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A wireless headset without speakers? Discover how Sound Band can open your ears...
3,982 backers pledged $547,125 to help bring this project to life.

Units prepped and ready for firmwear

Posted by Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. (Creator)
Units prepped for firmwear
Units prepped for firmwear



Units with firmwear and battery ready for assembly
Units with firmwear and battery ready for assembly



Ready for final test
Ready for final test



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    1. John A. Wilmot Jr. on

      It's been along time since October. How about a update?
      When will you finally be shipping out our pledges?
      As your product is taking a very long time to get to market, other are offering products of the same type.

    2. John A. Wilmot Jr. on

      When is there going to be another update?
      When will these be completed and shipped?
      I have 2 pledged totaling $550.
      I'm not like a bunch of others. I don't want a refund, I want my SOUND BANDS.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mae Gerhart on

      the firmware must be really hard to put together lol. even my husband finishes projects faster...

    4. Kalus on

      I hope bluetooth won't be an outdated technology at the time this device gets shipped.

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris Miller on

      Did it fail miserably and it's time for a COMPLETE redesign?

      Is there just one person working 1 hour per week on this project?

      Karma karma karma

    6. Ryan Francis on

      Uh... Hello? We'd love to know what's going on now... Thanks.

    7. Missing avatar

      Angel Buron Romero on

      Update #77 Dec-2015, Update #78 Oct-2016, ??????!!!!!!!?????

    8. Kunal Jerath on

      When can we expect to get the product?

    9. Hans Henggeler on

      Really? If these things ever are ready and ship, they will be so outdated that nobody wants them any more. I wish I could get my money back. This was the first and so far the last Kickstarter project I have backed, I work too hard to waste my money on stuff which I may or may not get.

    10. Missing avatar

      kenneth wohl on

      So what's the deal?

    11. Missing avatar

      13vrod on

      Nothing since oct huh

    12. Allan Smith on

      Any updates please?

    13. Missing avatar

      eric gibbs on

      I kinda still want one. I'm looking forward to using it after i retire (in 30 years).

    14. Christopher Oliver on


      Class action lawsuit against Hybra and Kickstarter.

    15. Rand Chua TL on

      This damm product is out of date!
      Where are you hiding!

    16. Denis Surkov on

      This "firmwear" sure takes some time. I think they should have used regular firmware instead.

    17. Missing avatar

      Bhupesh Mistry on

      Any updates? Still waiting .....

    18. Ikalios

      So, what were the result of the final test 4 months ago ? Not good I guess... ??

    19. Missing avatar

      Sieghard Weitzel on

      Really? If these things ever are ready and ship, they will be so outdated that nobody wants them any more. I wish I could get my money back. This was the first and so far the last Kickstarter project I have backed, I work too hard to waste my money on stuff which I may or may not get.

    20. Evan Owen on

      Refund me, you're a joke.

    21. Missing avatar

      Robert Pickering on

      Back in May 2016, I got a message from "Joe" after I accused them, in another update, of "stealing $500K from their backers". He seemed to be offended and provided me a phone number I could call:

      Robert get real!Stole? That is a joke. We have been working our butts Off to get thus done. We would never insult our most valuable resource like that. Wothout you backers we could have never gotten this far. Nothing about this product has ever been done before and we are forging forward for you. I promise this will be the best headset you have ever experienced. If you ever want to give me a call to discuss directly please do. 2318837701.
      Very Best,

    22. Tyson Edwards on

      Here's the problem... when someone doesn't know the difference between Firmware and Firmwear, than chances aren't great about a future. Just like all the other details of the past. No one is ever getting anything, ever.

    23. Paul R. Dillinger on

      A couple months, any updates?

    24. Denis Surkov on

      So...was the firmware that buggy? 1 month, still no update...

    25. Missing avatar

      Dr Michael William Silvey on

      What's happening. It's looking good. How about a few comments to your backers

    26. D.L. on

      I decided to call up the and register a formal complaint with the state of Michigan. Apparently I am not the first to do so regarding this project.

      I have been assured by the state that they are performing their due diligence on this and due to the sheer volume of complaints, they are going to be doing some pretty heavy digging into Hybra on the basis of consumer fraud.

    27. Lane McCord on

      I am very excited. I'd love another update though. I don't care if all you can show is a couple more pictures of rough product assembly. I just want to see something at all.

