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A wireless headset without speakers? Discover how Sound Band can open your ears...
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Daily Dialog

Posted by Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. (Creator)
-------- Original message -------- From: Rick Date: 12/15/2015 5:01 PM (GMT-05:00) To: Joe Thiel Subject: Fwd: Hybra Sound Band 5.1 and Flex Circuit files Hi Joe! The Flex Circuit lines up perfectly with the main SB5 PCB (see below). I am stopping off at XXXXXX tomorrow with a modified slot size in the file per Steve’s request tomorrow morning. Once complete we have the ok to run the first 50, to ensure the 25 good ones. Thanks, Rick Begin forwarded message: From: Steven Subject: RE: Hybra Sound Band 5.1 and Flex Circuit files Date: December 15, 2015 at 4:36:46 PM EST To: Rick Cc: Bob ; Crystal Rick, Sorry this took so long. The battery connections line up just fine between the two parts, based on the connector being used as a registration reference: [cid:image006.png@01D13756.C9AB31D0][cid:image007.png@01D13756.C9AB31D0][cid:image008.png@01D13756.C9AB31D0][cid:image009.jpg@01D13756.C9AB31D0]

That being said, I noticed the slots you’re using for the battery on the main board are set to finish at 0.010”. Most PCB suppliers won’t have a slot-drill smaller than 0.020”, and those that do, don’t like using them on 0.062” thick boards. (Saturn has a 0.016” slot drill, but they break frequently). See if you can get that up to 0.020” finished, that will allow for a 0.025” slot drill, they’re more common. It’s OK to just send us a new BoM. Do you have any specific dielectric spacings for the 8 layer stack-up? The existing one has one gap at 12.6 mils for some reason. Let me know and I’ll do up a stack-up for you. Thanks, Steve Pre-Production Engineer From: Rick Sent: Wednesday, December 09, 2015 2:43 PM To: Steven Cc: Bob; Crystal Subject: Hybra Sound Band 5.1 and Flex Circuit files Hi Steve, Attached are the files I went over with Bob yesterday. FWIIW I just verified with my design software that the PCAD ASCII exports for each board are actually ASCII :-) I Cc’d Crystal and Bob to keep them in the loop and it is my goal that you should have files suitable for quoting after this round of picking your brain :-) FWIIW the flex circuit now has: * all of the push button pads connected with traces per your and Bob’s suggestion * all vias are 20 mils with 10 mil holes * all of the pads on the main connector enlarged per your email * traces re-routed away from the connector pads at right angles to provide clearance * 8&8 minimum width and spacing design rules * silkscreen is not to be printed on flex circuit; it is provided for parts placement info. Questions: * Can you overlay one source file or Gerber on top of the other to make sure that the Battery mounting slots on the Sound Band 5.1 PCB line up correctly with the corresponding slots in the flex circuit? * Can you provide me with your existing BOM for the Sound Band 5 so I may add parts directly to your XL spreadsheet? * Can you please look at the XL spread sheet in the Sound Band folder and suggest appropriate values to make it an .062” board (or thereabouts). Caveats: * You did not get to kibitz the original Sound Band (5.0) layout and I would appreciate your input on *anything*. * It is routed at 6&5 design rules with 12 mil vias and 6 mil holes. I will enlarge both on the subsequent (5.2) release but will leave them alone for now. * I believe that I correctly carved out a “Keep Out” area under the antenna for the wireless module on the board, but would like your confirmation I did not screw it up. * I also enlarged the main connector pads on Sound Band 5.1 to match the corresponding attachment points on the Flex Circuit, anticipating your suggestion there as well. Many thanks, Rick

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    1. Charz Kelso on

      Losers and thieves ! I am not sure why these people are allowed to steal from us like this.

    2. Joseph Jongmin Song on

      been waiting for answer..

    3. GiligainIsland on

      ***OOPS the Daily Dialog should be renamed to LAST Farewell***

      What gives? Can you at least share how MY (our) money didn't make a product for us to be proud to own? Those parts just didn't fit?

    4. Missing avatar

      Devon Berthiaume on

      It's been over 8 months since the last update, any news guys?

    5. Miles Levit on

      They took over half a million dollars from us. This is the 5th time I have been ripped off by a Kickstarter project. If Kickstarter doesn't find a way to hold people accountable, I'm done.

