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A wireless headset without speakers? Discover how Sound Band can open your ears...
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First glimpse at the SoundBand you will recieve

Posted by Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. (Creator)

Dear Backers,

With all the feedback and our final thoughts in the design we have now finalized all aspects of SB. The main board, housings, flex connector between the dongle and earpieces, and all weatherproofing has been completed. We are pleased to share the final design we will take to manufacturing. Now that the design files are completed we have begun building all aspects of the band. We will share photos of each component and the assembly process as we go through each stage in the coming month. We are very excited to have hit our stated timeline and look forward to getting the units out as soon as we can. We will provide a batched delivery timeline in the middle of August. Nearly all backers have updated their address, but If you have not updated please do so this month. If we do not hear back by the end of August then our customer support team will begin reaching out to you using the current information we have.

Very Best,


Final Compressed PCB rendering
Final Compressed PCB rendering
Flex Strip rendering with mics and solder points
Flex Strip rendering with mics and solder points
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    1. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      geez the people complaining about the looks ... yes its a CAD drawing.. how else can they show you the internal components nice and clearly?

      you cant even tell what the end product look will be from this, so again why all the complaining? this will be thinner and sturdier than the original. the original looked like cheap plastic crap from China.. honestly i wasnt a fan of the look before, but i wanted it for the actual effect not the aesthetic.

    2. Missing avatar

      Maker Mentalist on

      I am requesting a refund. I would applaud you greatly for honoring my request.

      Thank you.

    3. GiligainIsland on

      I don't remember any talk about waterproof into the design. Water resistant maybe, but not waterproof.

    4. Jens Dam on

      @Allan Smith
      I don't care if it was wrapped in diamonds. This have nothing to do with the unit and all to do with Hybra.
      Enough said.

    5. Allan Smith on

      There are a few haters on here who say they plan sending their units back unopened. I suspect these people wouldn't be happy if even if they were gold plated. I'd be delighted to take any of these unwanted units from malcontents to give as gifts to people with happier dispositions.

    6. Jon Avi Burg on

      This doesn't look too great, but seeing as there is no offer for a refund, I'll take whatever I can get.

      That said, will this be waterproof?

    7. Samuel Batista on

      So happy to see progress! Can't wait to get my unit :D

    8. Nathan Vergin on

      Agree with others that from a aesthetic and ergonomic standpoint this looks like a huge downgrade from what we were shown during the campaign. Had you shown these renders during the campaign there is no way in hell I would have backed this. You wouldn't have been able to coerce nearly as many of us into backing this though had you actually been honest at that point.

      Anyhow, it's not like I'm going to even try this anyway. If you send me this it will be getting sent right back unopened for a refund. Save us and yourself the time and trouble and just issue refunds directly to those that want them.

    9. Joe Dane on

      @Denis Surkov and @Brian Dugue - look at previous updates & comments re: flat vs curved piezoelectric piece. Because not every ear is the same size or curve, the flat actually makes better contact with the ear and produces better & more consistent sound. Same thing for the adjustable (bendable) pieces now added.

    10. Jerry on

      looks pretty uncomfortable just send us the refunds

    11. Missing avatar

      Andrew Seed on

      The title of this update is a bit misleading. (First glimpse at the SoundBand you will recieve ). These are CAD drawing and not examples of the final product. Also it would be nice to see some in the final finishes - birdseye, carbon, Kevlar , onyx ,jasper , sterling , cherry sizzle , blue moon and lemon zest. Also I did not see any mention of the 5.5-mm jack which was the stretch goal for 400K

    12. Jens Dam on

      @hybra That looks more like the version 1.0 in you campaign, and not like the "production ready" version 4.0
      I can safely say that I'm not gonna be unpacking this, so why bother mailing it to me?
      You can keep the shipping fee and just give me the refund now. Save the trouble and hours of handling refunds after.

    13. Missing avatar

      Dr Michael William Silvey on

      Well done. Appreciate the attention to detail and the concept of continuous improvement. Looks cool to me (anyone seen the Sony version)? I'm going to use Hybra to conduct sound not as a piece of jewellery. I contributed to assist a creative project not to necessarily "purchase" the device which, to me, was a bonus.

    14. Max Sablosky on

      Hybra Version 10.0 is looking great I just want to wear one of these things in the next 2 to 3 years. Worth the wait.

    15. Licktoren on

      i do have to agree with everyone else, this looks really ugly. just scrolling between the original and this and its an easy pick for which one someone would buy off the shelf. looks aren't everything.... but it is a large part for something like this.

    16. Denis Surkov on

      Looks very ugly... (but also looks a bit more sturdier I guess...)

      Agree with @Brian Dugue here, I just checked, and my ears are not flat as well...

    17. Missing avatar

      Mithra on

      So did the beta testers impact this design at all?

      Most but not all the changes do seem relevant to anything anyone would say about it. The adjustment and lightness/size seem appropriate to that. The other stuff seems entirely disconnected from feedback.

    18. No more Kickstarter on

      Finally, a clear and informative update. Was it that hard? Keep us updated llike that regularly, especially if there are delays. Backers are understanding IF there is good communication...

    19. BrianUnknown on

      You've gotta be kidding me? I was all down for the old design, The curve, and sleekness. This, this is pure made in a garage, Oh look I hope it works, design. I've said in the past, that it was BS waiting for this. One of those disgruntled funders, But I've been keeping track with it every time I login. But, now this? Im not sure if I can accept the 2 years, almost 3 waiting for this.

      The old design, had a curve. that would have been easier to form to the ear, Looked modern, looked sleek, and now, this? How's the flat part going to do anything to our ear, Since it's not flat.

    20. Onno Ter Wisscha on

      Hat tip to the team. What an endurance. You guys are now finally at the point where you should have started the Kickstarter. I'm sure there are still bumps in the the road ahead, but being informed about your adventure makes all the difference. Keep up the good work!

    21. Jeanette Davis on

      Looks terrible. Not what I signed up to.

    22. Missing avatar

      Victoria muir on

      Looks super uncomfortable. That straight design won't fit my ear shape well.

    23. Missing avatar

      Bob Rosenbaum

      How do we update our address?

    24. Andre "Silver Ninjatten" Bernier

      Looks terrible compared to what I initially funded.

    25. Vincent Chu on

      Very informative. Thank you team.

    26. Missing avatar

      Naveed Ahmed on

      I'm glad about the update and that they are going to be shipped soon, but these look hideous compared to the original design (which could used some improvement itself).

    27. Missing avatar

      Devon Berthiaume on

      Glad it's coming together.

      Some of us initially pledged at higher levels for different casing options/colours. When do we get to select those options?

    28. Jason on

      Wow. Has it gone through some changes. How will this affect our color choices?

    29. Tyson Edwards on

      Glad to see that we're weeks away from shipment and rather than any tooling to allow you to produce said finished designs, we're still looking at renders 2 years in. You inspire tons of confidence.

    30. Allan Smith on

      Way to go team - getting closer!