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A wireless headset without speakers? Discover how Sound Band can open your ears...
3,982 backers pledged $547,125 to help bring this project to life.

Final components arrive.

Posted by Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. (Creator)

Dear Backers,

We are pleased to announce the last of the long lead time components have arrived. The AKM piezo driver reels, an 18 week lead time part, showed-up Thursday last week. For anyone who is not familiar with micro-electronic assembly, in most cases, mass chip placement uses pick and place machines, to set all the components on a printed circuit board. These pick and place machines use reels to organize the parts and ensure very high speed loading. The reels in the photos below contain 3000 piezo driver chips. All the SoundBand part reels contain between 1500 and 5000 parts.

With the drivers and the other parts here, we immediately approved the build and assembly of 25 completed production grade SoundBands.

Since all of the component procurement/storage, board build, flex strip build, electrical assembly, electrical component testing, and final assembly/test is performed at a single site, we can closely monitor all aspects of the build and minimize defects.

From this point forward we will update as important milestones are reached. In the coming weeks each day will be touch and go, but we hope to steady the ramp, after the first 25, in quantities of 200 very soon, then increase to 400 unit batches until all the Kickstarter units are delivered.  We will keep everyone informed at each step and continue to provide high quality images of the process.

Also please keep a look-out for a new survey that will help us verify the finish color you want.

As always, we thank everyone for your continued interest and support. Sincerely, we look forward to delivering your reward as soon as possible.

Very Best,


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    1. Chad Matthew Carlson on

      no more updates fuckers! give us our money back

    2. Nicole Nanson on

      So.... what happened here? After 7 months with *all* the parts in your hands, surely we should have our units?

      "From this point forward we will update as important milestones are reached. In the coming weeks each day will be touch and go, but we hope to steady the ramp, after the first 25, in quantities of 200 very soon, then increase to 400 unit batches until all the Kickstarter units are delivered. We will keep everyone informed at each step and continue to provide high quality images of the process."

      If there had been any sort of communication (as quoted from the update post) this *might* be understandable.

    3. Missing avatar

      Sieghard Weitzel on

      OK, so I am supposed to be "respectful and considerate". Oh well, cursing and being rude is not in my nature, but it would be nice if Hybra were also "respectful and considerate". Update 76 from December 15 is now almost 5 months old and there hasn't been a peep from Hybra, no further updates, no survey to figure out what colour I wanted, nothing at all. I wish they would either deliver the product or finally own up and let everybody know that it was all a scam and thanks for the over half a million bucks, the entire Hybra team was able to buy a new car and the latest Aftershokz headset.

    4. Christopher Gasparovic on

      Are you kidding that we are now 4 months from this update and I still do not have my unit? Just be honest. No one thinks they are getting their product anymore. Would be a froggin' miracle.just post an update.

    5. Brad R on

      This survey for colors? Is this through Kickstarter or do we have to email you again? If it's through Kickstarter why the sudden change in method... again?

    6. Mike Ferraro on

      Looks to be good news. Hopefully production will ramp up and rewards shipped out. Still excited to receive one even though it's been a long road. We shall see.

    7. Missing avatar

      Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. Creator on

      Please just log on to Hybratech website and click the find a local branch icon and input your info there. As for the sound quality and comparison to Aftershockz, there isn't any comparison. It is a totally different technology, sound delivery. Sound Band is far superior in sound range and clarity. Aftershocks transmit sound through the bones in your head. This method requires far more power and really has not much to do with your ears, the sound receiving devices that you are meant to hear with. Sound Band transmits micro vibrations through the back of your ear via the fleshy materials. This allows for very minimal power consumption and excellent sound quality.
      You can compare for your self soon!! One final note. Many of the backers have stated that this technology is obsolete our outdated. That is absolutely not the case. No other headset on the planet has this technology and no other company on earth has perfected the drive system or acoustics. There is a lot more involved here than speakers, batteries, and Bluetooth chips. This is a whole new platform form the ground up. We were required to develop everything in house nada have done our very best to protect all of our new developments every step of the way.

      Thank You,

    8. Janus Johansen on

      I've bought a set of Aftershokz and they're horrendous..

      .. would love it if these things are better once they're done - eventually...