      I'm willing to wait for this product, even more than I have already, because it promises to be the best possible device I could have ever hoped to have. Please persevere. Too many people are complaining about the wait, but honestly, that money was spent so long ago that I don't miss it in the slightest.

    28. Missing avatar

      peter waddington on

      Wheres mine - KS con again.

    29. Missing avatar

      John s Meksyphet on

      I'm part of the "too little, too late" group and would just like a total refund so I can put my money towards something useful.

    30. Tyson Edwards on

      Which comes next, the hardwear or the softwear considering you've ready for the firmwear?

    31. Kalus on

      So it was ready for final what's the result ?
      Did it passes the test ?
      What about pictures of the complete assembled product ?
      Any News ?

    32. Apit C L on

      The fact that they sent an update indicates that are still working on they project. I've been scammed before on Kickstarter and by now if they weren't continuing with the project, we would have not heard from them at all.

    33. Jeanette Davis on

      Please just give up and give everyone a refund!

    34. Lanny Tennen on

      It's been a long time. I hope these guys know that stringing people along and getting them excited only to knowingly follow up with disappointing news is FAR WORSE than simply saying "sorry, it's taking longer than we thought. We appreciate your patience"

    35. Idontexist on

      Can I just get a refund please???

    36. Joseph Sweeney on

      Excited to use these!

    37. Janus Johansen on

      wait what..

      ..this is no longer new tech tho.. why?whyyyyyyyy?

      Where's my stuff? - Didn't even get tshirt or a sticker that I could rage-burn..

    38. Missing avatar

      mikuri naoya on


    39. Missing avatar

      GSMyers on

      This is quite the long con. I hope the payoff is worth the time invested in this ruse.

    40. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on

      How can we most easily update our addresses with you?

    41. Narq on

      It's like a guy cheating on his wife and sending pictures of grocery store shelves and texting that he's still picking up some groceries and will be home soon...

    42. Nanette Minichiello on

      Hi !
      Like many others I thought this project would never come to fruition... that being said , despite the project's delay - I appreciate you honouring your promise towards all the people that believed in this product and helped fund it !!
      With the technology moving at a warp speed I hope you have mastered this item to our expectation w a guaranteed satisfaction !
      Bonne chance �

    43. Kalus on

      Whooops, the undead...welcome back to your backers! Is it Ryan or who ?
      Nice you use the word final.
      I understand that you are sick of so many comments not to place too much informations at an update (which get torned anyway)...but a few consolatory words...

      Oh wait...firmwear wordplay or typo ? Or just for your private lol ?

      Please give us some chronological checkpoints like tests, estimation of production, shipment, preorder and ignore the subsequent rifty comments.

    44. Dave H. on

      Yawn. Ok, I'll bite...

      1) Now that Thiel is out of the picture, who is running this project now?
      2) When do you anticipate being "production ready"?
      3) Will you be offering free firmware updates for life?
      4) I seem to recall pledging for some specific options and stretch goals, will these be honored?
      5) Can pigs fly and Hell has frozen over and no one told me?

      Thx for the update. Where can I send more money to help you out? I am so excited and can't wait to get these. I've been selected to help colonize Mars and these state of the art headphones will be really useful on that long trip. Please try to have them delivered to me by launch day or it'll cost you a bundle to ship them to my new address.

    45. BrianUnknown on

      So you think you can still Woo me? Maybe a little, but no it's mostly lost, over the years of waiting. Unlike others, if I do get the unit, I hope it does live up to what I wanted in 2013, but being that it's, been about 3 years, going into the 4th, you have a lot to live up to. Especially with all the crazy stuff going on, I better be able to hear those clowns coming when I am riding my bike early in the morning.

    46. Virgil Roussos on

      Pretty much what Neil Lasher said.
      From the spelling mistake to the lackluster and general quality of the pictures (and no, final test is when the product is complete, not bare bone...).
      I will again ask for a refund. Please contact me ASAP.

    47. Neil Lasher on

      I applaud you for having the willpower to come out of whatever you have been doing for the last 8 months.

      Not that I don't trust you by showing us 6 packets of something, but you have to excuse me being sceptical. Can you post a picture of where you have the 4000 boxes stored for packaging or are these just prototype samples? Maybe some pics of the other stuff you have already purchased to make these units. Or are we still at sample and testing stage, with nothing at all actually manufactured, which incidentally is where you were at when this whole project started.

      Do you actually have the cash remaining to make and ship all 4000 units? Could you post a pic of your bank statement total.