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A wireless headset without speakers? Discover how Sound Band can open your ears...
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New Online Article

Posted by Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. (Creator)

Dear Backers,

The link attached is to the new online article from Xconomy in Detroit. 

Very Best,


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    1. igor zusev on

      I have exorcized extreme patience with regard to receiving this product. I have no more patience to give. I want a refund of my money as per the kickstarter terms of agreement

    2. David B. on

      I did read it carefully, aghast. You are making plans to sue people who got rightfully upset that they were lied to. Bewildering is an understatement. Can you imagine if Blizzard sued people for mouthing off on their forums? If Microsoft did it? IBM?

      Nope. But that doesn't matter. I just want a guarantee that when I return the Soundband, unopened, I will get my money back. The less I have to do with Hybra, the better. What an absolute fool I was to back this project. What a fool.

    3. jacatra on

      Ah Joe, clearly you have learned your lessons in good communication by being so passive-aggressive towards Tyson. I've stayed away from this project for a while so have not followed the saga as closely now - surely it's now the time to mend the bridges and be a good communicator again.

      A "he did it first" wouldn't cut it - if you were in our shoes, you would've been mad as well with all the inconsistencies, broken promises and weird business practices (basement-dwelling cats comment, the mysterious Hayley (ot was it Harley), etc, etc, etc).

      I wouldn't call myself rejoicing, but more like giving out a sigh. The end of the saga is nearer.

    4. Cameron (BLINK) on

      JusTmake sure they worK for more than a day unlike those piece of shit headbones I got. No support with them either.

    5. Based Caligula on

      Stay mad. Keep devolving comment sections like these into cesspools of over-privileged whining. It really shows you cool you are to the community. You know who you are.

    6. fmotta on

      @Creator: I feel that the best solution for managing negative comments is to avoid decisions that evoke them. With KS the most common negative decisions are (from my perspective):
      - Lack of communication
      - Lack of delivery
      - changing the project definition after funding is closed (without offering refunds)

      So, were you to choose to apply the above insight based on my opinion...
      - Over communicate (honestly)
      - ship or communicate why not
      - so not change the project definition without offering refunds to those who no longer want to back your revised project

      I do not feel you have performed per my above guidelines as you have had long durations without communication and have been delayed a long time without communications as to what/why the delays occurred.

      My experience has told me that none of the above should be news to anyone who feels capable of managing a project. Even (or especially) if it is a crowdfunded project.

    7. Missing avatar

      Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. Creator on

      Please read it carefully. The reporter says I alluded to legal action. Well I can assure you I did not. I simply stated what is written in the article. We’ve been a little more forward in saying, ‘Don’t come on here saying stuff if you don’t have proof.’ We’ve been kind of stern about it,” he said. “We’re going to have to defend [negative comments] at some point. It’s not fun, and I’m not looking forward to it, but we have to do it.” Never did I allude to anything other than my comment.


    8. Missing avatar

      Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. Creator on

      The article clearly states from a life lesson perspective I would do it again and from a business perspective I would not. That clearly defines two different perspectives. On one hand I learned a lot on the other kickstarter is not a good venue for high tech products. Sorry that the multiple perspectives confused you.


    9. Missing avatar

      Dominik Stehle on

      @ Allan: "excellent update"? An update like this for the bakers should have been released way earlier than an interview. We funded you and not this webpage.

      An one hand side I'm surely like these news but I have to admit I'm am neither euphoric looking forward to get the product (…sometimes) nor do I care that much anymore.

    10. Allan Smith on

      Haters gunna hate - thank you for an excellent update.

    11. Felipe Gordillo Corvalán on

      Pufff i would pick a refund if i would be able to

    12. Missing avatar

      Matthew Fry on

      Give it a rest. I can't even fathom how some people are even still mad. Disconnect yourself emotionally from the situation and move on. Ruminating is only going to harm you. Even if you're planning on pursuing legal action.

    13. Sam Lynam on

      It's great they haven't even mentioned anything about ce testing yet they have no clue. You army going to be able to ship this to the UK without ce strapped to it

    14. Tyson Edwards on

      “From a life-learning perspective, I would have done it all over again,” he said. “From a financial and business perspective, I probably wouldn’t have tried to launch a high-tech product through Kickstarter. Kickstarter is good for products that have already been developed or just need an update and have a definable timeline; the potential for marketing and feedback is really great.”

      Excuse me, but seriously, what the literal !?%#???????? You can't even keep your story strait through a single sentence, and yet you wonder why we question whether you've pulled a bait and switch on us from day one??? You claim you wouldn't have changed a single thing, and yet you wouldn't do this again... Congratulations everybody, Joseph Thiel... Take a bow! (Turns on the slow clap generator, which thankfully *does* exist and works because Hybra had no hand in it's creation!)

    15. David B. on

      Oh you mean the article where you mention you consideration to sue you backers?

    16. fmotta on

      I care little for your efforts to glaze over the shortcomings that have caused this project to be more than 18 months late along with your prolonged silence - tell me when you will ACTUALLY SHIP.
      I agree with one of the comments in the provided link... “Kickstarter creators who don’t deliver should be in trouble". Legal trouble if not financial trouble. Ship or refund. If late then communicate. If fit/form/function changes then offer refund options. Simple to understand and JUST LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD!

    17. no refund on

      Great article!

    18. Mo Firouz on

      > "Sound Band units will be sent to all the remaining Kickstarter backers—by the end of the year, Thiel said, if all goes according to plan."

      Hasn't that been said over and over again. IF all goes according to the plan, we might get something in 6 months time! You can't pull this off on a project that's already late by almost 2 years! Seriously?!