      How do I change my address and stuff... never even got the tshirt I'd been promised.


    9. Missing avatar

      Victoria muir on

      All i see is a photo of a component that you could have gone to a radio shack equivalent and picked up. Show me a video of a finalised, working product and a detailed production plan that shows when, where and how these are scheduled be built then I might believe a word of it. Three months radio silence is ridiculous; I'm with many, many others and just want a refund.

    10. BrianUnknown on

      Ah well, I won a 6 pack of pepsi crystal thanks to the giveaway they had. So I'm going to enjoy it, this christmas. Let me know when you finally decide to send me the item I direly wanted, what is going to be, 3 years ago.

    11. Manuel Festas Franco on

      Are you kidding? 25?! Slow? Ffs!!!

    12. Ikalios

      Still no real date or engagement from you. Again

    13. Missing avatar

      kenneth wohl on

      I guess this is exciting news? I just assumed you ran off with our money to South America (still not out of the question).

      Are you guys even working on this full-time? Don't you think the market might have passed you by? I just took a look at the prototype that somehow two years ago made me think this was cool. These looks super bulky compared to products that are already on the market.

      For example -

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael Snapp on

      My address changed again. 3rd time time since this campaign started. �

    15. Missing avatar

      Riley on

      can we message to update addresses?

    16. Max Sablosky on

      Hybra is still alive! Hybra I'm praying and I hope this thing comes around because these beats headphones kinda suck!

    17. Richard Fleming on

      Great to see progress - I was beginning to have some doubts - I will be very very pleased if you begin to provide frequent (at least weekly) progress reports. Surprisingly I still have a strong need for the device (if it is of sufficient quality to listen to music with).

    18. Joseph Sweeney on

      Thank you guys! I'm very excited!

    19. Missing avatar

      Steeve on

      Could it really be? Could it be this campain will really end someday? I backed other projects that failed in the same way, like embrace+ they had the same delays and they worked only for some minutes until they got broken.... I was getting afraid that every project i back will fail ^^
      Please keep it up und maybe ship it soon?

    20. Missing avatar

      Dr Michael William Silvey on

      Great that you don't compromise on quality; looking forward to trying one out.

    21. Ryan Brady-Toomey on

      Wonders never cease. It's not a shipping confirmation, but this is much closer. I am still interested in seeing what the final product will actually look like, and what colors will be available in the end.

      Will they also keep their promise to allow for refunds if we ship it back?

    22. No more Kickstarter on

      Funny how fast that update arrived after the suggestion to file an FTC complaint:
      ***You don't need to be American***:
      Category: Internet Services, Online Shopping, or Computers Sub-category: Online Shopping

      @Hybra: I'd rater get a refund. As are more that 350+ tired backers.

    23. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    24. Missing avatar

      Eric Koerner

      It's a Christmas Miracle. I really wrote you guys off. Cautiously glad to be proven wrong.

    25. Allan Smith on

      Way to go team - thanks for pushing through the mall shopper tirades. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.

    26. Missing avatar

      Sam Kirk on


      I really hope this is progress?

      Why have you guys STILL not committed to a shipping date?

      Looking forward to a a
      Positive, honest and realistic reply as opposed to smoke and mirrors.

      Sam, London.

    27. Chad McMillan

      This might actually be a "turn around" story for Kickstarter projects gone bad. Glad you guys have stuck with it and looking forward to getting it (albeit 2 yrs late). ;)

    28. Missing avatar

      Rami A on

      Awesome! I'm stoked!

    29. Missing avatar

      Matthew Fry on

      Every time I see an update email it says "Soundband - Finally..." and every time I think it's going to say "Finally we're shipping." This is pretty darn close to it.

    30. Anthony Hinds on

      Fantastic and thank you so much for the updates. A trouble project that seem to be heading towards a successful outcome. Best of the luck to you.

    31. Douglas Reed on

      Glad to hear from y'all again! I never lost faith, even when a very vocal minority was screaming for your heads. Just know that the silent majority stands with you, and we look forward to receiving our finished products. It's been a long road, with a lot of bumps, but you're almost there!

    32. Josh Goldberg on

      WOW! Hell just froze over

    33. Missing avatar

      Devon Berthiaume on

      *Cautious optimism.*