PCB II


Mating of Flex to Piezo
Mating of Flex to Piezo


Flex to Earpiece Taking Tension Off of Piezo
Flex to Earpiece Taking Tension Off of Piezo


Sticky Backing of Piezo so we can adhere to Earpiece
Sticky Backing of Piezo so we can adhere to Earpiece


Piezo Adhered to Earpiece
Piezo Adhered to Earpiece


Piezo with Rubber Cover
Piezo with Rubber Cover


Detail of Piezo Cover Seal
Detail of Piezo Cover Seal

Mechanical Design and Build: Complete

Thought it would be cool to show the final revision to the mechanical design before I finalized the tool. Also added the tooling quote just for validity (really just to give the haters something more to analyze and find fault with.)

Final Change to Mechanical Design
Final Change to Mechanical Design


Final Mechanical Design II
Final Mechanical Design II


Tooling Quote
Tooling Quote

Mass Production Tooling: Completed but still a little tweaking on the slide release of main dongle housings.

Drag on Dongle Housing During Release (Still Working on It)
Drag on Dongle Housing During Release (Still Working on It)

Tool is pretty standard carbon steel production tooling. Unfortunately, this is the second production tool we had to build. The original tooling was scrapped since the unit could not be mass produced using it (In other words I paid for this version myself). Took a couple months to get the design right for each of the materials. But we are close not to smooth parts at high speeds. The Dongle, Earpieces, Piezo connection covers, and piezo rubber seal covers are all rigid plastic. The piezo seals, earpiece hooks, and button covers are all rubber. The earpiece hooks have special properties that make them warm to fit materials, similar to the materials used in athletic mouth guards. You simple warm water and place the hooks in. Once they are soft you place them on your ears and form them to fit. Thought that was a cool idea that our tooling designer came up with. (Way to go Rusty!!)

Dongle Tooling
Dongle Tooling


Earpiece and Small Parts Tool
Earpiece and Small Parts Tool


Die in Injection Machine
Die in Injection Machine


Other Side of Dongle Die
Other Side of Dongle Die

Plastic for Mass Production Housings: Procured

Earpiece Main Housing
Earpiece Main Housing


Ear Hook
Ear Hook


Piezo Cover (Rubber)
Piezo Cover (Rubber)


Piezo Seal Cover and Hook Cover
Piezo Seal Cover and Hook Cover


Piezo Cover in Piezo Cover Seal
Piezo Cover in Piezo Cover Seal


Piezo Connection to Earpiece Cover
Piezo Connection to Earpiece Cover


Earpiece Assembly
Earpiece Assembly


Control Button Cover
Control Button Cover


Dongle Housings
Dongle Housings

Mass production component procurement: All long lead time parts or obsoleted parts have been procured for 4000 units.

Main PCB in Dongle
Main PCB in Dongle


Dongle Assembled with Button Cover
Dongle Assembled with Button Cover


Assembled Earpiece
Assembled Earpiece

Pre-Production prototype (20 units): Complete

Production Electrnics Sealed in Anti-Static Bags.
Production Electrnics Sealed in Anti-Static Bags.

Production process plan and build costs: Complete

Audio Testing Enhancements: Complete

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with

Packaging Design and Build: Complete

Procurement of all popcorn parts: In Process

Final Build, Assembly, Pack. Ship: Pending

In closing, I want to make a few things very clear. Since inception of this idea and its award winning debut in 2010, I have always felt it was an amazing product and idea. The concept was prompted in response to audio eyewear. Soundband was created as an eyewear retainer strap with onboard audio. Sorry audio eyewear companies but only bounty hunters like your designs. Unfortunately, Soundband fell on some hard times and away form its original purpose. Today I am going to set that straight. Soundband is a lifestyle wearable for casual listening. It produces high quality sound, via surface sound to the back of the ears NOT BONE CONDUCTION!!!!, without eliminating you from your ambient surroundings. Surface sound and the use of piezo technology in this form function has not been accomplished to this level. Creating a new design required design of all features. Soundband can be worn as an over the ear headset or as an eyewear retainer strap. It is most suitable for casual listening at work, while enjoying nature, your family, museum tours, or sporting events. Many new audio concepts have been identified by our team during the development process of this product and will still hope to share all of them with you. One example is our "IN THE GAME" concept. This concept allows users to watch sporting events while simultaneously listening to commentary and or listening directly to events on the playing field as they unfold. We have many more.

For all you loyal soundband backers, you know who you are and we thank you, this update was for you. We are so thankful for all your support and sticking with us, we know it has been hard. I hope you have a little more confidence in this projects success and that you feel your support has been heard and will continue to be heard as we near delivery. I can tell you from the bottom of my heart I will not give up on you. I will do whatever I can to keep going forward each day FOR YOU!