    6. Dominick Caruso on

      What is going on!? You need to inform us. This is ridiculous.

    7. Sam Lynam on

      So who's starting the lawsuit

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael C on

      Is there a ship date? Or refund date?

    9. robert green on

      i have bought an aftershokz trek and its great. I recommend purchasing that product and accepting that this isn't happening.

    10. Missing avatar

      Phil Smith on

      I would still like to receive this, too bad it was poorly managed. I'm sure the more time that passes, the more money is pissed away, and the less likely I will get it. But, if it EVER goes to market without fulfilling kickstarters orders first, then we will be talking class action. Even if they try to hide it by selling the tech to some other company, there is plenty of publicity and any acquiring company should know they inherit the obligation. I'm sure they'll try to wiggle out, but I'm sure there is some big law firm in the US that would take up the cause.

      I really hope though, that it's just going slow because they had to get regular jobs to earn a living, and they still plan to ship these, some day. No point in complaining now, but I'm still hopeful...

    11. Missing avatar

      Ken Goldberg on

      Is this finished?

    12. Derek K. on

      Hey, who is running this Shit show? refund the money or send us something of like value jackass.

    13. Sam on

      yeah I wanted this to happen but honestly at this point I am considering this lost money. if I could reasonably expect to get money back I would go through the process with kickstarter but by this point it is too long and too far past to expect anything

    14. Daniel Schealler on

      This is my only failed kickstarter project.

      It was bound to happen eventually. Ah well: C'est la vie.

    15. Brian Connelly on

      I'm going to call it now -- I'm done waiting --- it seems these guys just were running a scam -- else we would have been updated to what was going on...but instead they are hiding and running.

    16. Manlio Lo Giudice on

      yep, no news from December???? Be fair and honest, keep us updated

    17. Missing avatar

      Deborah Gallo on

      Six months have passed since last update in December.
      Please provide an update and ship date or tell backers they will not be receiving product and provide process for refunds.
      Silence is unacceptable.

    18. Missing avatar

      Michael Snapp on

      Scum was more appropriate. . .

    19. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      I held out for as long as I could...

      Its been years and still nothing. we were told the soundband was almost ready to go.. and then nothing.

      then we're told its coming.. and still nothing.

      just tell us it isnt coming so i don't have to check KS about this BS anymore.

    20. Missing avatar

      Robert Pickering on

      Just noticed you can click on the link for their site, then click Contact Us.
      It also shows the last day they logged into the site, currently April 26, 2016 (9 days ago).

    21. Missing avatar

      Robert Pickering on

      All I can say is that this guy should pair up with the Silac Shirt guy. They're both masters of having things "happen" that precludes you getting any product, any money, or any updates.

      These guys pissed away 1/2 million dollars, of OUR money, and we get a forwarded nonsensical email about the project "status", from 5 months ago. Criminal.

      I hope Kickstarter understands it's people like this, and these projects, that are why I've stopped crowdfunding anything. The early days were great, the projects weren't as ambitious, but I got them ALL. Then all of a sudden...nothing. None of the projects complete.

    22. Missing avatar

      Peter Bouwhuis on

      Dear all, I would like to suggest to take legal action to these people and to take control of the project. Obliviously they cannot or do not want to finish this project and therefore all work, designs and technology will become from the collective ownership of the backers.

      If there are any lawyers among you, please let me know so we can put something together to once and for all claim back the money that is owned to the backers. We have financed the technology and designs and so this now becomes from all of us. I may already have a buyer (Apple and Google have shown an interest) who is willing to pay plus interest.

      Look forward hearing from you.

    23. Scott Levey


    24. Kevin Cole on

      I often wonder how difficult it actually is to send one update each month literally just showing timelines, and if any delays.

      This project is unfortunately poorly managed IMO, and I'll be pleasantly surprised if it's actually still alive and actually ships at some point considering here are now several other wireless bone conducting headsets on the market.

    25. D.L. on

      We are now nearly FOUR months since this update (which was called a "daily" dialogue)

      And yet have no more information.

      I am assuming that Hybra has folded, or something, because every last person involved in the public operations of this project has either been fired or quit, and in some cases we have had more than one person in that position.

