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A wireless headset without speakers? Discover how Sound Band can open your ears...
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Updated Shipping Information

Posted by Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. (Creator)

Dear backers,

Many of you have updated your shipping info via the kickstarter email. Please be assured we are recording it and updating your customer profiles as you contact us. If any other backer has changed your address, since the onset of this project, which could be very likely :) :) please just shoot us a KS email and we will record the change and update your profile.

Very Best,


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    1. Leewelo Lorekeeper

      I'll ask again.
      Do you really need our addresses now considering manufacturing has not even started?

    2. Missing avatar

      Laura Thompson on

      I'm not sure of your shipment choice and this will depend on my address

    3. Thomas on

      Yeah, i don't blame them for not using the system. I was managing a kickstarter for another tech product that was successfull (+900 backers). And the survey system consumed a TON of time, it would have been easier for us to create a form on the homepage and use that instead!

    4. BJ Van Gundy on

      That is true @Richard Fleming... there are limitations that have caused many of my other projects to choose NOT to use the KS survey system... but it was because the KS system had limitations such as not allowing enough questions or the types of questions... size, shape, color, model... in combination.

      The KS system is PERFECTLY capable of doing something as freaking basic as confirming an address.

    5. Missing avatar

      George Keith on

      Where do I set my mailing shipping address? How can send you email?

    6. Richard Fleming on

      Hey guys, a fair number of the technology kickstarters I have backed have chosen not to use the Kickstarter survey system because of its manifest limitations.

    7. Missing avatar

      Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. Creator on

      We just sent an update to clarify that.

      Very Best,

    8. Nathan A on

      My address hasn't changed but I don't remember sending it previously, I will also send note through KS to confirm.

      Have you looked into backerkit?

    9. Scott on

      How do I sent a kickstarter email?

    10. Missing avatar

      Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. Creator on

      Dave H
      To be honest the KS survey manager is not that functional. Similar to the update system it is limited. We did consider using it and just felt it was easier to create our own database. We appreciate your comments and many we agree with and have learned from. But in this case we are standing firm that our way is better and more accurate and manageable after the campaign. I do not want to have to query KS every time I want to contact my initial customers. We have many future plans to additionally reward our most valuable assets "YOU". We absolutely plan to win back all of our customers and give exclusive access to our future products. Hybra is not a one trick pony. We have many additional products and future updates. We absolutely plan to give our group of first in supports first crack at all of that as it comes. Come on you didn't thisnk we would just launch this first version of the band and not continue on with future revisions, interfaces to additional devices, and whole new products. We are building a company and it just got a little rocky for a minute. Dave we were a couple guys in our garage with good ideas just a couple years ago. We are still those ambitious innovative people just now with a huge support mechanism and soon a revolutionary award winning product in the marketplace. GOD knows we definitely know how to do this next time and think of all the lessons learned we can share with others who want to go down this path or maybe don't because of our experience. Bottom line is Dave this will end in a positive and we will have many other products in the future. We started as a very exciting and innovative company and we will rise to that again. When we do, you have my word, we will never forget those who helped us get back to that...........


    11. Missing avatar

      Dr Michael William Silvey on

      Well done; what a professional approach you have taken in pursuing this project to a successful outcome and output./ Dr Bill Silvey.

    12. Dave H. on

      I give up...actually I gave up a long time ago, Why do I bother? I'm a slow learner I guess.

    13. Missing avatar

      Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. Creator on

      Dave H
      Its not only about typing a couple extra responses, actually many. Then taking those responses from many tiers and compiling them. It is about the fact that you are wrong. Using the survey is not the easiest way and we only get one use per tier, which then negates future use for user feedback surveys. The way we chose is the easiest way and we can still use the survey at a later date to gather feedback. I understand , based on your response, that you think we are not considering the backers and we are just a bunch of jerks sitting on our high horses. Well we are not and we are considering our backers. We receive the mails and input the data into our database on our servers where it is protected and can be used at a later date. We can also use the database to virtually check off that every backer has responded and is accounted for. Additionally we can create reports in the database with that information. I understand your attitude and I understand some aggravation but what you express is far beyond what I would classify as justified. We are off our a%^es and we are busting that same a$% everyday to get this project done. If you had any clue to how difficult this is to accomplish then you would not continue these outbursts. To sit behind your computer screen and lash out at people because you don't think it is the right way. It is your opinion and we respect it but it is just that an opinion. We chose to gather addresses this way, for good reason, and we will stick with our choice. If you want to do it an alternative way then start a campaign and manage it anyway you want.