For all others who keep bashing us and causing countless delays and hardships hopefully this update has at least silenced your senseless barrage. All of the hateful things you say and inaccurate statements you make have nearly destroyed this project. You claim that your creating this chaos to push the project forward and keep us on task. I can tell you your efforts have done nothing but delayed and nearly derailed us. To you I keep silent.

Very Best to you all,

Hail Hybra

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      Yeah, what gives.? When will the soundband be shipped to backers??? If not, give everyone their money back.

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      Jennifer Yap

      Another 1 year has past, any updates?

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      davv on

      any update please ?
      this last one was quite promising.

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      Bruno Couto on

      so any news on the release and shipment??

    5. Trogdor on

      Version 4.0 Ready for Production
      Surface sound suspension has finally been perfected. Audio is amazing. We nailed it!
      With you by our side, what is there that we couldn't possibly handle? So let’s do this!
      Regarding the product itself, there aren't really any risks and challenges remaining.

    6. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      almost 2019 and still nothing lol

      just tell us if its never going to happen so we can all move on.

      i definitely feel like i belong to an exclusive club i had to buy into.. only to receive years of disappointment lol

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      Steeve on

      Will this delay beat the duke nukem release delay?

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      Hello, anyone out there Soundband?

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      It’s been over a year since the last update. Where’s our stuff?

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      A year and still nothing since this update. What a joke. Refund please!

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      Alright.... Where's the next update? It has been 10 months. I'm hoping I'll get this in time for my 3 year old daughter's high school graduation.

    18. Missing avatar

      Peter J. Rzeminski II on

      I am fully convinced that this last update was conducted while they were fully inebriated and done just to puff their ego at having stolen our money and legally gotten away with it. Our year's of posting to this forum in complaint is schadenfreude to them, and yes, I understand that this post contributes to that.


      I guess I'll check back in another six months to see if they have posted any further project status lies.

    19. Missing avatar

      Robert Pickering on

      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount

    20. Alex Warto on

      Still a fraudulent project. Where the F is my money! Give it back or finish this project you goddam thiefs!

    21. Kenneth Salomon on

      Its nearing the absurd length of time since an update again. And I dont even know why I care. If they issue a refund I bet half of everyones CC's have been expired for years now.

    22. No more Kickstarter on

      "Joe Thiel. A fellow compassionate inventor and backer wrote it and meant every word. I respect every comment and opinion. Trying as hard as I can is all I can promise you. I will give you an update on delivery schedule as soon as I can, within 6 months would be a long timeframe." That was on June 18, 2017.

    23. Joe Katin on

      Any updates from hybra?

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      Steeve on

      I can't stop laughing at the comments. They all cry like 10yo kids. As if they die because of the delay, or even if they never receive anything. Damn, i lost more money in a single shopping day. Grow up! The worst is you financed the longest running gag ( soon it gets past duke nukem). You haters made my day, and if i ever receive this piece they will make my day too.

    25. Chad Matthew Carlson on

      how is people saying that you are scamming them and that they want their money back in any way derailing the project? you are pathetic scammers and you'll get the karma you deserve...

      At this point the money is lost and if by any miracle you do end up sending some outdated junk to the people who trusted you with their money, I cant wait to throw mine in the trash, right where your company belongs...

    26. Missing avatar

      Hans Honebecke on

      You should've been banned from KS before this whole puppetshow started. As commented below, you've failed this community over and over and should provide us with a hard deadline for delivering the 'currently' outdated product or a refund... These so called updates ar part of the scam started over 4 years ago....

    27. Marco Hernandez on

      Thanks for the update. I am really happy to have one. I was wondering if this was dead, but glad to know it is still going. Thanks for the great effort!! Keep it up!!

      As some others has mention, it will be a good idea to have an email for update our address , I know I have moved a couple of times these years.

      Kind regards.

    28. Jens Dam on

      If anybody received the shirt, they should take extra care of it, love it and frame it, because without a doubt it's the most expensive t-shirt they ever owned.

    29. jerry on

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    30. Chris Hogan on

      It's always funny to see a crook spin the truth and try to appeal to people's emotions. Everything negative that's occurred at haibrah is the result of the universe getting even with a fraudulent criminal that deserves to be in jail.

    31. Amanda Johnson on

      Wow, a statue should be built to commerate Thiel he is such an example of the American dream. All the pluck and spunk to pull your bootstraps up and continue with a project left in your hands in order to do what's right and maintain you high moral standards..satisfy the backers! Then spending all these years since the campaign learning to read and write so you could finally update everyone on the 'true story.' My god, what a hero! So proud to be a small part. *wipes eyes* *sniffs*

    32. BrianUnknown on

      On the belief that this post would be taken down- it's still up. creating this false- environment of planning on doing good while others try to shut you up.

      What I believe- even from this long and mix'd felt update is more bull- and you know why?