      The Hybra website does have some interesting photos of the Soundband in it's packaging, as well as some bluetooth ring thing. The statements on their "Engineering" tab on the site are outright false.

      At this point, it may be best to send actual physical mail requesting a refund (certified mail would be best) to the mailing address of their HQ.

      Hybra Advance Technology Inc.
      12225 Stephens Road
      Warren, Michigan 48089

      Or maybe one of those packages containing nothing but the super-fine micro-glitter?

    26. Salvador Garcia-Arbós on

      I no longer trust in this project!
      Give me back my money, please!

    27. Steve Villebrun on

      No updates? Is this ever actually going to be delivered? What are your plans? Has this initiative just died?

    28. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      The flyer is obviously quite old. It shows the original design on it. Looks like a bad photoshop

    29. Roger van Velzen on

      Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Apparently you have a website with a flyer that has been done in 2016 but there is no actual update for us or any idea when this item may finally be delivered. To be honest I am always willing to see the positive side of kickstarter projects but providing NO info for 2 months and then having us finding a flyer that say: IT IS HERE! is just insulting.l

    30. Jon Carlson on

      August 1 2015: "We will provide a batched delivery timeline in the middle of August."

      December 15 2015: "I noticed the slots you’re using for the battery on the main board are set to finish at 0.010”. Most PCB suppliers won’t have a slot-drill smaller than 0.020”"

      So, after 2 years of development and 4 months after committing to providing a delivery timeline, you discover that the slots in the design can't be accommodated by the suppliers? WTF?

      And now, 6 months after committing to providing a delivery timetable which never came to pass, we still don't know when delivery will be or even IF the slots have been redesigned so that they can even be manufactured, you know, on the physical plane of existence?

      Its been 2 months since your last "update". Please provide one soon, I could use a good laugh. You jokers lost all credibility long ago but I'm still amused by your fictional "progress".

    31. Missing avatar

      TEEDA on
      It's already here....and it sounds amazing.

    32. Adnan Raja on

      Yap thats about it ! ! ! !
      Please send in a refund.

    33. Missing avatar

      Satya on

      What the hell was that for? Money back please!

    34. Missing avatar

      Jan on

      @Rémon: Dit was vragen naar de bekende weg ;-)

    35. Missing avatar

      Rémon Langhorst on

      @ Jan
      Maybe they can tell you after their holiday....

    36. Missing avatar

      Jan on

      How much funding is still available for finishing the development, production and shipment to the backers?

    37. vrysen on

      I really want to start a KS where I too can get $$$ and just spew random techie facts every few weeks without having to produce anything.

    38. Robert Vreeland on

      This is the strangest update I've ever seen on KS. I've already written this project off as a loss, but I will admit it was fun to get an update. To me it seems as though they are trying to satisfy the KS clause that says they need to keep everyone informed as to why the project failed.

    39. Missing avatar

      Felix Heberle on

      Can't stop laughing!

    40. BJ Van Gundy on

      You make me LOL, Joe. Keep it up. If I'm never going to see one of these in my hands I might as well get a laugh from your idiotic updates every few months.

      I did go back and review the August update of the "Final Board Design. Build in Process"... If I didn't think that this whole thing was a scam in the first place I'd ask a question like: If the Board Design was final in August what is the meaning of the pathetically formatted update above"?

      But I won't. Because it is a scam.

    41. fmotta on

      @Paul: I agree with most of what you wrote... However, if someone cannot assert solvency on his promises then crowdfunding should be halted, monitored, legislated with additional requirements for enforceable terms/laws for failure or misrepresentation. This is one of the projects that have caused me to Significantly curtail my handing money to liars misusing crowdfunding.

    42. No more Kickstarter on

      If it's not done yet, add your name to the "want a refund" list and file an FTC complaint.
      category: Internet Services, Online Shopping, or Computers/Sub-category: Online Shopping

      Kickstarter is not doing it? Let's help put an end to crowdfunding scams, failures and frauds. You don't need to be American and it takes only a few seconds.

    43. Paul Pflugradt on

      why you all so mad? It's not your money anymore. You traded it in for a promise. I'm sure he used that money twice, trying to fulfill that promise... Even when he can't deliver the money is gone, I'm sure.