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A wireless headset without speakers? Discover how Sound Band can open your ears...
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Final board design complete. Build in process

Posted by Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. (Creator)

Dear Backers.

We are happy to share the final board we send out for build. You will notice a few changes. In the center left of the board rests the new solder points for the integrated flex strip. If you remember from previous updates we eliminated the over-molded wiring attaching the earpiece to dongle and designed a waterproof flex circuit. This flex circuit solders to the board at this point. This significantly improves the strength of the connection between the dongle and earpiece and, since the flex strip sandwiches between the main board and battery, further reduces the overall dongle body thickness. Additionally, this flex circuit requires no over-molding and has a really cool look and feel, since it is so thin and flexible. Also you will notice on the left end of the board an integrated battery solder connection. This allows us to eliminate any wiring between the battery and board and solder the battery directly. This reduces thickness and length of the dongle and allows for automated solder of both the battery and the flex strip in one operation. We will keep updating as parts go out and provide photos of the completed parts and final assembly of the first batch very soon.

Very Best,


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    1. Missing avatar

      Richard Hendrickson on

      So, nearly FOUR months later, NO updates? Given your last sentence in this update; "We will keep updating as parts go out and provide photos of the completed parts and final assembly of the first batch very soon." No batch so far? You might want to refrain from using any timeline related verbage as you've been unable to achieve any self imposed deadlines as it is.

    2. Chris on

      Sad to see this project become another crowdfund scam.

    3. Missing avatar

      Rémon Langhorst on

      Wondering to which holiday destination they went ...

    4. Missing avatar

      SCOTT FURDA on

      So i pledge $135 dollars on 9-13-13 over 2 years of waiting and just shitty updates about them not being able to figure out board design, not only would I like my money back but with interest.

    5. Neil Lasher on

      OK. I have seen many mentions of class action. I am in UK so can't start this. Anyone know a US lawyer willing to act on contingency. I would be happy to offer them 50% of anything they can get us. It's a total loss right now.

    6. Arif Rashid on

      This is unbelievable. Why are you still posting updates if you are never delivering? I want a refund!

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris Miller on

      Refund is looking good about now. This has been far too long

    8. John A. Wilmot Jr. on

      Did anyone contact Kickstarter?
      Is this Freud? ?
      If this turns out to be a scam, I'm going to contact the FBI!!!
      They should at least give us a update

    9. Sam Schlam on

      What a joke. They haven't even logged into Kickstarter since the made this update on August 17th.

    10. W on


    11. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      Any update? It's been 3 months

    12. corey swanson on

      I think it's time for an update and some physical pictures of the product/ parts... Or something

    13. Missing avatar

      Alejandro Rivera on

      So, any updates? I understand all the difficulties, but please understand us who gave you our money and trust, and who have been left in an ominous and unsettling silence for two months now :(

    14. Chad Matthew Carlson on

      What a scam, is anyone else interested in a class action with me?... not getting a $20 product is one thing, but a company ripping everyone off for hundreds is another...

    15. Mark P

      I just re-read the update and noticed "solder the battery directly" to the board. Does this bother anyone else? Rechargeable batteries always go bad after a few years. If the battery is soldered in place that will make it much harder to replace.

    16. Jeanette Davis on

      Rob - if they had delivered 2 yrs ago, this would have been new technology. And now there is competition out there and we still only have pictures. So yeah, some of us are not happy - but with good reason!

    17. RJW II on

      Man these people are a bunch of whiners... Don't see you up here making a new piece of technology from scratch. Get over yourselves. It will be made eventually, such is the nature of these projects.

    18. Tarek Jamil on

      Can somebody tell me when this product will be completed and shipped?

    19. Kalus on

      Knock knock...this silence sounds news Hybra ?

    20. Claudio Martins on

      can we just get our money back? man up and assume you can't deliver and you're a failure. i want my money back.

    21. Kenneth Salomon on

      Can we have more updates. I dont care at this point if you just say, something like, "Sorry backers, we are working on something great to update you about for next week. Over and Out" and then do that every week on a friday or something each time you dont have a real long update for us.