    14. Missing avatar

      Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. Creator on

      Dave H
      Thanks for the advice but the KS tools require us to send out an individual survey to each tier. This means we would have to track all the tiers responses and then compile them in one location anyway. Our method is much easier and ensures the dedicated email that we set up for backer responses captures them all in one place and then we can capture them in our customer database. I am not sure of the lack of email responses you mention, but I would verify that statement. Actually we have received hundreds of responses already and only a couple people have asked questions. I just don't see your point based on the success of how we are compiling this info so far.


    15. Dave H. on


      I only saw your reply to Thomas below after posting my previous comment. Here is another for your collage:

      Hybra> "...This is time consuming and does not ensure we reach everyone all at once. This method is the fastest and easiest."

      Jesus F'n Christ - Get it through your thick skull - this is not all about you! For once, make it all about US! Get off your a$$, type a few messages (one for each tier if that is what is required) and start showing some consideration for the backers that you have kept waiting for two years. It's only a little bit of extra effort on your part and we have time to wait apparently...

      Your hubris is truly without limit.

    16. Dave H. on


      I can only shake my head. If there is an easy and hard way to do something, you seem to pick the hard way every time.

      Re: Updating shipping addresses

      Please use your KS Creator tools and send out a request to each backer to confirm their current address and any applicable option/incentive choices that remain available.

      You have backers from many countries where English is not their first language and as some of the comments already show, figuring out how to contact you via KS email is not straight forward for everyone. Then there are those backers who have attempted to contact you at some point in the past two years by email and did not receive responses - they have very little faith in your email collating skills.

      Please do as every other creator does and use the facilities within KS to keep track shipping addresses, for your protection and ours.

      Unless you are bound and determined to screw up the shipping of the SB too, there is no justification for sending rewards to out of date addresses, as will certainly happen if you rely on email to manage your address database.

    17. BJ Van Gundy on

      Yeah @Thomas... why would they use the system that every other Kickstarter project uses?

      No one knows more about saving time, being efficient, on time, and doing things "fastest and easiest" than Hybra.

      Wait! What?

    18. Missing avatar

      Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. Creator on

      Kickstarter survey system requires that we choose individual backer levels. This requires multiple different messages be sent to all the tiers. This is time consuming and does not ensure we reach everyone all at once. This method is the fastest and easiest.


    19. Missing avatar

      Christopher F on

      I'm viewing the mobile site on my phone and can't find any email contact information. Any clarification is appreciated.

    20. Missing avatar

      Joel on

      "If any other backer has changed your address...which could be very likely..." means that other backers likely changed my address. It would be much clearer to say "Let us know if you have moved since the onset of this project."

    21. Missing avatar

      Devon Berthiaume on

      It would probably be better to send a kickstarter survey to get our addresses. Also we have to pick our covers for the premium finishes that were offered in a variety of colours.

    22. Leewelo Lorekeeper

      click on the
      Created by
      Hybra Advance Technology, Inc.
      above on the right.
      Then you will find the contact button

    23. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Brown on

      I genuinely don't remember which address you would have gotten when I backed. Doing an automated survey through the KS tools (once you have a firm shipping plan) would likely save you a *lot* of manual updating...

    24. Peter Hartes on

      Ha - figured it out. Thanks, team.

    25. Peter Hartes on

      Unsure how to contact you specifically or privately via KS here, though...

    26. Thomas on

      Why don't you use Kickstarters survey system for collecting shipping info?