      I backed this in 2013. It's 2017. almost 4 years, and still have yet to get it? But like many others. I don't want it anymore and you know why again?

      I can go to bestbuy, and buy 50$ pair of AfterShokz which is basically the same dang thing- except in front of the ear. and probably more comfortable than what's shown in this post.

      So whether or not- you finish this product, You have been unable to both fulfil the order- and product.
      Which I should note, reading a post from 2012 on Kickstarter about an NPR show they did, this picture-

      Word for word:
      "If your project is successfully funded, you are required to fulfill all rewards or refund any backer whose reward you do not or cannot fulfill. A failure to do so could result in damage to your reputation or even legal action on behalf of your backers."

      SO like me, and many others have said. We want- our refund. Whether you like it or not, you did not fulfill on the headset. Maybe you eventually "can" full fill on it, however just like I can say this cheese taste's good, that's only in the moment. and your deadline has lonnnnng gone.

      So 4 years. Both tech, style, and purpose have been thrown out the door. Yes purpose. Because, 2013, these weren't a thing were they. Hence the purpose to open the door to a new tech field right.

      And since you seem to have money to continue this project for those 4 years, and haven't issued any refunds you seem to ignore people who want a refund for something you haven't fulfilled. So please, tell me. Your liability in this subject? Cause I'm sure you are completely far past the line.

    33. Missing avatar

      James Alexander Griffin on

      I hope I can get my unit! There will definitely need to be an update address email as I'm sure many backers have moved, I know I have,

    34. Rafał Wesołowski on

      HYDRA is possible to change adress for future shipping ?

    35. Mai Watson on

      Can we just get this built! Holy smokes, It's been a few years now... but thank you for keeping us posted. I actually was ready to write off my investment and vow never to support another kickstarter program. If you can come thru on this, my faith would be restored.

    36. corey swanson on

      Great job guys. keep pushing and I can't wait to get my hands on them

    37. Missing avatar

      John Mandelker on

      There are two types of people - those that can, and those that can't. Both are right about their capabilities. The problem arises when those who can't try to sell "vaporware" on the belief that they can get it right. Yes - I'm out $150, but the people at Hydra - they have to live with the knowledge that they falsified their development and capabilities and that they are not competent. They have a much heavier burden to carry.

    38. Alex Warto on

      Glad to see that this project still lives on and there is still hope that we are getting our soundbands :) Thank you so much for this update :)
      all I ever asked is that you guys would communicate with us more often.

    39. MF Calub on

      Omg. The semi non-aggressive bash in the end sounded suspicious but I did my best to ignore it. I really, really, want to start on a new slate but you have been extremely arrogant and rude to the people who trusted you and your team. I tell my son that making excuses doesn't cut it and I use this project as an example. I will pray that you find humility a better friend than arrogance and may this journey become your penance for the wrongs you have done. Your team wronged all of us. I hope you succeed and learn to be humble in words and deeds on your next project.

    40. Ikalios

      That update should have been made 2 years ago. Still angry about how this project was handled but kind of happy to have a real update.

    41. Joshua Valdez on

      Thanks for the update. Nice to know the project is still alive. I look forward to the next update and delivery schedule when it's ready. Thanks again, and keep up the hard work.

    42. Andrew Bishara on

      hmm "For all others who keep bashing us and causing countless delays and hardships hopefully this update has at least silenced your senseless barrage"

      Thank you for the update. Please realize people don't have time to read all this and these types of updates Just make things worse and quickly loose the message. Please write for your audience. I only skimmed this but I didn't get a timeline or any idea of how the project is going.

      What I did take away
      'Bash' - Lack of professionalism
      Caps - Blame.
      'Senseless' - Ignoring Feedback

      Real simple solution, shared google docs and maybe put together a kanban on and share it publicly. Probably could have avoided 90% of the barrage and received some useful feedback. A large update like this is not equal to timely smaller updates over the course of the project. Ah maybe I did have time to read it..

    43. badhras on

      When will I get mine?


    44. Missing avatar

      KBTibbs on

      >I am sick and tired of people going onto Kickstarter, making false claims, taking peoples hard earned money, and not delivering on promises, just as much as all of you.

      So you're going to start offering refunds, right? Right?

      Naw, just kidding. We all know that's not going to happen.

    45. no refund on

      @ Paul

      "Blaming the projects derailment on bad comments is akin to blaming a rape victim because of the way she was dressed. "

      So far off base there mate... really weird thing to say.

    46. Jeanette Davis on

      You know what... this update was reasonable until you wrote that last paragraph. WE are at fault?? You just lost anyone reading this. How arrogant can you be. You have a project that STILL hasn't delivered. Since the start this has been words, and you think WE are at fault. There are words I would like to use but to be honest, they would be wasted on you....