    22. Missing avatar

      Peter Bouwhuis on

      Any updates?? I have not seen anything for a while..

    23. Missing avatar

      Kevin Wong on

      Wow, I have been kept waiting waiting and waiting. What I have seen from your latest update was on Aug and still only talking in board design ? It has been almost 2 months, what is now then ??? Don't tell me you need to re-design again and again....

    24. Kriss Wilson on

      Just give my my effin money back. You guys are common criminals

    25. Chris Hogan on

      Don't care. When's it gonna ship?

    26. fmotta on

      @David H: I agree that inclusive information that is relevant to the questions backers often ask should be ALWAYS provided in an update (even if it is unchanged). I do not think the goal of these content-free postings (called updates) are for the benefit of backers. I believe it is so that the creator does not get a red mark from KS which may result in a casual reminder communication from KS.

    27. Robert Vreeland on

      Yay! More computer renders.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jayson Gawthorpe on

      Another month brings another colorful computer rendered picture. I wasn't aware I would be paying for a monthly subscription of "Chip Design Monthly."

    29. BJ Van Gundy on

      @Allan Smith
      "Mall Trawlers"... I'll be happy to put my 129 backed projects up against your 6 as credentials for being qualified to speak on the efficacy and cogency of this project. This project has been a cluster. Anyone saying other than that has there head in the sand. Careful about getting it in your mouth. It isn't good for your teeth.

    30. Dave H. on

      For me a more informative update would have been:

      We will begin producing the control boards with our supplier in [insert country here] on [insert date here]. Other components will be produced as we finish their redesign. We [are/are not] still on schedule with our previously announced timeline. We expect device production to begin [insert date here], packaging to begin on [insert date here] and shipping to commence on [insert date here].

      Remember we at Hybra have a hard time figuring out how clocks work and the only calendar available to us is the one on the bathroom wall showing Miss August 1972. So the dates we have given present our best guess and we may not be able to meet them all. Should these change, we'll let you know in our next update which will be published [insert date here].

      Below is a list of all the really exciting things that our rendered drawing should clearly show all of you. See it really does have a battery. Some wiring gets soldered to those two round thingys on the side there. Sorry due to production constraints we can't offer you a colour choice for the control board.

      We are very excited and hope you are too. That’s it for now, more to come in our next update.

    31. Denis Surkov on

      I'm afraid they are no near to full production. It's just a board design. It be another year when this go to a construction.

      @BJ Van Gundy
      After Deathstar kickstarter failed, I'm looking for something new like that. Good idea.

    32. fmotta on

      What we are getting out of this project is aperiodic content-free updates. What many are probably expecting is a working headset as described by the KS campaign within a reasonably near timeframe to the estimated delivery date (Dec 2013). Now, my math skills can be pressed at this one so bear with me...
      Dec 2013 (delivery date)
      Aug 2015 (current date)
      ~20 months late?

      And only now is there a claim that the board is designed?
      The 3rd gen product should be in design by now!

    33. Allan Smith on

      Keep it coming Hybra, another step closer, cool. I see the mall trawlers are still complaining. Instead of the continuing negativity haters could always just sign off and make a grand statement by returning your headset when it arrives - your body and mental health will thank you.

    34. Jeanette Davis on

      Sorry - but still just a picture. Patience ran out months ago. I've had years of experience of leading edge/bleeding edge technology - but this baby should have had its plug pulled a while ago. So not interested in getting this anymore. Refund and save the money on post and packing.

    35. BJ Van Gundy on

      @Vikram You want to do a Kickstarter with me and "create" that aircraft? We could probably get a bunch of people to join in if we tell them that we "nailed it".

    36. John M Washbush on

      Hey Guys ... I just want to say that the closer we get to full production, the more exciting it gets. Thank you for sticking with the program, even when you were getting buckets full of criticism. I, for one, admire persistence over giving up. I do have a question ... from todays release I read that the battery is soldered in place. Does this eliminate replacement of the battery? NRS

    37. Missing avatar

      Vikram on

      Today I saw a design of an aircraft that can fly at the speed of light.